Monday, February 22, 2021

A Dresden Finish

 My quilting buddy Marjorie (1 of the M's in M&M Sew Charming) came into possession of a couple of quilt tops. They are very similar.

The traditional Dresden Plate.

The blocks are all hand pieced and hand embroidered onto slightly shiny purple and the quilt is sashed in Pepto Pink. I have no idea of the when, where or who on this quilt. I was given 1 and Marjorie has the other and we're each going to repair and finish and use these quilts.

Each block is made from 2 different fabric for the "petals" and dark center circle.  The circles are tearing and in need of repair. I decided not to try and remove them. I simply made new circles and stitched them right on top of the original.
I kept the rest of the quilt just as the maker made it.

I used a light weight 100% cotton batting and did some simple quilting. 
Ribbon candy quilting on all the sashing.
Slightly squiggly lines on the petal seams.
Short and sweet.

The backing fabric is what I like to call
"Old Lady Nightgown"
I have no idea how or why I have (had) YARDS of this fabric. I really have no need for 6 new matching nightgowns!
4.5 yards - GONE from the stash.

I prepped 30 circles for the repair part. Stitched them (or so I thought) and got busy quilting.
On the 2nd to the last row, I discovered 1 circle not repaired.
What the heck!
I prepped 30, where did the last 1 go?
As I was removing the quilt from the frame, I discovered the missing circle.
Can you see there? It's peeking out from under some other fabric.
I have no idea how THAT happened. You would think I would have noticed.

No worries, I simply stitched it on after the quilting was done.
The top is now bound and DONE!

It's a humble quilt. It is NOT pretty. 
I have no idea of the age. In it's humblness and doneness there is beauty.
 I don't believe it's an antique. It is definitely vintage ... I have been informed that stuff from the 70's and 80's does qualify as vintage.
Mind you ... that's the 1970's and 1980's

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Hello February

 We are well into February. Thought I better do an update on what's been happening around here. You know ... busy busy busy staying home and sewing and knitting and being a Grammy. 

It's all GOOD!

We had the house painted. I really like the new color - Sea Breeze (or Sea Mist? Sea Something). Did you know, and perhaps wonder why - painters actually wear white painter's pants. They were a big a thing for teenage girls in the 70's ... I know this for a fact.

My Cute Husband finally got the BIG ladder out. It's a 12' ladder and I really wanted to move the hanger for quilts up higher. And it was an opportunity to take down the Christmas quilt.

My beautiful quilt ... Applique Sampler with a Twist
It's now hanging proudly in our livingroom.

I made a baby afghan! 4 skeins of yarn - gone from the scary closet.
My cousin's daughter is having a little one in August.
There is a LOT of significance to this afghan. I'll be sending Heather a long list of all things that make this important to me to gift to her.
I dearly love connections.

I finished a pair of socks that I started on Christmas Day.
Oh Dennembom
This picture doesn't show it but both are finished as of this morning.
they fit!

Amelia stopped by on Sunday morning, just in time for waffles.
She brings such joy to us!

There has been some sewing.
I'm working on a few projects for a couple of future classes.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

End Of January

 And just like that ... January is coming to a close.

A beautiful backside!
The front will be part of a class/lecture/trunk show in May. Until then ...

I love this quilt! It's going to hang in our livingroom - someday.
My Cute Husband has the hardware. We just need to schedule a time to do it.

We had our house painted and it looks so fresh and clean. 
There was prep work and clean up after but the weather held.
3 days and DONE!

I've been cranking socks and knitting toes, heels and cuffs.

I've been really enjoying picking up my crochet hook again.

And ... a visit to the dentist. This is the mat inside the front door to the office.
Quilt patterns are everywhere!

We are still keeping a pretty low key life. We've been binge watching Downton Abbey and I've been doing some stitching. The blog hasn't been especially active as there's not much excitement in photos of partial projects, ice coffee and sewing mess.  It won't be too much longer and I can show off several different things.

Until then ... keep stitching, wash your hands and wear a mask!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Just Today

The thing about slow days ... I do love them and sometimes I get a lot done and sometimes I don't. hmmm ... much like fast days, I guess. January 10th and my list is growing - both done and to-do.

I finished a couple of knitting projects. 


This is the 2nd time I've made this shawl. It has enough going on to keep me interested and enough mindless knitting to keep me watching Netflix. My Cute Husband and I have been watching Downton Abbey - I know ... we're last to this party.

The Nomadic Knits MKAL - 12 Days of Knitmas
DONE! and as Amelia would say - Big Heavy.

At some point - this month (?) I should change out the Christmas quilts in the guest room.

I also finished a crochet sweater but I need to dive into the Button Box before it's officially DONE.

I've started on my collection of 2021 socks.

Every couple of days I catch up on my Temperature Scarf.
2 rows a day - hi and low temps.

there is sewing!
A new M&M Sew Charming Challenge! I'm using a jelly roll and lots of scrappy strips. This quilt is probably going on Amelia's bed - bright and happy.

I'm thinking maybe - on point. I'll decide once I get lots of blocks made.
Maybe sashing? I'm liking the idea of NOT matching up lots of pieced intersections.

These little cuties have been unearthed from last summer. They will be a border. It's on the January list - here's hoping!!!

Today is Sunday, it's cold outside - yes, here in Central Florida it does get chilly. I have started making my to-do list for this week. A good list is priceless - just realized I'm double-booked for Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Dr. appointment must take priority over the quilt guild board meeting.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

It Really Is A New Year

 There is nothing I do not love about the Holiday Season ... which for me starts just before Halloween and goes through the 1st Monday after New Year's. That's a LONG holiday season! I especially enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend - time for Christmas decorations and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Lucy from Attic 24 calls this "Twixmas." I LOVE that. WE had busy days and slow days, even a stay-in-our-jammies day.

We got to spend a lot of time with sweet Amelia. She was helping with some quilt designing.

I've stayed current on a mystery knitalong (MKAL) from Nomadic Knits - Knitmas 2020, 12 days of knitting. To stay current, I have had to put some other things aside for a bit. Tomorrow is the last day of this project! I've used the yarn from Olive & Two Ewe 's 8 Nights of Hanukah gift box, plus a few additions. 

To wrap up the holiday season, I made My Cute Husband one of his favorite meals.

Chourico and onions served over spaghetti.

I grew up eating this Portuguese sausage ... it's VERY Newport, RI. My California husband had never even heard of it 43 years ago. It's obviously a regional thing - I could not buy this in MD (often brought it back from trips to RI and VT), but it's readily available here in Florida.

Today it's back to our regularly scheduled programming ... whatever THAT means for 2 retired but busy people. I'm going to try and get a couple of quilts ready for the frame this week. Time to get quilting!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

20 in 2020

 A little late - its already January 3rd but I've been thinking about this post for days.

Finally, a recap of the past year. It's really 39 in 2020 but that doesn't have quite the rind to it.

January 2020

My sweet Mom - Charlotte was admitted to Hospice care (12/27/19). We were so blessed to be able to keep her at home with us. She remained lucid right up to the end. Baby Amelia came to visit every day. They shared ice cream and watched Elmo.

I finally put all my Churn Dash Swap blocks together into a top ... it's still a top.

My Mom died 2/2/20

My Flower Garden quilt won a ribbon in the Seaside Piecemakers Quilt show.  

In March, I made my first 2 sided quilt - A Side is Arkansas Traveler, B Side is Pinwheels. This quilt was gifted to my cousin's son when his son was born. And - Amelia was the cutest little leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day.

Masks became a THING. I made several hundred by year's end. We learned how to Social Distance. Our family bubble of 6 stayed together.

I hunkered down and sewed...

and sewed ...

and sewed ...

April - we're all still home - A LOT, finding new ways to entertain ourselves. Grandparents stepped up to help with childcare.

Our M&M Sew Charming group is going strong. We're stitching and staying in touch through Zoom and Facebook Live.

Still producing quilt tops - sometimes even quilting them!

Our family started walking at Erna Nixon Park. We averaged 4x times a week, always in the morning and then into the pool. As sappy as it sounds ... we were bonding.

The summer was spent in my sewing room!

and lots of family time, still walking, playing in the pool and at the beach.

Amelia discovered a love of chocolate CAKE! And I was still sewing.

We bravely ventured to Iowa and all was well.
I finished a few quilts to be gifted at Christmas.

We continued to watch Amelia grow.

And we got in some Kayaking. 

Time is flying! We used our Family Membership to the Brevard Zoo - several times.

I picked up my crochet hooks again. 

M&M went on a quilt retreat.

Halloween was very different this year. but still adorable.

I finished another 2-sided quilt!

Amelia and I celebrated our birthdays.

Knitting was becoming a bigger part of my "stay-home" life.

a lot of knitting ...

We continued our family tradition of decorating Christmas cookies.

We took Amelia to see a socially distanced Santa (there is photo proof somewhere!). 
She quite liked Frosty!

Christmas night - we are still keeping close to home.
Our family bubble of 6.

I'm busy trying to figure out a layout for this quilt puzzle. It's coming together slowly.
I'm really enjoying putting this together with bits and pieces.

For all the craziness of this past year - 2020 has brought me a lot of happiness. 
The year started with my Mom's passing.
As days turned into weeks, into months, our Florida family of 6 has been spending a lot of time together. Kid#2 and her husband finally got to go back to work, Amelia is in a wonderful childcare program, Kal did pretty well with virtual college (we don't talk about the English class!). I've sewed and knitted A LOT. With my pal, Marjorie, we started a very active Facebook group that seems to have met a need in our quilting community. We've not traveled as we had hoped and spend a little more time on the phone with Kid#1 - in person is of course better.

The slow pace of life has been good to me.