Friday, September 17, 2021

 There are only 4 days left of summer ... and that pretty much means nothing when you live in Florida! Except - that it kinda does. Even thought the temps are still really warm and we're still swimming, you can definitely feel a change in the air. The days are getting a little shorter, mornings are darker and evenings are a bit cooler.

My sweet grandie picked an interesting "prize" when we went shopping a couple of weeks ago. She really wanted a flashlight. This Grammy could not possible say No to that! And Gramps came through with the batteries. 

I found another box of fabric. How can this possibly keep happening? This was in my yarn closet - what the heck? It is now in the sewing room and will someday be cleared out and put into the proper color bins.  But - there's no rush - right?!

I have been sewing/quilting but my evenings have been all about crochet. I've committed to making 5 children's sweaters for Christmas. 2 are done! This is my Mom's original pattern from her company - Practically Aran. I love making these and I'm even using her hooks. It's like she's sitting beside me enjoying a little hooking with me.

What else has been going on? I can't reveal the quilts I've been working on - M&M Sew Charming is doing a special presentation at our 2022 Quilt Show in February. It's called "Best Intentions" and I have a lot of work to do for that. It's been challenging and fun.

I also have to provide a contribution to our "Boutique". The items sold at the quilt show help to off-set cost for the show and other guild programs. I decided to try out some quilted cards. These are photo-insert cards (Amazon). I'm making little quilts to insert. The inside of the card is blank and it comes with an envelope.  I think they'll be well-received.

And the knitting! Yesterday, I received a Halloween Surprise Box. Today, I'm casting on. I just love the multi-colored yarn ...  The only thing missing - Candy Corn! I'm going for a light/airy shawl that I might get to wear in October. The bright green and purple skeins - into the stash they go ... for now. Something will inspire me, I'm sure.

Sew - not too much sewing to show off. I am getting close to finishing a quilt - The Perfect Storm. If you want to sew along with me (us). Check out the M&M Sew Charming Facebook page, the pattern is there. It's not a mystery but we are releasing the instructions slowly. It's not a race ... Hurricane (our storm of choice) Season goes until November.

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