Thursday, September 30, 2021

Good Bye September

 Today is the last day of September. I still have stuff on "The List" for this month. It might get done ... it might not get done. I have stepped into my sewing room this week long enough to look around and ponder the mess and the STUFF. How the heck did I ever have time to work and care for children and a husband and move every 3 years ! ? ! ?  I got a lot less done.

Sew ... I haven't been sewing. BUT - I have been fibering ... some knitting, some crochet and some cranking.

I made a newborn baby bonnet - Anker's Bonnet. It's so sweet and so teeny. Are newborn heads really the same size as a sugar bowl? There is a listing for a doll-size. This is for an actual baby. It's headed off to cousins in Denmark, along with a quilt (of course).

Another Christmas gift sweater (2 of 6). This one is going to New York.

When I really should have been doing other things (laundry?) I cranked a couple of tubes and made some JACKs. ok ... you know these are just too cute. Same designer as the bonnet.

And, while down THAT rabbit hole, I just had to make her Emma doll. This took 2 days of fussing with the hat and face and making the hair just right. My kids always said that I wasn't great a bangs.

Here's what the tubes look like before stuffing and other magic tricks are imposed.

To round out the fiberyness of September, I finished a pair of socks and I made a shawl. Sometimes my seasonal crafty-self is on target!

I did finish The Perfect Storm. I do love the colors of this quilt. I keep thinking I will eventually run out of these shades but so far ... the stash keeps coming through for me.

It's a lovely autumnal day here in Florida!

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