Sunday, August 22, 2021

And ... It's Still August!

 Taking a quick minute to catch up on some e-mail, print out a pattern (knitted baby socks) and send off a "hot and sunny HELLO from Florida!" blog post.

My pal, Marjorie, and I did a little shop hop last week. I had never been to this darling place. It's little and filled with cuteness. There's a smattering of lots of different things and if 2 people ask for something, the owner tries to get in. I bought some pearl cotton embroidery thread and knitting needles, Marjorie bought a shawl pin and we both resisted the yarn.

After lunch, in a converted gas station (and very yummy), we went a little further south to Vero Beach. I have been in this building once before.  
But now ...
it has a new owner and she is a "knitter who quilts"

Formerly Knitty Gritty, it is now - Stitches in Paradise. It has a lovely selection of yarn, in all weights but there's so much more! She has lots of beads and threads and wool roving. I bought several skeins of yarn but resisted the fabric.

AND ...
fabric, hurray for fabric!

Sew ... my sewing?
Marjorie and I are preparing for a "Bed Turning" that we'll doing at our guild quilt show in February 2022. I quilted a top...or tried to quilt a top. I swear I measured this thing and figured out exactly how much backing I needed (+ extra). I think the problem happened when I loaded it - the backing is directional. I knew this, I had accounted for it. I thought.

I think I switched the left/right with top/bottom. I had quite a bit of extra side fabric. How heartbreaking it is to make that last roll and realize - the backing is too short!!!


I finished quilting right down to the last 3", took it off the frame and trimmed up mostly the 3 sides. I attached the binding along the 3 sides. THEN ... I took a deep breath and finished the border quilting on my sewing machine. 

Is it possible to be situationally dyslectic? 

It came out pretty darn good, if I say so myself. And, I'm the only person who has seen it so my opinion counts!

This morning, I'm headed into the sewing room to finish this (1 of several) and store it away until February. Sorry, no TADA pictures, yet.

Just to make you smile ... here's Amelia playing in puddles near her house after a "big-heavy rain." Yes, her boots light up and that makes everyone smile!

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