Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Look Back At 2021

 It's been a minute and here I am ... 2021 is over. I just changed my calendar to 2022 - that says a lot about how time has been flying!  Sew - wrapping up 2021, here are some highlights!

I purchased a total of 17 yards of fabric and used 184 yards. That's a total loss of 167 yards in 1 year. That was a record for me! I'm not in "don't buy" mode but I am in a "USE IT" mode. Covid-crazy status has definietly helped.

I did sew a LOT. In 2021, as I emptied a spool of thread, I threw it in a basket and saved them. They have now all been tossed. I'm really trying hard not to save stuff that I really don't need ... yes, it does bring me JOY but no - I have no need for these.

In December I made a couple of covers for my couch pillows. I think I need to make more of these. They certainly did perk up the livingroom for Christmas and are now stored easily for next year.

This book came in the mail. If you are an Outlander fan - you get it. I spent a good deal of time from Thanksgiving to Christmas reading all 900+ pages. The new season of the TV series is coming in March!!!

About books ...
In 2021 I read eleven books. That's not as many as I've read in previous years. But it was 5840 pages! From now on, I'm tracking number of books AND number of pages for the year. I do not "do" audio books. I do read on a tablet and sometimes an actual book but I don't need more noise in my head - audio books just are not for me.

I finished "Second-Hand Stars" finally! This is made from leftover half-squares and is an M&M pattern. It's under "files" on our Facebook page.

I ended the year with a challenge finish.
SHHH ... no one is supposed to see this until January 26.

I just couldn't resist ... Sue in Space!

Goodbye to 2021 - it was a pretty good year for our family.
Here's to 2022 ... hopefully even better.

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