Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Not much quilting has been going on this week at my house. A little gardening and a little knitting. Remember this giant hank of yummy yarn? It's actually 12 different types of yarn all dyed the same.

My friend Starlyn helped me roll it all up today. I think it makes a more artistic statement as a giant hank but rolled into yarn cakes ... it's now calling out for a knitting pattern.

Here's a close up of a few of them.

The hank came with a sweater pattern and the smart thing to do would be to make THAT sweater. But ... there might be something else out there.

AND ... because I suffer from TMP and thought I needed another project ... here's a little beading thing I started last week. I'm new to beading and quite proud of how it looks so far. This is NOT a kitty friendly activity!

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Donna Turner said...

I think you have ADD... but at least you can focus enough to finish all those projects! I gotta hand it to you -- we never know what you'll be doing next, but we DO know it will be intriguing and exciting!