Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a beautiful spring Saturday it is today here in Maryland! Thank you so much for all the nice comments yesterday on my "Friday Finish." I do sew a lot and lately I've even been finishing a lot. But ... I no longer have young children at home (or even old children at home). I no longer have a full time job (or even a parttime job). I'm no longer packing (or unpacking) for military moves across the country or out of the country. AND ... I have a very supportive husband who happens to love take-out pizza!

Yesterday I promised some close-ups of my Farmer's Market quilt. I did continuous line butterflies in the border using my Handiquilter ProStitcher (computer generated).

As I've said before ... I'm better at sewing than computers or cameras ... not sure why or how these jam jars are upside down but ... I outline quilted all the applique.

and added buttons and a little embroidery and pigma pen after the quilt was finished.

I did free-motion circles in all the sashing.

And for Michelle, who left such nice comments about my applique and her dream of making an applique quilt someday even though she hand pieces and hand quilts ... Please make sure you've all been introduced to Heat 'n Bond Lite. It's the ONLY way I applique. It will become your new BFF.
Spring has started to spring in my garden. Hostas just seemed to pop out over night.


Donna Turner said...

Luscious quilting! I just love your work. The deer around here love hostas. Wish I could have some in my garden. Trying to grown black-eyed Susans to celebrate my Maryland heritage. Already have dogwoods in honor of Virginia. Looking for "non-medicinal" poppies for Lenny's home state of California.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Mary, your quilting is beautiful. If I ever get a mid or long arm, I think I would need to take some lessons from you ;-)

Karen in Tucson said...

Mary - I love the detail of your quilt and the whole quilt itself. Just might have to make one for my kitchen.

Dawn said...

Mary I love your colors!

Jenny said...

Oh how lovely. The cherries and the jars are my favorites. I saw you on a friends blog and came to visit. You are a talented quilter for sure.