Friday, September 18, 2020


 My Cute Husband and I safely traveled to Des Moines, Iowa. I say, "safely" because we have been home and healthy for 2 weeks. Southwest Airlines is keeping all middle seats empty and everyone was required to wear a mask. 

We saw a few - Bridges of Madison County

I think you have to be a certain age to "get it" OR be from Iowa
They are certainly proud of their Bridges.

AND ... I had no idea 
Birth place of John Wayne!
His parents moved to CA when he was only 5 years.
Again ... Iowans are very proud!

Of course there were a couple of quilt shop stops.
I have the best husband - he finds the best places to stop and shop.

The whole point of this trip was for a family wedding. During initial planning, the guest list was 150. Due to Covid, my poor niece and her new husband had to cut it down drastically. There were 30 guests and it was all outdoors.
The weather was lovely.
The bride was beautiful and we had a great time.

We spent a whole day wandering around the grounds of the capital in downtown Des Moines.

And not just quilt shops ... we managed to find a couple of yarn shops too. It was actually cold on this (our last) day. Thankfully, I brought a couple of handknits with me.
I did NOT bring shoes and socks!

I did my bit to help support the local economy!
Fabric, yarn, a couple of patterns and, because I'm a good Grammy ...
a couple of children's books.

Yes, the books are about quilts and were purchased at the Iowa Quilt Museum.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

 Here we are ... another Sunday. I know it is such a cliché but really ... where does the time go?

I finished the center of "Ride The Wave" ... Christmas style

The was a Very Beginner Bargello class that M&M Sew Charming (Facebook group) did as a Virtual Retreat Day #2. We had over 50 quilters join us for some fun, some sewing and just general hanging out and inspiring each other ... and eating M&M's.

In between doing Facebook Live and working my quilt, I also did some leader/ender work on a soon to be donated charity quilt.  And yes, that is my cutting table under all that mess!

Last Wednesday, my guild - Seaside Piecemakers - held their first meeting since February. This is a new venue for us (Shriners) and is HUGE. We were easily seated apart and masks were required ... except for the speaker.

Social Distancing at a quilt meeting - it CAN happen.

We even (finally) had our May birthday cupcakes. They were placed in individual boxes for people to grab on their way out ... no touching!

AND ... happily ... I got 2 playdates in with my cutest little grandie. After swimming in the pool she really wanted to "play sand."
This Grammy would never say no!

Monday, August 24, 2020


 Happy Monday!

While looking into the Christmas bin for 12 fat 1/4's, everything just sort of exploded out all over the room.

There was some pretty old stuff in that bin.

These are possibilities ...

Pretty sure the one on the right will be the winner. I'll know for sure on Friday

While I was in that bin, I decided to make good use of LOTS of strips and strings. My "Ride The Wave" that I'm planning to make on Friday may not need a piano key border. 
BUT ...
I will have one ready, just in case. 

When I'm making a scrappy piano key border - where all the strips are stitched straight (not on the diagonal), I like to work in small chunks. I don't usually precut but for this one, I was working with 5" to 7" long strips.

I squared the chunks up to 5" because I had a bunch that were 5".
Not talking rocket science here!

After 2 different sewing sessions over the weekend, I ended up with 350" of Very Scrappy, Very Christmasy piano key border parts ready to go. I'll sew the chunks together once I decided on what sort of border treatment the quilt needs.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Odds and Ends

 Today marks the start of Week #24 of these Covid-Crazy times. My Cute Husband still does all our grocery shopping (he's always done the shopping), my quilt guild hasn't had an in-person meeting since February. We are meeting next week! Our new facility can seat 400 and we're expecting about 75 - with masks and hand sanitizer. I'm going - we'll see how safe we all feel.

I finished the swatch samples for 26 micro-mini skeins of Olive & 2 Ewe yarn. This was a labor of love. The winding took about 1.5 hours, the cranking took about 2 hours. The finishing - that took about 2 weeks!

We took a couple of grandies to SeaWorld. This was a long considered decision. The precautions in place were excellent. Kid#1 and I do NOT do rollercoasters but we were able to find isolated spots to sit and wait for the grandies (and their Gramps) to ride. Everyone was masked and there was lots of hand sanitizer around. There was even "Mask Police" walking around reminding people to pull up (cover nose and mouth) their masks.

It's about a 45 minute ride there for us ... and there was car knitting.

My Covid-Crazy Cats is complete and ready for Friday 8/28. M&M Sew Charming (our Facebook group) is hosting a Virtural Day Retreat #2 and this is what we're making,

I've pulled another select of 12 fat 1/4's to make another - with a Christmas theme.

Marjorie and I visited a local quilter for our Tuesday Tours. She (and her husband) own a vineyard and teach wine making.

She's an art quilter and doll maker and holds gathering in the BARN (?) when we're not social distancing. I'm really looking forward to someday working on something in the BARN (?) with other quilter friends.

My sewing room has exploded with Christmas fabric. All I needed to do was pull out 12 fat 1/4's for our Virtual Day Retreat. Somehow that ended up with ALL the Christmas fabric coming out of the box. 
More on THAT later.

Monday, August 17, 2020

And Then They Were DONE

 Multiple projects in various stages of done, Done, DONE are always stacked and strewn and sometimes binned, all over my sewing room.  A quilt gets an all-caps DONE when it is bound and labeled.  That happened this past weekend!!!

                                                            Covid Crazy Cats

Social Distancing - Around the Block

Covid Crazy 8's

I don't typical do this, but because it was a pretty stripe - I mitered the corner!!

I was really struggling with picking a fabric for the binding on the Cats quilt. I loved how the black with little white dots looked ... BUT ... I had already picked that out for binding Around the Block. I actually cringed and worried and kept looking for a different binding fabric. I was willing to give it up for Around the Block and use something else, BUT - I really liked it for that quilt too.

OK .. this shouldn't have been so hard - I had plenty of this fabric. 
It finally occurred to me ...
use the same fabric and bind the 2 quilts.
Jeez ... did I really need to spend an hour dithering about this choice?

M&M Sew Charming is hosting a Virtual Retreat Day #2 ... Ride the Wave on August 28. Check out our Facebook group and join us! We had over 50 participants for #1. The pattern is free with lots of help/support and fun
Join us for friendship and fat quarters.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 Good morning to all my quilty friends-who-knit!

This past week there was not much sewing. Little bits, starts and stops, a lot of walking into and out of my sewing space. Have not fear ... it was not a loss of quilting mojo. Just lots of other stuff involving kids and grandies.


First there was winding ... lots of winding. This is 26 little balls of wonderful yarn from Olive & 2 Ewe. I have been wanting to make swatch samples for them for months.

Then there was CRANKING

A long sock snake in all it's fibery wonderfulness

And more yarn WINDING
These yummy cakes are for a Mystery Knit-along (MKAL) that started last Friday. I'm hoping to start this Friday ... time ... wish there was MORE!

There was knitting by the water
and kayaking ... a delightful day

a first Oreo
shared between and Grandie and her Grammy

Monday, August 3, 2020

Week 21

By my calendar, it is Week 21 of Corona-Crazy Times. Our family had a life-altering event in February and slid into home in March. We've learned to accept social distancing and mask wearing (and making) and finding new shows to watch on TV and walking. Our circle has stayed small, My Cute Husband continues to do all the shopping and I have been sewing and knitting ... a LOT of sewing and knitting.

There's been beach time and kayaking ...

Sewing room is still a mess ...

Knitting ...


Mask wearing ...

Masking making and cookie baking ...


And LOTS of quilting ...

We had a non-hurricane event and we're settling into a quiet August - more beach time, sewing time, baking (and eating), knitting time and LOTS of Grammy time!

M&M Sew Charming Facebook is group is really active. We just had a Virtual Day Retreat - lots of people sewing apart and checking in via Facebook and Zoom. Not quite as good as "in person" but a new normal and it worked out great. Watch for more fun activities!!