Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sewing Mojo

I was feeling sort of blah about my sewing.  Nicholas Backstrom fell off the shelf.

No worries ... We happen to have 2.

That's a weird start to this post but it made me realize - I'm done unpacking! We still don't have livingroom furniture or curtains but we will before the summer is over (and it did just start yesterday). 

Handiquilter Academy was sew-inspiring. I've been home for a week, brought Kid#1 back with me for a visit and I've been sewing (and loving it!)

In a week, I've managed to complete through Month 7 on a new BOM being offered through Spring Water Designs.  Well ... it will be offered, sometime, not sure when.  I'm making the sample and Dawn is ordering fabric and Ashley, Letitia and Carrie will be cutting kits. Stay tuned!

The quilt is pretty.  All quilts are awesome and this one will be too but it's also a pretty quilt and I'm excited to be back in the sewing room. (And really glad to be unpacked - not organized yet, but unpacked.)

Sneak peak ...

Today is a Beach Day with Kid#2! Snacks are packed, chair (with awning) is in the car and I now own 2 bathing suits ... apparently there's a rule about owning multiple bathing suits when one lives 15 minutes from the beach. 

Beach in the morning, sewing in the afternoon ... I live a charmed life.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016


HandiQuilter Academy! I spent 5 days in Utah being inspired, learning new techniques, practicing, meeting new friends, and eating ... a very busy 5 days. The hotel was lovely and the food was great (and plentiful).

There was a little bit of shopping and lots of give-aways.

And stitching ...

My HandiQuilter is set up and waiting. I'm itching to get stitching.  And - my plan has been to focus on smaller quilts with more decorative quilting.

BUT ... my first project in my new sewing room ... a big quilt!

Between Utah and Florida, I stopped by Spring Water Designs in MD and these lovely fabrics just managed to fit in my suitcase.  Oh darn! I have to (get to!) make a shop sample. It's a new Block-of-the-Month.  

I've got some stitching to do.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More Binding

The last thing I did in my sewing room before leaving MD was to quilt 2 tops.

Friendship Rings - DONE.  Ignore the blue tape on the floor, I was measuring for new furniture.

And Birch Trees.  The arbor did come to FL with us.

It was time to bind.  I really wanted to do a scrappy binding. I have a bin of leftover binding, all prepped and ready and hidden somewhere in my house.  I looked and looked and looked.  There was only one place left to look.

The scary closet

I was never going to show this with the doors open ... but ...

There's the binding bin.  Naturally, it's the one in the bottom.  And I really wanted a scrappy binding. So - unpack the closet and dig out out 375" of assorted green binding.

Here's my view while stitching. I do have a few pincushions.

Hurray for D.O.N.E!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Almost There

A teeny bit of "creative stuff" has happened but mostly it's still ... cardboard!  And some furniture arranging and rearranging. And a little beach time (heavenly). And repairs (new garage door opener) and other service people visiting (cable guy, curtain lady).

AND ... my fabulous new friends, Pat and Tom came from Kissimee to set up my HandiQuilter!

This makes me smile!  Ok ... really? It makes me jump up and down in celebration!  No - you don't get to see behind those closet doors ... it's too scary.

Some of my fabric will be stored right here under the HQ.  Fabric in bins is a new concept for me.  Not sure if I'm going to love it but for now, it works.

I did managed to bind this quilt.  Friendship Rings - a swap from a couple of year ago.  


Life is good.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's Done

Nothing good happened in the creative department today.  In fact ... it was a sad day for knitting.  Awhile back, I took apart a pretty green sweater.  

A sweater that, when finally done, I had knitted 8 sleeves and called it my Octopus Sweater.  I just did not like how it fit ... it was too snug - not too small but too form fitted and I knew I wouldn't wear it.  So ... I unraveled it, reskeined the yarn, washed it and rerolled it into a lovely green yarn cake.

Then ... I swatched and downloaded a prefectly lovely cowl necked sweater.  And started knitting. I made a back and a front.  Life with this sweater was looking good ... until today.

Some how I did NOT count the stitches correctly.  I had 10 extra stitches on the right side of center.  The fact that this would make the sweater front 10 stitches too big and therefore almost 2" too big, I could (almost) live with this.  But ... the cable that ran up the center wasn't in the center.  I couldn't live with this.

And honestly - I can no longer live with this yarn. It's jinxed.  

That's it, I'm done, no regrets, it's over.

So - I've lived in Florida for a month and I have made curtains for my sewing room and unburdened myself of a lot of unreasonable green yarn.  Who needs a warm, cowl necked pullover sweater in Florida anyway? 

Tomorrow, my quilter hat comes back out and I'm going to wear it proudly.

Friday, May 20, 2016

I Sewed!

Progress continues on the "list". We have kitchen hardware! I'm ridiculously happy about kitchen hardware.  Who designs and builds a lovely kitchen with no knobs or drawer pulls?  I really dislike not having door knobs.  

My beautiful quilt rack has found it's home.  Right now it is the only thing that is staying in the livingroom.  New furniture is on order but it will be weeks (and weeks) before it is delivered.  I happen to think that every room should start with quilts.

The best part of today ... I sewed! I set up my trusty Bernina and made curtains for my sewing room. It felt so good to sew. THAT is progress.