Thursday, May 13, 2021

More Starts and a DONE


The Cutest Grandie evah, is spending a few days with us. There will be time for a bit of creating but mostly I'll be watching Elmo, swimming in the pool and maybe some Play Doh. Amelia does love her Gramps.

I started a new quilt project and of course it going to be with leftover bits. I have a lot of red/neutral HSTs. They are sorted (on paper plates - great organizer tip) and ready to square-up. Not exactly sure where this is headed. Time will tell.


And, because I finished a knitting project, I had to start another. Yes, I do have 2 baby sweaters that each need 1 more sleeve but ... this yarn is so pretty and it just could not wait. The yarn is all from Olive & Two Ewe. It was part of their Dye Live Plus Club. All this yarn was naturally dyed with cabbage and avocado pits and dried flowers. While I do love this whole combo, acid dyed yarn is much brighter and I believe much easier to work. 

This is my finished knitting project ... Andrea Mowry's Comfort Fade Cardi. It's the 2nd time I've made this pattern. Again - the sleeves are a bit long but have lovely cuffs that turn up nicely. It is WAY to hot here now to wear it but it's ready to go for next year's 2 months of cold weather. Hopefully, there will be some travel happening this year so I might actually get it wear it in 2021.

Off to get busy on my chores. Amelia is at school for a bit and this Grammy has things to do.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Monkey Wrench

 Debby Brown, of Debby Brown Quilts is hosting a year-long quilting class called: Color Blocks. Each month she provides the instructions to complete a quilt using 16-patch blocks. We are now into May (the 5th month of 2021). I have completed 2 quilts - January and March.

My January Color Blocks are on the back of a quilt and I do love a beautiful backside.

For March, Debby called this one - Monkey Wrench. I pulled all sorts of blues and greens and neutrals, all 2.5" squares. I had enough of the blue yardage to use it as a background. I had a couple of fat quarters that made up the border.

And ... of course ... I went with a scrappy backing for this 60" x 60" quilt. Right now it's in Amelia's bedroom. When she was here yesterday for swimming and dinner ... the very first thing she said when she went into her room ... " Grammy - a new quilt!"

ALL of the fabric for this quilt was already in my sewing room - scraps, fat quarters, leftovers, strips and squares. What a great feeling to use it up!! 

AND ... I have made 35 Color Blocks using homespuns and plaids. I might actually make the May quilt - Gem Stones. If not ... there will be an opportunity for 7 more designs using Color Blocks.

Friday, May 7, 2021

It's May

 I'm getting stuff DONE! 

I've often been asked ... how do you get so much done?! There's a secret to my productivity. It's called multi-tasking. Some people feel like too many irons in the fire is distracting and nothing gets finished. I feel like working a bit on many things is the way to go. Suddenly - I have finishes!

Friday mornings, I'm typically sitting in a coffee shop (drinking iced tea) with knitting friends. This is when I work on socks. Social knitting requires an easy, no-nonsense pattern.

Early morning coffee time is when I do some hand stitching. Sometimes, later afternoon is also good. This project is coming along quite nicely.

Evening TV time is for more complicated knitting. This is a baby sweater that got started while I await yarn for a sweater for me (I ran out of 1 color and had to order more.) There's also a shawl that I work on (in-between). Oh, and that other baby sweater that still needs a sleeve. Thankfully, we watch a lot of evening TV.

Daytime work is for sewing and quilting. I have multiple quilts going at the same time depending on the mood. My Strip Tease is pieced and quilted, just needs binding.

I try to take my own advice - load up a quilt on the longarm when I'm finished sewing for the day. Then in the morning, I'm more likely to get it quilted if it's there and ready to go.

I started writing this post early Friday morning. It's now Friday afternoon and I'm about to put binding on BOTH!

Friday, April 30, 2021

A Knitting Kind of Day

 When I'm not sewing, I'm usually knitting. I call myself a "quilter who knits." Sometimes I feel like a "knitter who quilts" but really - it's simply FIBER FIRST ... whatever form the fiber takes.

Today, I met up with some knitting buddies. We usually (often, sometimes) get together at a coffee shop in town and knit and chatter on Friday mornings. Today, I worked on a Cranky Sock and went really off the rails and had iced tea.

Sometimes the sewing is a remake. When the weather got too warm for long sleeves but Amelia (best Grandie, evah) still wanted to wear her giraffe dress ... Grammy to the rescue.

I wasn't too sure if it would work, but she would certainly have outgrown it by next winter so what the heck ... I gave it a try and it worked! She'll get several more months of wear out of this dress - and it has pockets!

We are well on our way into the warm weather here in FL. The later afternoons are still quite lovely - not too hot, the perfect kind of sunny and breezy. That gardenia bush is so fragrant and is now firmly planted in the ground, thanks to My Cute Husband. It's my current best place to sit and knit before dinner.

For any local readers, M&M (Mary and Marjorie) are teaching a class.
What the heck do you do with lots of blocks, orphans, different sized, parts and pieces?
We're going to show you some tips and tricks on putting it all together into a top that works.

I have Peopled SO much week. There's been very little sewing going on. I will make up for it this weekend.
I have a plan and a list!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Sometimes I think I wrote what was in my head, my thoughts and ideas. When I go back and read it - those thoughts must have stayed in my head because they're not here written. 

This is my basket of 1.5" strips. I pull from it and add it to ALL the time. It is currently NOT overflowing, always a good thing because that means I've been digging in and using strips.

My pineapple blocks have come out of the closet!
I really want to get this project DONE.

29 blocks out of 30 ... so close.

OK - I never said the thoughts floating around in my head were awe-inspiring, life-changing kind of thoughts. The above is simply a little more of what I had planned to write in my last post. Sometimes, my fingers work faster than my brain. I'm off to go buy some dirt. I have several plants that are literally dying to be in bigger pots. Today - I save them!

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Strip Tease

 M&M Sew Charming launched a new Facebook challenge!


We both (Mary and Marjorie) trim up scraps and save 1.5" strips. They were starting to overwhelm the containers. Marjorie keeps them sorted by color in a large plastic shoe box. I keep my in a jumble in a basket. Regardless of how we save them, we were both have the same problem ... the containers were full to overflowing.

I've been working out of this basket, making Pineapple blocks for several years. No rush, it's been a retreat project (3 times) and a in-between project forever. BUT ... I also add to this basket all the time, with every quilt I make.

The "add to" has been bigger than the "use it".

Sew ... enter a new challenge - Strip Tease

I chose the "cut to size" method and spent a couple of hours, pulling and cutting lights and darks. Mediums were a problem easily solved. Some mediums go well when surrounded by darks and some go well with lights.

Naturally (have you been here long?) I have lots of cut-off triangles. These are all random size and not paired up. Perfect for the outer edge of my strip sets. THIS, ladies and gents, is why I love saving stuff - I did not have to cut 3" strips (x 1.5"). Most of the triangles in this pile have a hypotenuse of 3" - perfect!


Side bar - did you ever think back in high school that you would have an opportunity to correctly use the word hypotenuse?

I started and continued with a constant green fabric for the center of all the strip sets. After I stitched the lights and darks, I simply laid my Pineapple Ruler on top and squared up the block. It's hard to see in the photo but having an 8.5" ruler made the trim-up easy.

36 blocks later - I'm on my way!

This quilt will (eventually) have a flying geese border. The blocks went together really fast, the border will take a bit longer.  In the meantime, I started another one! #2 will be a 2-color quilt.

I'm still making the blocks and then I'll play around with the layout.
I'm definitely down a rabbit hole ... again.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Rainy Days and Mondays

 When I opened up Blogger to start writing it made me laugh ... the other day my post title was "Rainy Day". We've had beautiful sunny days since then until today when it's another RAINY day. It really is just a coincidence.

What's been going on? This and that and the other thing. 

I got some pretty thread in the mail. Red Thread Studio has lots of pretties on their site. I'm doing some stitching on a super secret project AND I'm stitching a sample for a demo I volunteered to show for a new group - Plays With Needles. We meet monthly for WOOL WORK!!!

Amelia and I went for a walk and she discovered her shadow. She wasn't too sure about it. Of course - it was adorable!

A practice sample block for a new quilt challenge on M&M Sew Charming. There will be lots more with a slight change in fabric color placement. This goes live on Facebook Tuesday morning (4/20)

The Cranes are out in force. They have no fear and cause no trouble. They just wander the neighborhood. This guy was solo. Often a whole family is out walking around.

I have a plan to use these in my newest quilt project. It's always a good thing when an idea works. It's also great when I am validated in WHY I save all these little bits.

Just a little girl, hanging out with her Grammy. She wearing a party hat for no other reason than it's just fun. We should all take a lesson from a 2 year old who has perfect fashion sense.