Thursday, December 7, 2017


Today ... The Chubby Charmer! Thank you to Terri for inspiring me to make this. Thank you to Susie for inspiring me to make it as a Christmas gift for one of "my girls." I think she made 4 and Terri made several too.

I made ONE.

But I had a blast ... back in my sewing/quilting rooms - Yes, they are separate rooms. It was great to sit and sew and listen to music and commune with my fabric.

I sort of followed the pattern, mostly. 

I did not quilt on my domestic machine. I did need backing (which will never be seen by anyone - ever) because, of course, I quilted on my Handiquilter.

I swear this fabric is never going away.  I have used in for "invisible" backing on several things and I still have a little bit left.

"invisible" backing ... fabric that you have no idea of it's origin, for a quilted bag that will be lined with something way nicer.

All quilted ready to be trimmed ... then turned into a bag.

Here she is ... one completed Chubby Charmer!

This is a gift for Christmas. 
Check that off my list!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


WOW ... the tracker doesn't lie ... only 5 blog posts in November.  I know it's a cliché, but where the heck did November go? Now it's December???

After a lovely Thanksgiving, My Cute Husband and I went to St. Augustine for a few days. Thanks to Kid#2 and her husband - they came and stayed with Mom (and Rocky, the cat).  We walked ... a lot! St. Augustine has a wonderful city center and historic district.  We stayed in lovely B&B, booked by the best husband.

We walked a lot ... a lot. We visited the old fort, the lighthouse (and climbed up 219 steps), a chocolate factory (yummy samples) and the distillery ~ with a little shopping.

I took almost NO pictures and had a wonderfully relaxing escape.
And we walked ... a lot.

St. Augustine has NO fiber shops (sadly) but we did enjoy our visit.

There has been a little sewing and a little knitting but nothing really to show. Not even progress pictures.

We did do all our Christmas decorating ... hurray!
And - we have a cat who loves quilts ... and we LOVE that our Rocky loves quilts.

These were taking on different days.

Rocky's favorite place to sit and hang out.

I'll end this with another funny drive-by. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Spinning Out of Control - start

Finally started !  My long awaited: Spinning Out of Control. This quilt has been on my mind for years and years.

All these little pinwheels have been stitched and stashed and it's finally time.

It won't be a fast finish, probably (hopefully) my first finish in 2018.

In the meantime ... I did have a fast finish this week.  A simple Christmas table runner.  I was gifted the parts - all cut and ready to go.  I did it quilt-as-you-go.
Stitched, trimmed, bound ... DONE.

My 2016 Buttermilk Basin Block Of The Month is finally going to it's new home.  I'm gifting it to Goody1 and her husband for Christmas. They live in VT and pray for big snow from October to April.  It was 76 and sunny here yesterday.  

Christmas has started to explode all over our house!
I love decorating for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pecan Pie

My life is NOT "Spinning Out of Control" ... at least, not today.  Somedays it does feel that way but today - calm and quiet.  Our family Thanksgiving Dinner was yesterday. Kid#2 and husband have gone out of town for the weekend. Goofy2 (my sister) and her family came up from southern Florida for the day. Due to work schedules and such, we moved our celebration to Tuesday.  So ... not only is my cooking all done ... it's all eaten too!

Again, My Cute Husband says ... best pecan pie, ever!  By request, here's the recipe ......

3/4 cup Karo syrup
3/4 cup Log Cabin maple syrup
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla

Combine the above ingredients and mix well.
3 beaten eggs
Mix well
Pour into a prepared 9" unbaked pie shell.  I use the Pillsbury rolled up pie crust.

Sprinkle with 1 cup of shelled pecans.  I do NOT sprinkle.  I place each one on the filling, starting from the center and working out.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.  Cover the outer edge of the pie crust if it starts to get too brown.  The center should NOT jiggle when the pie is done.
Cool before serving or it will be too runny.
Serve with whip cream OR vanilla ice cream.


AND ...
because if wouldn't be MY blog without some sort of OOPS ...

This was my Thanksgiving fail ... almost.  I pulled this out of the cupboard yesterday and was shocked to see that it is NOT cranberry jelly.  Thankfully, as it was Tuesday, the grocery store was open and My Cute Husband made a mad dash to the rescue.

I don't even like beets.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Quilter's Math

Time and Space and Measurements and Figures ... it all adds up ... pun intended.

Last month a box arrived on my door step from my VA friend - Shannon. The box was filled with t-shirts (Harley motorcycle shirts) and a note that said, "send the bill to Jeff, it's my Christmas gift."  Christmas was still a long way off.

Until it suddenly was NOT a long way off.

So ... I had to figure out my time ... do I have enough time to get this done before Thanksgiving? Probably - except that OUR Thanksgiving is being celebrated on Tuesday (due to work, travel, family stuff).

In between doctor and dentist appointments, haircuts, 2nd grade volunteer work and other miscellaneous everyday life stuff ... I cut and stabilized t-shirt parts.

And I made binding - hoping I had enough fabric.
I did have enough, with 27" to spare.

Here's some GREAT quilter's math for you ... 5 yards of motorcycle batik for 6 DOLLARS!!
YES, ... $6.00!!!
I have no idea where this fabric came from, it was on my shelf.

It's a little washed out looking here but it is perfect.  I had enough for the border AND the backing.

More time figuring ...
Can I quilt this while pies are baking?
Yes, I can!

The Upside Down Caramel Apple Pie looks so YUMMY. I have not taken a photo and there may be a little chunk missing before dinner tomorrow afternoon ... I'm trying to remain strong.

2 pies made and a finished quilt.
I am awesome!

I LOVE how this t-shirt quilt turned out.  My Cute Husband will take it to the Post Office tomorrow morning before my sister (and family) arrive for our Tuesday-Thanksgiving.

check this off the list

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Binding Bin and D.O.N.E.

There's is such a thing as a "Binding chair" and mine is now empty! By the way ... I do not actually sit in the Binding Chair - it holds quilts to be bound ... and it does it well.

There's is also such a thing as a "Binding Bin." Yes, I do have one.

It holds all of the leftover bits of binding from completed quilts.
I have completed a LOT of quilts and all this assorted binding is just waiting for it's turn to be the finishing touches on a future quilt.

Today was the day for some of it to come out of the bin and surround a quilt.  After coffee (of course) but even before a shower ... a quilt is D.O.NE!

A scrappy quilt was calling for a scrappy binding.

"My Old Friends" quilt is now complete.
And ... no longer hanging out on the binding chair.

Now ... what in the world am I going to do with THIS quilt?

As is our custom ... it's Sunday afternoon, My Cute Husband and I are heading off to World of Beer for knitting ... and football (and perhaps various other sports) and beer.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Finish


Last week :

1. Visit with daughter/granddaughter ... lunch included. And bra shopping.
2. Wednesday night bee ... we call ourselves "The Possibilibees". Dinner was included. With ice cream and brownies!
3. Thursday Sew Day - which is/was my Wednesday Daytime Bee - "The Just Sew Bee".
4. All this sewing and my 2 night stay - hosted by my dear friend Terri (and her quilt-support husband Bill).
5. New yarn shop in Annapolis!!! and a bit of yarn purchased.

And the real reason I went to Maryland ...
Southern Comforters Fall Quilt Retreat!!

Our guild friend Georgina passed away recently and her family donated her stash to our guild for making donation quilts. While at the retreat center last weekend - I used some of her fabric and made a quilt.

Hole In The Barn Door

The pattern is actually called "The 10 minute block".
Thanks to my friend, Julia, I now know how to make this block.
You can Goggle it - easy and fast!

It's a great block to show off fabric (8.5" squares) and a great block if you need a fast quilt.

The leftovers ... B side!

I quilted and bound this today ... Friday Finish!  It will go back to Maryland next month in My Cute Husband's suitcase. He'll be heading north to go to a couple of hockey games.