Friday, November 9, 2018

Sock Monkey Madness

Oh Dear …
The cuteness of this - I can't even!!

Knitter's Brewing Company is running a KAL (knit along) through their Ravelry group. It's all about Sock Monkey accessories.

I made the adult small hat and fingerless mitts.

The hat is cute and it's a great fit.

and the mitts … I mean, really …
how cute is this!?!

Then I got to thinking …
I made the hat and mitts for my Florida Grandie (age 17).


We have another little grandie, who arrived on Monday. 
So, I played around with fingering weight yarn and different needles.
I used the "Toddler" size numbers in the pattern.

And I made this.

It's hard to gauge the size in the picture.
In the above picture, I'm holding the hat in my hand.

These teeny little mittens are so stinking cute.

There might be 1 … yes, ONE, day that these might be needed here in Florida.
I'm good with that.
I just need a photo of the girls in matching hats/mittens.

Because I'm the Gramma!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

November 6

Happy Birthday

In other news …

We have a new baby in the family!

 I have a friend who seems to think that HER grandie is the most perfect child in the whole world.

She used to be right.

Amelia Grace came into the world at 4:13 am on Nov. 5.
She's a big girl - 9.8 lbs, 21" 
She's perfect!

No photos yet. The parents are still savoring this whole experience.
There have been LOTS of cuddles!

And then there's this …

The perfect pressing table

Besides the fact that it needed to be recovered. I happened to have this iron caddy, made at another retreat years ago.
The iron leaked and the dye ran.
I didn't really care … it carries an iron, occasionally.
It's not like it carried the perfect grandbaby.

It simply no longer had an place in my sewing life.
It was too big for my travel iron.
It had Insulbrite inside.

SEW … I cut it apart, and reused it as part of the cover on the Perfect Pressing Table.

I am ... s l o w l y … giving up, using up, paring down and throwing out what no longer brings me JOY.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Updated Table and Staple Gun Issues

My  Cute Husband is self-described as "not-handy" … and he isn't wrong.  
Over the years, he has figured out some household handyman stuff but mostly, he'd rather hire it out and have it done correctly. 
 Once he installed a new toilet, sink and bathroom flooring … 
it took ALL SUMMER.

Sew … when I set out to recover my TV tray table ironing board, 

I knew I needed a staple gun,
turns out, we don't have a staple gun.
No problem … #2SonInLaw IS handy and does have a staple gun.

Admittedly, I did not read the instructions
printed right on that thing.

See the arrow?
I assumed that's where the staples are PUT IN.
That's where they come out!

Do not attempt to staple gun on a stool.
It's way to wobbly.

When I orginally made the GREAT next-to-the-sewing-machine Ironing Table, it was at a retreat and someone else brought the staple gun.
My good friend Amalia placed a penguin on my table.

His head got cut off
because …
We can NOT have cute penguins in our house.
We are Capitals Fans.

It's a hockey thing.

Anyway …
My Cute Husband came home while I was in the middle of this struggle and helped. 
I held and pulled and smoothed out the fabric and he wielded the gun.

Turns out, it was much easier with 2 people.


I left the penguin … we just covered him up

Friday, November 2, 2018

Hidden Hopes


Seaside Piecemakers Block-of-the-Month for 2017

The back … pieced - of course

The front … no longer hanging out on Binding Island!

This is my donation for Relay for Life.
My team - Pints and Purls is having a Beer Tasting fund raiser on Saturday.

We are not attending the Fund Raiser because we MIGHT be snuggling a new grandbaby.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

3 Random Things

I pulled out my Flower Garden quilt and started back on it.
It's almost Done. The whole center is finished … lots of applique and it's all quilted (with top and bottom borders).
The right side border is appliqued and 1/2 of the left side border.
And  then … I put it down … for MONTHS.
Today - I'm prepping some stuff to applique. Hopefully, I will get some stitching done.

And there's new knitting! I'm making a hat/mitts set for a Christmas gift.
I have plans to make 2 sets.
A teen-grandie and her little teeny sister … should she ever decide to be born.

The photo - Sunday afternoon at my knit group that meets at World of Beer.  The hat and 1 mitt are done. It's super cute!

Saying good bye to this old friend.  After sitting in the back of the scary closet for 2 1/2 years, she's now sitting in a friend's kitchen. It's a great little machine.
I will miss the IDEA of having a featherweight.
But, honestly, as good as she sewed, I just don't need/want a machine that sits in the closet.

OK … 
I do have 2 other machines in the closet.


Friday, October 26, 2018


Hurray for Friday!

I know … it's weird for a retired person to care that it's Friday. But really - there's just something special about Fridays and the coming weekend.

It was a great mail day.
Yarn and Fabric

These are both going to be made into Christmas gifts and I hope to get started this weekend.

I've been working on the Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM … again (finally).
This is Block #5, yes, that would be May.

I have block #6 prepped and ready for stitching.
That would be June - slowly catching up.

And, sometime ago, while tidying up, for some unknown reason, I sashed a bunch of stuff in a plastic bag and shoved it into the closest.


There's some great stuff here. Look at those cute sheep buttons - totally forgot I had them. And thread and pins and glue.

To be honest … all that stuff (except the pencil) is still in the plastic bag and it might have even been put back into the closet.
BUT … I hope to remember those little sheep buttons. I might have a need for them.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dear Daughter Update

LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt.

I have stayed on task with this Block of the Month. Each month a "chapter" has been completed.
AND … I'm making 2 quilts, very similar but with a few fabric differences.

7 chapters are DONE!
It's really coming together.

It's pieced and appliqued. There are lots of WORDS!!
It's bright and happy.
It's big and beautiful.

Dear Daughter by