Friday, August 26, 2016

Long Story

iPad got left on a plane in March. What are the odds of it getting found and returned? I went to the Apple Store in Melbourne,FL to buy a new one ... they had none in stock (which I thought was very weird). So, I went to Best Buy. Now - the big dilemma ... spend over $600 on a new iPad or $200 on a Samsung tablet? 

Remember - we were getting ready to move from MD to FL and bringing very little actual furniture with us. I went with the Samsung tablet. Exactly 1 week after I left the iPad on the plane, it was found and returned to me.  There is good in this world.

I continued to blog from my iPad using photos that synced from my iPhone. But I did everything else from my new tablet ... the best way to learn it - USE it.

My poor OLD iPhone was on its last legs and needed to be replaced. In July, my Cute Husband and I got new phones.  I decided to stay with Samsung so it could sync with my tablet.  And it does - sort of. 

Things I'm struggling with ...
Blogger - not as user friendly
Syncing photos - I'm still trying how to consistently do it
Voice mail - got it figured out but I do have to push more buttons

Things I love ...
Everything else

So - today, I finally have a work-around for blogging. Take pictures on my Samsung phone, email them to myself, open the email on my iPad and save them, BLOG on the iPad.  All this and still put the finishing touches on our new home interior, prep for 2 classes I'm teaching here in FL, start a couple new samples for potential classes for Quilt Odyseey (next summer) and Spring Water Designs (this winter), take Mom to the hairdresser (every Thursday), keep up with my Sue Spargo BOM, knit, stalk quilt groups, go to Home Depot (at least 3x a week), coordinate tree removal stump grinding and fence building (ok, really I just have to listen to Steve talk about it).

Ok - long story done. The short version - I think I will be able to blog more!

Here's my finished quilt from Free Spirit class a few weeks ago.  It's a Tula Pink technique- fast/easy sewing which I love. I decided to add selvages, it looked like stacked books to me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Still Struggling

I have no idea how I managed a post with a picture.  I can't seem to make it happen again.  I'm not giving up but I am getting frustrated.

I finished a cute little wall quilt from a tutorial at my new quilt group - Free Spirit Quilters. I finished a long scarf that I've been knitting all summer. It's more decorative  than warm but still too warm for a Florida summer. Next on the sewing list - 8 "sit-upons" for 2nd grade.  Someday, I WILL figure out how to post pictures and I will share again.

The house ... it's really coming together ... curtains, furniture, even lamps (that was not easy!).

Edit ... August 25
I'm just checking to see if I can post from my iPad (which I replaced with a Samsung).
Can someone please comment if you see this? 
The photo ... a rock I found in my front yard.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

Morning Musings

Still traveling - left home last Wednesday, flew into Baltimore. Traveled with my dear friend Donna to PA (Quilt Odyssey!). 

I'm back in MD for the week, staying with the Cute Husband (hurray), my brother-in-law and his wife. 

My sister-in-law is quite the backyard farmer. Last night's dinner included a medley of vegetables right off the vine. She grows pretty flowers too. 

No idea what these are called but they are so pretty and they're so big. 

Navigating through someone else's house can be tricky. Everyone has gone to work. I've been here many times but never alone - the lights were all on, table set, food prepared ... You know ... I was a guest. 

This morning I have tracked down coffee filters (these barbarians ALL go to work to get coffee). I fussed with the coffee pot for awhile until I realized - it was NOT plugged in, finally figured out what switches controlled the lights, managed a shower with no difficulty. Now the hardest thing ... I could not get out the back door. There's a cute patio with table and chairs, pots of growing stuff, pretty flowers, birds chirping. I really wanted to sit outside and drink coffee and knit and chat with you guys. The little dog door was working perfectly but do you think I could get the people door open? NO!

I gave up - twice. I think the little dachshund was mocking me. I tried again and discovered a secret secure latch at the top of the 2nd half of the slider ... victory!

And - it's only 9:00 in the morning. I wonder what other fun things the day will bring.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alive and Well

I know, I know ... It's been forever. Absence makes the heart grow fonder??!!

There's been landscaping and house repairs and furniture delivery and Mom's many doctor appointments - she just fine!  And in between all that ....

I quilted my 1st Bargello 

I found a quilt group - Free Spirit Quilters. 

I finished my Primitive Gatherings "Everyday Crazy" table mat. I LOVE It!

And of course - knitting. There's always knitting. 

This weekend I'm in Hershey, PA. I'm teaching at Quilt Odyssey - great show, big vendor mall and fabulous students. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First Blush

I've been stitching!  This pretty quilt will soon be a BOM offered through Spring Water Designs.  Make sure you are on the shop mailing list,  you don't want to miss this one.  The sewing is easy! The quilt - sew pretty!

The photos aren't great.  The top isn't quilted yet and it was a bit breezy ... It's not really so ruffled.  I will be quilting it at the shop when I visit next month.

And ...
I've been making friends at the beach ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sewing Mojo

I was feeling sort of blah about my sewing.  Nicholas Backstrom fell off the shelf.

No worries ... We happen to have 2.

That's a weird start to this post but it made me realize - I'm done unpacking! We still don't have livingroom furniture or curtains but we will before the summer is over (and it did just start yesterday). 

Handiquilter Academy was sew-inspiring. I've been home for a week, brought Kid#1 back with me for a visit and I've been sewing (and loving it!)

In a week, I've managed to complete through Month 7 on a new BOM being offered through Spring Water Designs.  Well ... it will be offered, sometime, not sure when.  I'm making the sample and Dawn is ordering fabric and Ashley, Letitia and Carrie will be cutting kits. Stay tuned!

The quilt is pretty.  All quilts are awesome and this one will be too but it's also a pretty quilt and I'm excited to be back in the sewing room. (And really glad to be unpacked - not organized yet, but unpacked.)

Sneak peak ...

Today is a Beach Day with Kid#2! Snacks are packed, chair (with awning) is in the car and I now own 2 bathing suits ... apparently there's a rule about owning multiple bathing suits when one lives 15 minutes from the beach. 

Beach in the morning, sewing in the afternoon ... I live a charmed life.