Friday, December 9, 2016


Although there is not as much yarn stashed in our house as there is fabric ... I do have some yarn.  To the non-knitter, "some yarn" might be a bit deceiving.  I do not have as much yarn stashed as some of my knitting friends ... therefore, I do not have a yarn stash problem.

So ...

Last Saturday, we went to Tampa for a hockey game. Capitals lost (boo), but it was a really fun and exciting game. Great arena, lots of energy and the funnest part - I ran into a friend! I've known Margaret for years (20?). We were in the same quilt guild and she worked at My Cute Husband's favorite Harley Davidson dealer. In Maryland. And she moved away a year ago to Sarasota.

She and her husband were also at the Capitals/Lightening hockey game.  How fun is THAT.

Before the game, Steve and I just happened to find Roxy's yarn shop and this just happen to get purchased.

What will I make with this? Do not be hater and ask such a personal question ... the yarn only spoke loud enough to get purchased. It hasn't yet revealed the why.

And this ...

This will be socks (for Christmas 2017!!). I've already cast them on twice. 3rd time was a charm during last evening's tv viewing time.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

At Home Day

Being retired does not mean nothing to do. But it does mean, some days are "at home days".  I love an At-Home-Day.  To me, it means, nothing on the list, nothing pressing, nothing I HAVE to do.  There's always something I could do and maybe even should do but nothing I have to do.

Sew ... today I decided to start the Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery ... as of tomorrow, I will be 2 weeks late starting ... 2 weeks behind!

I had a smallish stack of gray fabrics that would be perfect as neutrals.  Bonnie gave an option of simply cutting 3.5" squares ( or making them as 4-patches).  Starting late - cutting squares was faster (and yes, easier).

After a little digging, I found some yardage that qualifies as magenta ... at least in MY sewing room it does. A lot of cutting and a little sewing and 20 triangle-in-a-square blocks are done.  These are also called Tri-Recs ... same block, different cutting tool.

I am completely in love with BlocLoc rulers!!  I am not a precision sewer and these rulers allow me to square-up perfectly.

I'm still not a precision piecer but my odds improve with the right tools.  20 out of 100 - done.  I will get more made this afternoon, maybe even all of them.  Tomorrow is my quilt group Chrostmas luncheon and then on to Part 3.

The mystery is free. Just Goggle Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville). Her instructions will be available for a short time and then ... Pouff ... gone. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Not a very creative title but it has been a pretty productive day.  Pre-coffee, I worked on a couple more Crossroads blocks.  Post-coffee, I finished as many as I can ... I'm about out of the background fabric.

And ... I have 10 of my Buttermilk Basin BOM blocks done.  Still 1 larger appliqué to go and then the piecing ... But it's progress!

And ... Kid#2 and I made a little Christmas fairy garden.

And ... I went for a lovely walk on the beach today.  It was sunny and 78!  Off to my knitting group Christmas Soirée tonight.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Rest Of the Story

After my usual - Beds Bathrooms and Laundry, I was determined to finish Jack's Star.  And finish it, I did ... at least the quilting is Done.

I still have to brush off the chalk marks and stitch on the binding.  The quilting turned out great.  I'm so pleased with this quilt.

I just might do more quilting with tools.

New Week

Good morning, Monday! I have always loved Monday's ... I know, weird.  It's a new week, a new start, new possibilities.  This morning, even before coffee, I finished up 4 Crossroads blocks. They were already partially made.

And I wrapped a few gifts.

I'm always the first up in the morning and I LOVE this time of day.  Sometimes I sit and read, sometimes I sew, sometimes I clean (quietly). By 7:30, Steve is up and it's time for coffee.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Doing It

Conquering the white space! I'm at the 1/2-way mark. The ruler work is getting better and I'm loving the stencil for registration marks.  TOOLS ... use them, they make life easier.

And when I get tired of looking at white space, I can glance up and see this wonderful One Block Wonder.  I had such fun making this quilt.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

All In Good Time

Last year, for Christmas, I was gifted a yarn collection. No surprise there ... Steve knows how to gift! I started an afghan.

 Lucy, from Attic 24, has a beautiful blog.  She lives in England and loves to "potter around" and crochets.  And she shares her simple, colorful creations for free.  

I really should be able to add a link to her site ... please just Goggle it and look around.

Anyway ... last Christmas, yarn, Cozy Stripe Afghan ...

The whole thing got packed away and moved to Florida. We bought new furniture and had lovely drapes made and it all looks pretty and coordinated ... like a real gown-up person's house.  

Even the screened patio has a pretty rug. And this is where we sit every morning for coffee.

When the temperature dipped down into the 60's (one day), it was time to find and maybe (someday finish) that afghan.

What a surprise to realize that it will also coordinate and look lovely in our NEW house.  

Someday, maybe, this Cozy Stripe blanket will drape over the sofa ... after the Christmas stuff gets packed away.  And really ... it might just get folded up on the couch but grown-up people say things like, "draped over the sofa."