Thursday, January 18, 2018


The first set of Christmas placemats are quilted and bound.  My goal of making 6 (out of 24 in 2018) in January has been achieved and surpassed.
8 placemats!

It was a fun mail day.
I ordered this on Tuesday and it came today.  I do love Amazon Prime.

I'm in a hat knitting place right now and I'm going to need some pom-poms.  This little box of gadgetry will make perfect pom-poms ... I hope. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New BOM ... FREE!!

The 2018 Buttermilk Basin Block of the Month has started! The 2nd Friday of the month, the pattern (FREE) is released.  It remains free for 30 days, until the next one is released.  If you miss it, you can buy the previous month (for around $5.00).  Stacy also offers kits for each block if you don't have a stash of wool/felt.

I have completed 2 of these quilts ... love them! 2014 and 2016.  Guess I'm an every other year kind of gal.

Go to Buttermilk ... the web site, not the blog.  The blog is great too but the patterns are under the "Mystery BOM" tab on the web site.  Like her page on Facebook and you'll get a reminder next month to go and print out the pattern.

Nothing to show for quilting.  Here's a pretty quilt that I made a couple of years ago ... still love it!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Christmas Fabric

Slow and steady - the Christmas fabric is getting stitched. I am on track for my January goal of 6 finished placemats and a table runner.  I still need to quilt and bind the placemats.

I also have prepped and am ready for stitching 4 tree placemats. There will be borders.

And 2 snowman placemats

I think I might quilt them all with the same backing (or possibly a large pieced backing). This way I can load 1 back and quilt away.

The Christmas fabric still won't fit into 1 bin but it's progress and that makes me happy.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Another FIND

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know I lose things. Then I find them (usually.) My bias bars ... great for folding in raw edges on skinny bias strips (it's an applique thing), have been missing since I moved to Florida - 20 months ago. I have plastic ones but they are not as good.

This morning, after coffee but before my shower, I had a sudden urge to look through and sort out lots of leftover bits of sock yarn.

I have a plan!

In that box (upper left - marked with green duct tape to denote "SEWING ROOM"), look what I found ... my metal bias bars.

Just to be clear - the lid was tucked under the box. The box was open and easy to view inside.  It was in the scary closet but I KNOW I've looked in this box a time or 2.  I also found a couple of quilt patterns and directions to some specialty rulers.
And knitting stuff.

Here's to the bright side of finding lost stuff and using up bits and pieces of old stuff.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sad Story With a Happy Ending

My "Use Up Christmas Fabric" quest has been slow. Starts and stops and life - you know the drill.  I am determined to get my Christmas fabric into 1 bin (I will use the larger of the 2 bins). To that end, I've been working on placemats (haven't finished any) and a tablerunner.

The tablerunner ... that's where the sad story begins.

a free pattern from Connecting Threads

It's a really cute and really easy tablerunner. 
I decided to use a shiny metallic thread to quilt. Using metallic thread on my Handiquilter takes a bit of patience but I've done it before.  A bit of bling on the quilt will be perfect.

Everything was going great at first.

Then this happened ...

and then ...
this happened ...

The thread broke several times. I expected this. I adjusted the tension.  Metallic thread is a bit more sensitive than my go-to Glide or Omni threads.  Rethread and keep on going.

I lowered the tension - it looked great on top but I never checked the back. It wasn't great.
I didn't realize that the thread had jumped out of the tension disk. Even worse.
I finished the top, took it off the frame and as usual - flipped it over to look at the back.

I LOVE this fabric!
and growled at the terribly messy quilting.
Now what?

I did NOT want to pick out all that quilting. I considered throwing the whole thing in the trash.  
But it's such a cute runner and my goal of a 2018 handmade Christmas needed a good start.

Sew ...
I pieced together more fabric, added a 2nd back, sat down at my sewing machine and ditch stitched around and on the packages.

Problem solved.  The runner is quilted. The back fabric isn't as pretty but the quilting looks fabulous.

Now all it needs is a binding.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Finally DONE

Christmas 2017 is finally DONE! We don't "keep it up" until a specific time, date, event. Some years it is all put away before the New Year. This year, the last quilt came down today.

And - a different one went up!

This is a Pat Sloan pattern.

My quilting buddy, Starlyn, and I each made a quilt, sewing together.  She's been in Australia for 1 1/2 years. According to Facebook, she and her husband are currently in TX or maybe AL visiting family. She comes "home" permanently in June (I think). There might be a trip this summer to AL.

Tomorrow starts a new Mystery Sock KAL ... I'm ready!

Today is Mom's hairdresser day which means, I'm home. Usually I use Thursday mornings to catch up on stuff.  In reality ... I'm always catching up on stuff.  

  1. fixing a big quilting OOPS
  2. getting 6 Christmas placemats ready to quilt
  3. squaring up 20 triangle blocks that I misplaced (and found - tucked into the unfinished block)
  4. Blog post ... check THAT off the list!
  5. Take photos and complete paperwork for Quilt Show quilts
  6. Take photo of Relay for Life Quilt
It's sunny and warm (high of 78) today. Hurray for a busy, productive day.

Monday, January 8, 2018

When Not Sewing

Volunteering at Roosevelt Elementary School continues to be my "community service," even during Christmas break.  Last Friday I went to Kid#2's 2nd grade classroom and reorganized her classroom library.

They use the "Lexile" system. The books are numbered according to the reading level. The kids all know their Lexile level. They can choose (and read) any book they want but the idea is to read on their level and then take a computer quiz (and pass). All the books are labelled and organized. The new books have been added and it's ready to start 2018.

Who wouldn't love reading under a couple of quilts?!!

In early December, My Cute Husband went up to Maryland to go to a few hockey games. He returned with a couple of quilts.
I'm so glad this quilt has come home and I can now put it on my bed.

First Blush was a BOM offered at Spring Water Designs. I made the sample a year ago and now it's back.

It is very white and light. Next week, I might put it away until spring but for now - I want to enjoy it. 

It is winter here in Melbourne. The weather is warming back up (from a low of 33). By Monday, our high should be back up to 70. I have enjoyed wearing a few hand knit socks, sweaters and shawls.  Our winter is short and not very cold (usually).

Summer is right around the corner!

PS ...
I found the Christmas table runner. It was in the bin marked "I hope to get to this in 2018". I was sew organized - it never occurred to me to look in that bin earlier, when I was searching.  It is now machine appliqued and loaded on the Handiquilter.  It will be done (at least quilted) this week.