Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Charm Square Squared

I wanted the name of this quilt to have the 2 for "squared" but ... as always ... not sure how to do that on my phone. 
BUT ... I have figured out pictures!!

My Cute Husband says that his fingers and feet are in every quilt picture. He is not wrong.

This version will be in my BOM for 2020/2021 for my guild Seaside Piecemakers. Directions (with video support) are on the M&M Sew Charming Facebook group.

Its all about the CHARMS!

and the watermelon  🍉 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

6 Inches

What do you with a stack of 6(ish) inch blocks? I dug deep into the scary vloset and pulled out a small stack of plastic bins. 

Nothing fell on my head!

Years ago, my MD guild did a program on orphan blocks. We built some tops and swapped some parts and I adopted a "few" things.

14 little basket blocks came home. I'm guessing they were made by the same person. I have no idea who but they are well-made and from some old fabrics.

Dare I say vintage? 

They are on-point. I'm thinking of adding corners to set them straight. 


Like most of my quilts - it will evolve into something.  We'll all be surprised!

There were other blocks in the bag with the baskets. 

These likely will not be mixed in with the baskets.

But ... maybe pieced into the backing.

The sibling baskets will stay together and their adopted cousins will be close by.

The other bins? I'm saving them for another time. 

Today, I need to make another dozen donation masks - the need is still great. While sewing, I will also be attending a virtual fiber festival. YARN LOUNGE is this afternoon. YARN LOUNGE

Friday, June 26, 2020


Seriously  ... to a retired person,  over 60, during a pandemic - Friday is to be celebrated just like everyday is to be celebrated.  I often need to double check my calendar to see exactly what day it is ... don't even ask me the DATE.

Yesterday was Kid#2's birthday. We had a family dinner. Much to Amelia's delight - there was CAKE!

In quilting news, I finished a thing that I can't show just yet. The quilt is part of M&M Sew Charming 's BOM (Facebook,  anyone/everyone?). But ... the back? I love it! 💘 

From the pile of little parts and bits of leftovers. I stitched together a chunk.  There's even 2 orphan blocks and a few flying geese blocks. 

Don't you just love a good "B Side" ?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Honey, I Shrunk The Quilt

96-charm Challenge has been a big hit. Are you a member of the Facebook group : M&M Sew Charming  ?  Just ask to join. If you are a fiber lover, you're in.  There have been lots of pictures of 96-charm quilts!

I tried out a teeny 96-charm quilt. Ok, I know, charms are 5" squares. I used 1.5" squares - technically not charms but I love the name of this quilt/idea/technique. 

Isn't it just sew cute!

Here's a good perspective ...

It still needs a border and of course quilting and binding. I love this way of making a quilt top. There's at least one more in my head that needs to be made. 
Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

A Scrap Is A Scrap

Scrap quilts ... my favorite! I love the randomness and almost unrulyness of a good scrap quilt. I save all the bits and cut-offs from piecing for the next or some future project.

But ... I do have some standards. Today I actually let go of a few bits of fabric from a top I finished. I did throw those little pieces in the trash.  I don't do that often. 

I pieced 168" of a piano key border and I was done with this fabric. I can't show the quilt top yet but the border  - sew cute!

After I added the borders, I stitched all around the outer edge to keep those seams secure and tidy. It will be much easier to quilt.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Paper or Plastic

Paper or Plastic? I'm not much of a shopper. I especially loath grocery shopping. Seriously - I have shopping anxiety.  My Cute Husband does our grocery shopping.  He always has ... 43 years! Sometimes I go with him but my job ... remembering to grab the cloth bags and to return the cart. I have very little patience with people who do not return the cart!

I do love a good tote bag.  For groceries,  I love a good grocery bag. Check out Green Bag Lady for an easy FREE pattern. The pattern link is on the right sidebar. Use up a little fabic ... make some room for new fabric.

I'm not even a fan of fabric shopping. Weird, right? I do love a sale, though. Sew ... my buddy Marjorie and I headed to The Quilt Place and I managed to shop (while wearing the mandatory mask).

The blue stripe was the only intentional purchase  - border for a soon to be revealed project. The rest is stash enhancement, which I certainly do not need but it did come home with me.

Gotta run ... nope, never gonna run. Gotta walk. Still doing our Corona-walk ... 5 days this week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

96-Charm Challenge

This challenge  ... 96-Charms ... went live on Monday. If you are not a Facebook user, I'm posting some directions. Please know - it's not a "pattern" but I think you can get the gist.

If you are a Facebook user ... please join me in the M&M Sew Charming group. We're doing some fun things!

1. Gather 96 charm squares 5"x 5". You can use any size square, you need 96.

2. Stitch them together in an 8x12 grid. 8 across in 12 rows. Don't fuss and fiddle with placement ... just go for it!

3. Follow the diagram. Draw a diagonal line from the lower left. Then STITCH close to the line on both sides. CUT on the line.

4. Do this again from the upper left.

5. Rearrange the parts and stitch it together.

* Notice the stitching should all be on the outer edge.
* I added the letters to help you match it up.

Add some borders and quilt it. I got this top done in an afternoon ... it really is that fast!
An on-point quilt without sewing sideways and no setting triangles.