Friday, September 22, 2017


Yesterday was an ALMOST kind of day.  A good day, a productive day, an almost quiet day.

1. The String Quilt is ready and waiting.  I almost sewed binding on my Relay For Life Auction Quilt. I still have 5 days.

2. Flower Garden #14 almost got finished. I decided to add a little wool in the center.

3.  "Old Friends" got some pieced borders ... almost ... 3 out of 4 are done.

4. I finished a sock! I almost started it's sole mate ... but I didn't.

5.  My Cute Husband went out to trim back a tree. He almost cut it down.

There's more to the tree story...
It's a loquat tree. I had never heard of loquat before moving to Florida.  Loquat is a fruit.  I guess it's like a kumquat - I've never had a kumquat.  It actually had fruit on it (and all over the ground) when we moved here May 2016.  It is now September 2017 and there has not been fruit on this thing ever since.  
It's a messy tree. The leaves fall all year. It hangs over (and on) our roof. Dan, the Neighbor, keeps it cut back even with our fence because he hates it.
So - instead of a good hair cut, I suggested we take it down completely. 

It's almost done.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Inspiration vs Motivation

Today I was inspired ... or maybe ... I was motivated.  I suppose it could be both.  I guess it doesn't really matter.  Today, I finished an applique block - #13!

During the quiet time of morning coffee, I decided I really needed/wanted to get this block finished. It's 1 of 2 September blocks and the month is almost over.

I have been adding wool to my cotton applique for several reasons (the biggest being that sometimes the shapes are easier done in wool).  With the wool, I do love some stitching.  You can see on this block - with and without the stitching around wool. "With" really does look better.

Block #13 is Done!

I was so happy to get it done that I was inspired to get #14 done.

It's all prepped and ready.  Hopefully, I will also be motivated to get it done.  Not sure where/if this one will have wool.  Maybe a couple of circles on the flower?

I'm sure I will be inspired.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pinterest Sewing

I save a lot of "pins". Sometimes (not too often) I even go back and look at the pins. And sometimes (even less often), I actually go to the web sites and read about/look at the information that comes with the pins. And ... sometimes (even less often than less often) I try out something that I found.

I have a Pinterest Board for "TOTES". I pinned a picture of a little vinyl zip pouch. I went back and looked at it and pondered the possibility of making it.  I found some vinyl in my sewing room.  I looked at the pin again.  I even went to the web site and read the tutorial.

 And I did it!

It's the perfect size for notions - sewing or knitting.

I made one according to the tutorial (no picture).  Then I made another with some adjustments.
The backing fabric is ... on the back, which meant that the back of the fabric is what showed through the vinyl on the front.  I used 2 pieces of fabric for the back with some interfacing.

The interfacing added a little more stability and the double backing made the front pretty. And I "boxed" the 2 bottom corners to give the bag a little shape, and room to get stuff in and out.

Cute little bag that will probably be gifted.
Pinterest success!

And ... a new knitting project casted on last night.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Scrappy Geese

My newest quilt-in-progress needs a name.  Or does it? Most people name their quilts.  I often give my quilt goofy names like ... Blue Quilt or Scrappy Quilt.  There is a quilt over the back of our couch right now.  Mom asked me what is was called ... Old Moda #3.  It was made from Moda fabric from a long time ago and it was the 3rd quilt I made from this old fabric.

Any way ...

I have thoroughly enjoyed digging through this tub of 2.5" squares. Almost every time I grab a square, I'm reminded of some project I worked on, or a friend I was sewing with or a shop I visited.

I loved this fabric.  I think it was a Nancy Halvorson and I do remember it came from And Sew It Goes - a shop where I worked 8 years ago.

And this one ... I REALLY loved this fabric, also from And Sew It Goes.

The best part of making scrappy quilts is the memories. It's like spending some time with old friends.  I made some progress today on "Spinning Geese"? or "Pinwheel Geese"? or "Scrappy Pinwheels"? 

Maybe I'll just call it "Old Friends"

Thursday, September 14, 2017

During and After IRMA

Prepping for a hurricane is a lot of work ... and worth every minute! We were so lucky to have come through the storm with very little damage.  We lost part of our fence - fence guy has already been out to inspect, estimate and give us a fix date (6 to 8 weeks out). We lost a strip of roof shingles - still waiting on the roof guy. We had a lot of yard debris - all cleaned up by My Cute Husband.

Power went out Saturday evening and the storm howled all night. Power came back on Tuesday but no internet/cable.  We got that back today ... HURRAY!!

Sew ... what did I do during and immediately after the storm?  Not too much. I did have a lot of hand work prepped and ready but ... hurricane days are sort of like snow days. They're bonus days. You get to do whatever you want or nothing at all.

Turns out, the book I downloaded ... Outlander ... is wonderful! I spent a lot of time reading and some time knitting.  I finished Book 1 - all 825 pages. I also finished my End of Summer Shawl.

Even got it blocked.  With no TV, the den was the perfect spot to lay it out.

Once the power came back on, I had an incredible urge to do some machine sewing and decided to work on something new.  Well ... not really new.  In fact, the blocks were acquired in an internet swap in 1996 ... yes, you read that correctly. 1996. Somewhere in the last 20 years, I made the swapped flying geese blocks into pinwheels.  I think I did this maybe 2 years ago.

I dug out my dishpan of 2 1/2" squares.  Don't you just love my storage system?!

I pieced strips of squares in groups of 4 and 6, framed each pinwheel block and got a pretty great start of a new scrappy quilt.  And ... Bonus ... this just happened to be on my UFO list for 2017.

I really do think this quilt had to wait all this time. It had to wait until I was ready and inspired.  

And ... today ... I decided my "hurricane hiatus" was over and I needed to get back to working on my "to do" list.

I have started stitching again on my Kim McLean Flower Garden blocks and border #3.

The internet is back up, so there will be TV watching tonight and knitting. I really do want to get my Cupcake Shawl done - I'm over it. It's pretty, but I want it done. I have other knitting that is really calling to me.

Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers and good vibes ... we needed it.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Today, while waiting in my boarded up house, I wander into my sewing room and spotted this ...

Inside the box ...

I prepped a little a couple of parts, stashed the pattern and zippers and they've been in this box at least 5 years ... probably longer.

Today, instead of working on my IRMA prepped stuff, I'm going to make bags.  The pattern says: Humbug Bag.  I think I'll call them IRMA Bags.

8 bags - DONE!

Aren't they just sew cute.

I believe I will donate these to my Florida guild - Seaside PieceMakers.  They will be sold at our "Boutique" at the quilt show in March. The box is now empty, waiting for a new project.

As for IRMA the hurricane?  Not everyone is stressed.

Harleigh is relieved that we are not taking a direct hit. The Space Coast will be spared the huge impact of Irma.  We will have wind and rain but it looks like we dodged a bullet.  

Southern Florida and the Gulf Coast are still in danger. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

IRMA still waiting

Once all the prep is done, waiting for a hurricane is B.O.R.I.N.G.  It's really weird sitting in a dark house with all the windows boarded up and then walking outside onto the patio and it's a beautiful sunny day.

All reports indicate that while this is still a huge storm, and we are taking it very seriously, it looks like it will be downgraded a lot before reaching us here on the Space Coast.

I really did prep lots of handwork as we will most likely lose power.  Today, I was working some of it.  I probably should have been doing some machine stuff while I could but here was this lovely sewing just waiting for me.

I worked a bit on my Flower Garden Border #3, while listening to a couple of TED Talks.

And then I moved on to my Hemp Sweater.

I'm pretty sure I've screwed up something on this.  It is now back in the knitting bag and will be in time out until next week when I can go back to the shop for help.  Which is actually pretty great, because I really wanted to work on my hand-dyed shawl but felt a bit obligated to pay attention to my sweater.

I think I'll wind a little more yarn ... just in case.