Thursday, March 7, 2019

And Then This Happened ...

There's been a lot of sewing going on this week. I didn't have to go to 2nd grade.
No appointments for Mom.
Mostly just home … and sewing!

And then this happened today.

Chugging along, in the home stretch of
Dear Daughter.
I cut something wrong.
18 times!
I stitched it wrong.
18 times!

I walked away.

When I came back (after coffee), I decided it might be better to move on.
The next block up needed pinwheels.
18 pinwheels, made from 36 half-square triangles.

Right there.
On that messy shelf.
There were 4 complete pinwheel blocks.
AND ...
18 half-square triangles.

2 more blocks - DONE!

That took no time.
Back to the messed up parts.
I was able to salvage 9 good geese blocks from the mess.

I'm still on track for March.
I can whip out 9 more geese blocks.

Then ...
Back to the 365 Challenge and the Market Square Mystery.

Before I hit "post", I noticed in the picture.
A couple pieces are turned wrong.
That WILL be corrected!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How I Multi-Task

Yesterday while posting about WIPS, I was marveling about how organized I was with my multiple projects … works-in-progress.
These are not UFO … of which I have plenty.
These are what I am actively working on.

My Market Square blocks have to be layed out.
If not - I will sew them wrong.
The pieces are layed out on a 12.5" square ruler
balanced on top of a trash can, right next to my sewing chair.

To the right on my machine are leader/ender parts.
The white plastic tray (I think it originally held hamburger) has prepped piles for the little Shoo Fly blocks. Each pile is a block.
Under that is a bowl of 1.5" squares and another with 2-patch sew together.
These will someday be stitched into little 4-patches.
There's also some 1/2-square triangles awaiting some sort of resolution.

Here you can see my tablet on the left. I need that to do the 365 Block Challenge.
Hanging up on the bulletin board are the completed blocks.
On the right (on the cutting table) the piles of parts for the rest of the Market Square blocks.
My little ironing TV tray fits perfectly under the cutting table.

On my cutting table is a dessert stand that I have NEVER used for desserts.
Paper plates work great for holding the "not yet ready" parts of the Shoo Fly blocks
and the finished blocks.
I now have 18 finished blocks.

This is how I stay organized and sew on multiple projects at a time.
It works GREAT.
until it doesn't.
This morning, I lost a block
I was making 2 identical blocks. All the parts were cut and I was assembly line sewing and it was going great … Dear Daughter blocks, Market Square blocks and little Shoo Fly blocks.

I lost a Dear Daughter block. I looked everywhere. 
How weird!
It was here and then it wasn't.

I realized that I had stitched a section onto TWO blocks held together.

Seriously - I looked for a good 5 minutes for the stupid block
before figuring out …
I was the stupid one.


Monday, March 4, 2019


True confession time …
I am NOT a monogamous stitcher!

Bet that was not a surprise.

Currently - as in right now, today …

1.  365 challenge is up-to-date.

2. In between other sewing, I have managed 16 little 3" Shoo Fly blocks.

3.  80 4-patch blocks for a swap.
This is a terrible picture. They are all there.

4. Gyleen Fitzgerald is hosting a new on-line class.
Yes, for a mere $15, I joined the class. I have made 4 blocks out the required 9.

5. Up-to-date on my "Dear Daughter" quilt.
This is part of the March (final!) block.

I am making 2 of this quilt.
Yes, 2 …
as in TWO!

6. In the meantime, I am also still knitting. 
This shawl is called: 28's Cousin 77
Very weird name but I made it for my cousin so it fits.

7. AND …
because 9 blocks didn't put a DENT in my 2.5" square bin,
I decided I would make 12 blocks … to start.
I might even go bigger.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


My mission … tidy up!

I accepted this mission with the best of intentions.
I had an entire morning with no specific plans.
No deadlines
No meetings
No "have-to's"

Piece of cake mission.
Clean up the mess.

The things you find when you tidy up!
A whole plate full of 1/2-square triangles
All stitched
A lot pressed
Some already squared-up

Well …
I thought I'd just stitch a few, to see how I liked them.
I like them!

So …
I stitched a few more.

And the morning progressed.
In the end …
I did put this jar in the dishwasher.
I needed 24 hours to decide if I could really live without it.
And yes …
I have even less space on my cutting table now then before I started this mission
Clean up your mess!

Then …
the morning was done and my afternoon began.
A visitor came over.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Manic Monday

Feast or Fame?
Sometimes I blog daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes …
well … here we are on a Monday!

I'm still chugging along on my Dear Daughter.
This is the February block. It still needs some machine applique
mostly - it is done 
on time!

This is a disaster that really needs my attention.

The cutting area keeps getting smaller and smaller.
Why the heck is there spinning stuff on my cutting table?
Why the heck is there a basket of hand-embroidery on my sewing table?
Why the heck is there a prom dress rolled up waiting to be hemmed?
Is that a yarn scale I see?

Oh dear …
today was supposed to be a tidy-up day.
instead -
I did laundry and sewed some quilt blocks.
I'm going to knit and listen/watch some podcasts
Because I can!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Another Week of Fiber Fun

Happy President's Day Weekend!
This has been a fiber-filled few days. My MD guild had their annual Winter Retreat - and I missed it (sad face). I've been attending for 20 years (about) and had a scheduling conflict this year.  Next year - I will be there. It's sew not the same, reading Facebook and texting with my Sewing Sisters and then having to "solo sew."

But … the scheduling conflict was FUN. 
My Florida guild had their bi-annual event …

The Gathering

I snapped a few pictures. I really wish I was better about capturing experiences on my phone.  I did get a few.
There was a panel challenge. I really like the look (technique) of the one on the right.
Simple but still makes a statement.

I taught a class on Friday afternoon.
Crossroads Picnic Quilt.
23 quilts, marking, cutting and sewing
and a bit of laughter!

Here are some of their blocks.
I love the Christmas fabric one - there just might have to be one of those at my house!
All the different color combos !!

We were also treated to a traveling exhibit from SAQA.
I don't always "get" art quilt but these were quite interesting.

And to finish out the weekend …
I finished
Simon Sheep.

A cute little crochet kit that I bought back in January (at Distaff Day).
I think Amelia may claim him.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Hurray for  D. O. N. E. !!!
My giant Flower Garden Quilt is complete.

cue the angels singing …

24 blocks and 4 borders
all applique
and 1" finished pieced sashing

My idea to add the borders after I quilted them worked out great.
You can see on the left, I covered the seam with a strip of matching fabric.

Doesn't the quilting look awesome from the back?!!

Most of applique was done by hand.

Yes …
I needle-turned those horses!
I am that awesome … once.

I did add a little wool
because …
well … I LOVE wool applique
some of the pieces were just too little or too curvy for me.

Quilting this was such fun.
I used lots of different fills.

It took me 1 year to complete 90%.
and another year to complete the last 10%.

I was really apprehensive about the whole "quilt-as-you-go" idea for the borders. I'm so very pleased with how it turned out.  

Now …
what to do with this all the gorgeousness?