Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Finally ... a new blog post. I've started this and stopped and started and stopped and mostly just thought about it but never actually sat down to write. I have FINALLY done some stuff!

1.  Finally made/finished/mailed my 6" Churn Dash swaps. Don't worry ... this is the "oops" picture. I sent 48 beautiful ones. off to MD to my Bee.

2. Finally loaded my Flower Garden quilt AND started quilting it.  The side borders are not quite finished ... but they will be.  Then the borders will be quilted separately and added - quilt-as-you-go.

3.  Finally did all the machine applique on a Pat Sloan kit that's been hanging around for YEARS, maybe 8 years? I just love "old" Pat Sloan designs.  It has now moved to the "To Be Quilted" pile.

4.  Finally finished a test knit for Iwona Erickson. She lives in Sweden and Spain. Don't you just love the power of the internet? She needed some knitters to test (and check) the pattern for numbers/rows/instructions.  I used some stash yarn and LOVE it.  It's a neutral shawl that is far from being neutral.

5.  Finally got some intense housecleaning done ... with the help of a Grandie. I love when the kids need some $$ and I need some help - WIN/WIN!

6.  Finally got some beach time in. Bonus ... a Grandie and 2 daughters joined me!

7. Finally finished this pair of socks.  They've been lingering ALL summer.  This was the first time I did an "afterthought" heel.  Verdict is still out on this technique.  I will do another before deciding if it's my new "go to" pattern.

8. Finally repaired/redid/redesigned (?) a little pocket chart for Kid#2's 2nd grade classroom.  It was a little big for the space she wanted it. I cut off 1" on each side and reapplied the binding edge.  I used a cuter fabric.  There are lots of polka dots in 2nd grade.

9.  Finally ... taking a breath from a busy July. There were family events, a baby shower, friends from MD visiting, fire works, beach days, book reading, knitting and some sewing.  Today ... off to 2nd grade to help with classroom prep. School starts on Friday AND we (My Cute Husband and I) are off to Maine for a little vaca!!! Goofy2 is coming to stay with Mom.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Have and I Have Not

It's been almost a month since I posted/journaled. Sometimes it works that way. It's not like I've been sitting around doing nothing!

1. I have not been quilting. I have been kayaking.

2. I have not been sewing, but I have been sergering. (sp?)

3. I have not been cooking, but I have been baking.

4. I have not been traveling, but I have walked the neighborhood.

5. I have not stopped eating, I have enjoyed cotton candy grapes.

and my neighbor's mango tree.

6. I have not been entertaining, but I (we) have been getting ready for a new grandie.

7. I have not made a sample for a make 'n take I need in 2 weeks, but I have packed the kits (mostly).

8. I have not applied the binding to 3 finished quilts tops, but I have made the binding.

9. I have been to the beach!

The summer is flying!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stupid Waldo

How's that sound for a quilt name ... Stupid Waldo ... ? Probably not but I'm very tempted. On the upside - at least I can laugh about it.

Sew ... I finished the Mystery BOM quilt top (several times). Then I fixed a few OOPS (several times).

Finally the center was finished ... correctly. 

Now - on to the borders. All the pieces were made and I had started to assemble the pieced border. I put it aside to go to Utah and other life events.
When I was finally ready to stitch the borders on ... a side border was missing.
How in the world can I have misplaced a whole hunk of stitched together fabric?
My sewing room isn't that big and I certainly did not take it anywhere.
Who takes a fabric border on a field trip?

I looked everywhere!
really ... I looked for a couple of days
I was ready to remake it. I had convinced myself that obviously I had only made 3 borders, not 4.

and there it was ...

Right where I left it, in a safe place, all neatly pressed ... on the back of my sewing chair.

And now ...

This quilt is really Done!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Here and There and Everywhere

Summertime ... and the living is easy? Isn't it supposed to be more relaxed, a calm, slower pace?


I went to Utah for Handiquilter Academy. That is definitely not a slow pace training.  I took 8 classes in 2.5 days, ate WAY TOO MUCH, met up with some friends (got to see Dawn, from Spring Water Designs in MD!!), made some new friends and learned a LOT.

It was a world-wind few days ... all about machine quilting. 
I saw quilting designs everywhere - on the wall paper ...

and the floor carpet ...

I took couching classes and background filler classes, thread painting. I quilted on vintage linens and took a class called "Rogue Rulers". We used rulers to mark around and then stitched without them.

Couching takes a some practice and I'm determined to keep practicing.

Then I came home and stopped by "Kids Quilt Camp." My FL guild does this every summer. The kids complete a Rail Fence quilt top by the end of the week. I think they "tie" them ... hmmm ... not sure, I need to find out.
The girls were so intent on their projects. 

The future of our quilt world!

Inspired and pumped up from HQ Academy, I was ready to quilt my Flying Strings top.  I used rulers in the 2 borders and a tiny meander fill in the "sky" part of the flying geese. I did a simpe loop-in-a-loop on the strings.
The quilt is now on Binding Island.

And ... we finally launched our new kayaks!

I've been knitting and sewing and taking care of Mom.
My VERY Cute Husband is back from MD. He went up to cheer on his Washington Capitals. The parade was Tuesday and he was there. 

Congrats to the CAPS for a huge (first time ever) Stanley Cup win!!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Where's Waldo?

Oh dear ... it's sew frustrating to get a quilt top pieced and find a block turned wrong (or 3? 4? 5?).  I finally got my BOM top done - or at least the center. It ended in April and on June 1st - an almost done!

Sew ... on the way to getting excited about this completed top, this happened ...

And ... it happened more than once!

This is NOT okay.

Worse than this?

I took out 1 big block and then took it apart down to 9 smaller blocks, to resew.
BUT ...

I took out the WRONG block!

 Finally, figured out what was wrong, took out 3 little blocks, put them back in, pointing in the correct direction. Now ... I think this is done right.  Maybe ...

Please feel free to look really carefully and comment if you see something amiss.
This quilt will not have borders for now ... I have to let it rest.
I have to keep looking at it
just in case.

Before I hit go on this post, I sent a picture of the "fixed" quilt to Instagram (@Quiltermary). My friend Karen (@quilterk) almost immediately sent me a text asking if the bottom left corner was correct.

Thankfully, it is 1 large block that needs to be turned 180 degrees. Not too big a deal.  I may fix it tomorrow.

or not.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Keeping Busy

Busy Busy Busy ... that could be the title of almost every blog post I write.  I'm just as creative with quilt names (NOT).  Sew - today ...

I have this wonderful collection of crochet hooks. They belonged to my mother and I just love using them.  I don't crochet too much. I knit - a lot, but I do love to crochet.

Amelia's afghan is going to have a crochet border. Something open and airy. I'm not sure what it will look like yet. I'll be doing a little Ravelry surfing for something pretty.

I'm going to knit this hat.

It's cute and fun and the yarn is pretty.
and ... I think I'm going to be THAT Gramma.

Hopefully, someday, Amelia will get to go a little further north and need a cute and pretty hat.

I forgot to hit post so this has been sitting for a few days on my computer.  I did finish the afghan and got back to sewing ... more later.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's Monday (but really it's Tuesday)

Holidays and weekends really aren't that different from weekdays when you're retired ... or at least you wouldn't think so. But in reality - they are still different. For some reason, they just feel different.

Sew ... what's been going on?

In the garden, we have some "volunteers."  I read this on a blog ... volunteer flowers are those that bloom and you did NOT plant them.

Pretty sunflowers growing along our back fence! I think the seeds dropped out of the bird feeder.
Those pesky squirrels did a good job.

I've really made progress on this afghan for Baby Amelia. She's doesn't arrived until October. She will be a warm and well-dressed grandbaby!

And ... I made binding.  I had a close call - thought I might have to go buy some fabric. Nothing seemed quite right.  Thankfully, I found this ... from 2007.

I wasn't thrilled with it but decided to "settle." 
Glad I did.
Once My Cute Husband got it hung, the binding looked great.
The quilt looks wonderful. 
All was right in my world.