Sunday, June 28, 2015


The fabric choices we make can really change the look and feel of a quilt ... did you already know that?  

Of course you did!

Heather and I taught the first of 3 different mystery classes ... This summer we're on a MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR ... tips and tricks and fun and sewing - what could be better.

Friendship Ribbons was our first stop on the tour.  We taught the CRAZY 8's method of making 1/2-square triangles ... quick and easy.  Square these up with the BlocLoc ruler and they are perfectly sized!

There are now 7 different Friendship Ribbons in the world (or ar least started!)

There are 2 more stops of the TOUR - hop on board with us!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

More OP's

I've often had "suggestions" from friends on how to grow my quilting business.  First of all - I never set out to have a quilting business so I never saw a need to grow.  2. I have a tough time getting my own stuff quilted in between the OP's (other people's quilts).  I don't think I need to grow a business that I never really set out to have.  I'm plenty busy!

Bonus! I get to be a part of sending LOTS of beautiful quilts out into the world.

Barbara's quilt is beautiful AND big.  The quilting (go me!) shows up great on the back.

My customer/friend Mary has made a 3rd "Little Dresses" quilt.  She's way ahead on her Christmas gift list.

My own "to do" list?  I'll do an update post Sunday or Monday or Tuesday .... I have to make progress on something before I do a "progress post."

More Birds

Just when Ithought I would never quilt another bird ... this came along ...

While quilting Ruth's Bird Dance, I was thinking ... I will never quilt another bird quilt.

And then it was done.

And I was thinking ... that was kind of fun. I wouldn't mind doing another.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Be Done

These aren't exactly UFO's.  They are active projects that all need me ... sooner rather than later.

My beautiful Sophie's Universe.  I've twice had to order more yarn.  I think I have enough now.  She needs an 8 row border.  Almost Done!

The binding pile - it was up to 7 quilts.  Now it's down to just 2 that need binding ... for now.

3 simple sundresses ... for my sisters (the Goofies!). They both have July birthdays.  Photo bomb - another Woodland Creatures block has been fused and needs stitching.

A little more hand stitching and a backing - almost there on this shop sample - a Penny Lanes pattern

My Bee swap blocks - tiny 9's.  I need these for July 1st.

There's also a sweater that needs sleeves, my July Birch Tree swap blocks, a class sample that needs "fixin'" and my Wool Club show'n Tell (Monday).  My goal ... to blog about all this stuff this weekend and see how far I've gotten ... Stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2015

And Again

Never again will I say, "I don't do hand binding."

Never Ever!
Sometimes the quilt simply asks for hand binding. Who am I to say no. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Win

Imperial Blooms ... a Sue Spargo design

I loved making this quilt.

It was a slow process, one block at a time.  Each one had lots of fancy stitches.  Some had a little bling.

And then I quilted it ... 

That really made it shine!

This quilt will hang in my house and I will thoroughly enjoy looking at it.

And yes, the fence hangers are from Walmart.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Done ... as in pieced and quilted.

Soon it will be DONE ... as in bound and labeled.