Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Snake In The Grass

Who's surprised ... I'm ahead of this game!

4 blocks for June

AND ... 28 Blocks for July

I'm doing a demo of the August block ... in August, but I wanted to get June and July sorted out with fabrics/colors before I did August. Now, I can be way ahead for my demo prep.

And ... not ahead but on it ...
Border #2 for Flower Garden. If I stay on schedule, I need to finish this border by the end of August.  It's a LOT of hand stitching.

And ... great progress on my Catography felted bag, but no photo. I need to take a progress shot. 

Off the airport to pick up Kid #1. She's coming for a visit from MD!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hurray for new projects!

I have this theory ... how the heck can I participate in UFO challenges if I don't have UFO's? The blocks for 2 batiks quilts are done and put away (for now).  If I go to my MD guild retreat in November, I might need a project to work on. OK ... really - I just couldn't resist starting some new things this week.

A new felted bag! This is for a knitting class I'm taking. It's called: Catography. I've never done stranded color work. It will end up being big and floppy and then it will get felted.

Seaside Piecemakers are changing up the BOM. This year we're doing a mystery BOM. All I have, so far, is the fabric colors and quantities. BONUS - all from the stash.

There was a brief stash dive and almost a shopping trip.

I did finally manage to find fabrics for another project. This Sew-along is also supposed to be a BOM. It's not a mystery. It's a Linda Hahn pattern called Snake in the Grass. I received the whole pattern and am currently working on July blocks, with fabric lined up already for August.

But wait ... there's more ...

There will be a member/teacher class at my quilt meeting this Friday. It's a modern 3/4 log cabin. We were told to bring some solids.  I think I can do that.

Sew - that's 3 new quilt projects and a knitting project started this week.

Monday, June 19, 2017

D.O.N.E. with help

Rocky the Wonder Cat has been sew needy lately.  He wants to be right up in my face "helping." I think this is because we were gone for a few days. And ... when we are gone, there are strangers in the house.  Strangers to Rocky are anyone that is NOT me or My Cute Husband.

Steve is Rocky's absolute favorite person, in the whole wide world and I can certainly relate.  We celebrated Steve's birthday while on our vacation cruise.

Sew ... imagine trying to cut fabric with this fella helping.

We've come close but he hasn't lost any fur (or his tail!)

I finished a donation baby afghan this week. My friend Carol, from our World of Beer Knitting Group, collects them for her church.  All baptized babies are given one.

And ... Harry the Heron is DONE! He's been awaiting a simple binding forever.  My dear friend Starlyn gave me this quilt before we both left Maryland over a year ago.  Check this one off the UFO list.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vaca Part 2

We spent 1 day "at sea" on our cruise.  We ate, explored the ship, ate, attended a few activities and ate. The evening ended with a fun song and dance show.

The 2 days in the Bahamas ... we did excursions and had FUN!

In Nassau we did SNUBA. It's a combination of SCUBA and snorkel. We were underwater with a regulator and oxygen but someone else had the responsibility of worrying about the particulars.  All we had to do was swim, breathe and look at the wonderful reef and beautiful fish.  I did not take any pictures. The boat ride to the reef was fast and wet. The ride back - wetter.

In Freeport, the excursion was called "My Bahamian House." We spent the day off the ship, at a local house (with 20 other people). It was lovely. We went to the beach, had a wonderful lunch and then enjoyed afternoon activities. The beach, the water in the Bahamas is so incredibly beautiful.

Kid #2 and her husband went kayaking.

Floatation devises were required.

Steve tried paddle boarding.

He said it was harder than it looks.

I spent the afternoon, taking photos and knitting. I'm good at that!

Funny thing about the floatation devises ... they were required for kayaking and paddle boarding in the canal but not required for snorkeling or swimming in the ocean.

It was a great trip!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


We just spent 5 days aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Liberty.  Food-filled fun!!! We left from Port Canaveral and spent 2 full days in the Bahamas.  It was a perfect amount of time and WAY too much food.

Don't you just love seeing people smile when they're working.  It's wonderful to love your job.

The sun was shining everyday. I did wear my hat!

Sun, sand, FOOD and umbrella drinks = great vacation.

There were some watersport-type activities along with too much food ... I'll share that tomorrow.

Friday, June 9, 2017

In Other News

Knitting is still happening.  More importantly ... Yarn Acquisition is still happening. In fact, I liked this yarn so much, I bought it twice - once at Sheep Thrills and once at Four Purls.  I really do like it!

It is a hand-dyed, so slightly different, but really - it's the same yarn.  Yesterday, while at a 3rd yarn store - Knit and Stitch ... I bought a "go with" for what I thought was my 1 skein of speckled yard.

That would the skein on the bottom.  In reality, I had 2 skeins of speckled yarn and I already had a pretty "go with."  So now ... I could make 2 shawls with speckled yarn or something else. 

This is the combo I'm starting with ...

I need to prep a knitting project for Saturday.  For the uninformed ... Saturday IS ...
World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


This is Done with a capital "D" ... as in, it's not DONE but it is Done.  It will be heading out in tomorrow's mail. 86" x 86" is a little too big for me to quilt on my downsized Handiquilter. My friend Carrie has the super-sized Handiquilter Infinity and has agreed to make some magic happen on this quilt.

Here she is ready to go ... quilt top, backing and binding all prepared - cuz I'm a good friend.

After 25 blocks and a few setting pieces, this is what is left. About 12 yards of fabric went into the Solstice Quilt. These leftover bits will stay on my cutting table for now.  I'm thinking some placemats? mug rugs? table runner?  I WILL use them up.

Here's the finished top.  My Cute Husband is standing behind this quilt, trying his best to hold it out for a photo op.

Carrie ... if you're reading this ... please send me a photo when you've made magic happen.  In October, this quilt will be a prize at the Southern Comforters BINGO.