Wednesday, April 27, 2016


What FUN!

Roger pieced his to spiral around - very clever. 

Pat used a beautiful array of greens. 

 Betty chose a similar red bundle to what I picked for my tuffet. 

And Franny ... How cute is this!!

There are 8 new lovely tuffets in the world. 

Carrie will be teaching another tuffet class in June at Spring Water Designs. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Birch Trees

Last summer I swapped scrappy, wonky blocks. The piecing was simple - scrappy strings sewn together and cut into various sized strips. 

We each picked a background color. My color was shades of blue. 

That's me on my quilt. 

Quilt pictures on a sunny day are great. You can almost take a selfie!

This is the last one I will quilt here at this house. My fabulous HandiQuilter is getting a spa treatment at Spring Water Designs today and will then be cozied up in it's box and moved to Florida. 

I'm spending some quality time with cardboard boxes today. Hope you have a sun-shiny day!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dilemma and Done

Today is not the day that I figure out how to blog from my new tablet ... Still doing 1 finger typing on my little phone. Please be kind about typos!


A purple sock managed to sneak into the dryer. ONE purple sock ...

It's a teeny bit snug but still wearable. Do I put the other in the dryer and hope that it comes back out matching the first runaway? 


In the midst of packing and purging and cleaning and playing Candy Crush (keeping it real here). I did some quilting!  Starlyn gave me fabric for a quilt backing. I miscalculated the amount needed (no huge surprise). My Birch Tree quilt remains backless. 

BUT ... My Friendship Rings quilt is now quilted!  I love this backing for this quilt. 

A couple of years ago, my BEE did a swap and a few of us (them) actually completed quilts. I am now part of the completed club. 

There was enough backing to make binding which is prepped. Hopefully I can find it at our new house and attach it after we move (12 sleeps). 

I love this quilt. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Lif's Dilemmas

CRAZY doesn't even come close to describing my life but I can not let another day go by without some sort of post. 

I left my iPad (might as well have left my brain!) in the front pocket of an airplane seat. I even heard the flight attendant's speech about "check for all your personal belongings". I kept track of Mom, her portable oxygen, her purse, her iPad, my purse, and my too-big-knitting bag and left my precious iPad. 

One week later (after the purchase of a new Samsung tablet) ... 

Look who found it's way home!

My old grungy much loved iPad. 

BUT - it's set to auto-erase if anyone (including me) opens it. This was precautionary in case it was found by some unscrupulous person. 

My crazy life does not allow time to go to the Apple Store and ask some "genius" to remove the "self-destruct" option. Maybe next week. Maybe next month. Maybe I'll figure out how to blog from my new tablet and no longer have to post from my little and outdated phone. Maybe someday I'll have time to breath. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Nothing Special

Last night My Cute Husband casually said, " So, we have nothing going on tomorrow, right?" I assured him that WE did not. 

MY day ...
Up at 7:00, start the coffee. Wind up some sock yarn and the leftover yarn from the Octopus Sweater. Pack a box of knitting supplies that hopefully, I can live without for the next 6 weeks. 

Realizing I had not put water into the coffee maker, make coffee but leave without it. Go to a warehouse to pick up a portable oxygen unit for Mom.  Sit there for a 1/2 hour contemplating this seemingly empty building.  Go home, call the company - someone gave me an old address.  After a little gentle arm-twisting they agreed to deliver and NOT charge me a delivery fee.

Have coffee with mom. Put the corned beef in the crock pot for dinner (Mom's favorite and it IS her birthday.

Finish the 5th (of 5) customer quilts for Nancy.  They are all identical - grandchildren, I think - quilts are identical NOT the children. These will be the last OP's I do in MD.  

Have lunch with Mom - she had potato soup, I had PB&J.

Pack 2 more boxes of sewing room stuff.

Help Mom pack for our trip, check in (late) for our flight, accept the delivery of oxygen from a nice man named Joe.  Return his gloves that he left here 2 weeks ago.

Wind another skein of yarn (just in case).

Cut lots of wool squares (2", 2.5" 3", 4"). These are for kits for my classes at Quilt Odyssey.  Yes, this isn't until July, but the kits are staying in MD when we move (in 4 weeks).

Do a load of laundry - I really want to wear those jeans on the plane tomorrow.

Call the tax guy.

Pack up my projects for my final (???) Bee retreat which is 2 days after we return from our Florida trip.

Sit down and play Words With Friends ... people are waiting!

Go fold the above mentioned laundry and discover I had forgotten to turn on the dryer. 
Turn on the dryer.

Rescue the trash cans that blew all the way down our street. Pack my carry-on bag with too much stuff (just in case.) 

Quick visit with Kid#1 and Oldest Granddaughter - they came by to wish Gram a Happy Birthday. 

Run to the bank for some cash. "Low tire pressure" light came on. Ignore it.

Fold the laundry that is now dry.

My Cute Husband comes home - I have a task for him! Go fix my car tire ... Please. 

Fix dinner - corned beef, scalloped potatoes and salad - yummy! 
Sing "Happy Birthday" to Mom, have presents and ice cream.

Photo taken at a restaurant Sunday night. 

Pack up my beloved Bernina 1090.  It will be shipped to Florida at the end of Aoril. No worries - I have my "traveling" machine packed and always ready.

My day is done ... sit down to watch a hockey game on TV with My Cute Husband.  Cast on and knit the bottom band of the "Never Ending" green sweater. The Octopus sweater just isn't doing it for me.  It no longer looks like this ...

My Cute Husband casually says, "how was your day?"

Are you kidding me!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DONE Done done

My system for "done-ness" ...

For knitting that means - stitched, ends woven in and blocked.  And this pretty shawl is - DONE!

I love the lace pattern.

For quilting that means - top completed and quilted.  It still needs binding.  This is Leslie's quilt, so technically, for me, it's a DONE, but it really isn't quite yet.

Yes, there were 2 similar quilts (different backing).  They are now both "Done" and going home tonight.

The quilting really shows up on the back.

For quilting (and me) this means that the top is completed.

I really need the validation that 3 levels of done-ness gives me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Leave it Moda to come up with yet another way for me to buy/have/need fabric ... FRIVOLS!  7"squares of a fabric line, stored in a cute metal box with a pattern and ... a couple of surprises.  How perfect!

I'm using American Jane - love these prints.

The pattern is "sort of" a Bear's Paw. I have to make 36 little blocks, into 9 bigger blocks.

How cute are these!

There are other little goodies in the package, including this little tin.

Perfect to store ... something ... buttons? Earrings? A little sewing kit?

Rocky approves!

My sample should be hanging at Spring Water Designs next week.  Stop by, call, go on the web site - there are at least 3 different FRIVOLS in the shop.