Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another DONE

This quilt finally got binding! And it's going north to MD to the Southern Comforters Quilt Guild.  North? I never really thought of Maryland as north but it is north of Florida.

I called this quilt: Winter Lodge. It's all flannel ... that's one reason is not staying in Florida.

I managed to use over 12 yards of fabric!

Warm and cozy.

I still have more flannel but I've moved on to other things.  It's 82 degrees today and the sun is shining.  I can't even think about flannel.  The quilt will be heading north in April.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Who doesn't love a quilt? or 3? Most of the quilts I am now making will be rehomed ... I have LOTS of quilts and some of them are also being given away.

Yesterday, three quilts were donated to Seaside Piecemakers Community Quilts.  I'm still a newbie to this group, not exactly sure where they (the quilts) will end up, but I do know - they are no longer at my house and someone will love them.

And this one ...

And this one ...

My goal of donating 12 quilts is quickly getting accomplished.  These 3 bring the total given away to 11.  I might have to revise this ... I'm now thinking "17 in 2017".  I already have 2 heading north to Southern Comforters ... my guild in MD.

Giving away quilts is helping me in lots of ways ... I get to keep making quilts (which I still enjoy). I get to use fabric that is taking over my life.  ok, that sounds "present tense" ... I should say ... I get to uses fabric that took over my life many years ago.  AND - I hope, someone is enjoying this gift from me.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

What's Up?

I'm blogging on my new laptop!  Still haven't quite figured out the easiest way to load pictures from my phone to my computer.  I email them to myself and then save them.  I know there's an easier way but my IT guy (son-in-law) hasn't shown me this trick ... yet.

In the meantime ... I'm update to all my sewing/quilting projects, at least, I'm up to date on the ones that I have planned to be up to date on, as of right now.  How's that for hedging!

1. Hemmed pants for Rick, the landscape guy.
2. Fixed a tote bag handle for Cindy, my knitting buddy.
3. Finally gave Bea (another knitting buddy) her birthday gift.  I did NOT take a picture of the finished little bag/bowl/dumpling thing.  It's sew darn cute. I will make another and I will take a photo. Here's the little darling ... in progress ...

4.  Week 12 string blocks - done! I decided to stitch some "all neutral" blocks.

5.  Knitter's Brewing Company Mystery KAL ... the Crazy Quilt Sock - DONE!

6. Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge. This is finishing part E.  I am current on the weekly blocks too!

7. FLower Garden - these are my March Blocks (#1 and 2). I have started a border too. The challenge is to complete 2 blocks and some border each month ... DONE!

Sew ... this week has been a bit of a hodge-podge of stuff. I still haven't started the Helen Godden BOM which kicked off in February.  I might manage to START ... but no deadlines for myself. I do have a couple of things to quilt and a couple of bindings to do ... all in good time.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Yes and No

Am I caught up on sewing/quilting projects? Will I ever be caught up on sewing/quilting projects?  Simple answer ... No and No. Who knew retirement would be so busy ... and not sew busy!

1. Weekly string blocks ... YES (sort of), The calendar says we are in Week #11 and I have 10 stacks of string blocks made. I have until tomorrow to make #11.  Yes, as of right now, I am current.

These are not hard and doing 10 a week has been manageable ... when I can manage to sit down and sew them.

I piece them on phone book paper and then square them up to 7". Someday, I hope to use them as 1/2-Square triangle blocks and maybe even make a quilt.  I know, right? A QUILT!

2.  Pat Sloan's Summer Solstice BOM (it's actually a BOW ... block of the week). YES, current!

3.  Helen Godden's Quirkers BOM ... nope. I've printed out 4 block designs and so far ... made none. This started on February 1st. I'm not too far behind - yet.

4. Flower Garden applique. Block 1 is done. I have to make 2 per month and 1/3 of a border. I still have 2 weeks.

Today, I have a list and every intention of getting somethings checked off
1. hem Rick's pants - neighbor guy
2. Dumpling dish x 2 - birthday gift
3. Week 11 string blocks
4. Block 2 of the Flower Garden quilt
5. probably other stuff

And then ... I heard from Kid #2. She's all finished with report cards, no school today and wants a lunch date.  That list will still be there next week.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


My new quilt group - Applique Addicts, has thrown out a challenge.  And ... I accepted.  We are each going to make this quilt.  Flower Garden by Kim Mclean.

My personal challenge is to use up some batiks. I have a boxful, sitting on the shelf. It will also be a challenge for me to do hand applique ... not a sharp tool in MY quilty tool box.

I have started prepping the first blocks.

In an attempt to keep somewhat sane, the littlest pieces (or when I can't resist) will be made from wool.  I do love the mix of wool and cotton.

And yes, starting a new project was NOT on my "list" but ... well ... you know how THAT goes.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Back to Normal?

We have had 2 very full weeks of visitors and enjoyed every minute of it! And just when we thought we were done, look who arrived ...

This guy was just strutting up our driveway and towards the front door.

He's kinda cute. But he's also a little too bold for my liking. I did NOT invite him in!

I did, however, finish a sock! Knitter's Brewing Company 2017 Mystery KAL.  It was so fun. I learned a couple new things and the fit is perfect.

Now I have to finish a 2nd one.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Visitors ... LOTS

My Maryland quilting buddies left early this morning ... insert sad face.  We said our good-byes last night, had our last laughs and final discussions on the best ways to save the world. They were so quiet, I slept right through their departure.

What a fun week! We did not sew a stitch ... not 1 ... very unusual for us. But we went to the beach and out to eat and yakked and yakked and laughed and visited the Kennedy Space Center.  Sometimes, it takes having company to enjoy things right in your own backyard.

My Cute Husband and I will enjoy a return visit with other friends. We did not get to see and enjoy all this place has to offer. The overwhelming awesomeness of our space program has to be seen in person.  Stupid statement ... but so true ... There are some REALLY smart people in our world.

And ... because I am a quilter. While the sewing buddies were off to the "other coast" over the weekend, I did manage to sew these blocks into a quilt top.  I'm thinking, scrappy piano key border.

The Quilters left at 6 a.m. and by noon, My Cute Husband's brother and his wife will be arriving.  The beds have been changed, bathrooms cleaned.  This B & B is ready!