Friday, May 25, 2018

Catching Up - Finally

I've been traveling!

The yarn shop ... A Good Yarn ... in Sarasota sponsored a knitting cruise.
And I went on it with my knitting friend, Cindy.

We left Tampa on Saturday. 

We arrived in Key West on Sunday.
We had a morning (while still cruising) knit class and an afternoon of adventure.

On Monday, we arrived in Havana, Cuba! We had a whole day to explore.
The classic car/taxis were really something.

We took an all-day bus tour around the city.

It is an old city and suffered quite a bit on damage from Hurricane Irma.

A LOT of history ...

After docking and disembarking, we drove down to Sarasota, visiting a couple of yarn shops on the way.  Right behind the restaurant where we had lunch - we discovered a Tiny House Village.

These are vacation rentals and so stinking cute!

I have lots of pictures from Havana and our knitting classes but for now ...

Here's Susan (the shop owner, me, Cindy, and Josh Ryks (the knitting teacher).
We're making his newest pattern - MAKO - which will be released to the general public this weekend.
It's a great knit!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

There Was SEWING

Good morning blog world. Hope Sunday found you with someone who loves you! We had a lovely dinner with our Florida kids and our across-the-street neighbor, Mike. Barb, his wife was away.  There was baked ziti (thanks to son-in-law-who-cooks) and banana pudding and presents.

I've been stitching away on Dear Daughter. Month 2 - DONE!! I'm making 2 of these quilts so I have to do twice as much sewing on them each month.  So far ... up-to-date!!

The Dear Daughter BOM is really fun. There is sew much going on. Each part is different, with lots of fabrics.  The background is referred to as "low volume fabric." I am not trying to make 2 identical quilts, although some blocks are the same because I just really liked the combo.

Yesterday ... scored a bargain. I went to Staples to buy a small clipboard. It's the perfect size for the knitting bag and keeps my pattern tidy (sort of).

For less than $20, I got lots of goodies. $17.38 to be exact.

School supplies bring me JOY.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

My Head Is Exploding

My head is exploding ... oh - SQUIRREL!

I really thought it was a good idea to spend a few quiet moments this morning, enjoying the back patio in the sunshine, drinking coffee and mindlessly looking through email ... which led to a few blogpost posts which led to a few quilt patterns and suddenly ...

I had to make banana pudding

because ... well ... it's banana pudding!

And then I wandered into my sewing room. I needed to make a notes about a few quilt possibilities I happened upon while aimless wandering the internet.  I made the notes but this is what's really waiting for me:

My Guild mystery quilt. The "finish reveal" will be in 2 weeks. Thankfully, I will not be at that meeting - I'll be on a knitting cruise.  I'm still on Clue 4 of 10.

And there's my Dear Daughter BOM (x2). I have to get started on the May blocks because I'll be out of town next week (see above!)

Sew ... I made the notes, I looked at the BOM and I decided to wind some yarn.

I only have 3 projects on the needles right now. I am going on a knitting cruise next week and will be starting another project in class but ... what the heck ... I'm not saying I will be starting this baby blanket. I'm saying that I wound some yarn so I'm READY to start when the urge strikes.

I am still plodding along on my scrappy knee socks. This has been my early morning coffee knit and it's slow going - especially when I fall down the internet rabbit hole.

Yes, since losing these socks last week, I decided to keep them in fruit bowl, on the kitchen counter.

And there's still April's Quilted Kitty BOM to stitch.

Like I said ... My Head Is Exploding with ideas. I am NOT going to dig out fabric for the quilts I saw this morning.

I need to go for walk ... 

Friday, May 11, 2018

It's Friday!

There is a Friday Finish!!! 

HURRAY for me!

I finally finished my shawl. It's made with handspun yarn that I made ... on my spinning wheel a couple of years ago. 

I added the mustard yellow. First because I needed more yarn and second - I picked that color because it wasn't a "safe color."  I wanted something unexpected.

It's DONE and going with me next weekend on a knitting cruise.

I also did some sewing prep.  My "Do It In 2018" bin has not been touched. Finally this week, I decided it was never going to just happen. Sew - I better just dig in and do something.

This is an old Pat Sloan kit. My friend, Donna, passed it on to me several years ago.  I really like "Old Pat Sloan" stuff.  Like everyone, her style has evolved. Her older stuff is still my favorite.

All traced, cut, and fused.  Now I have to machine applique it all down.  In the meantime, it can hang right here and look pretty.

For our anniversary, My Cute Husband bought us kayaks. We'll be traveling the waterways around here real soon.  We still need paddles (hopefully this weekend).

New adventures for us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Checking In

Just a quick check in ... all is good here in sunny Central Florida! We (My Cute Husband and I) participated in the South Brevard County Relay for Life Cancer Walk.  Our team, Pints and Purls (it's a knitting thing) raised over $3500. Final count should be in by Wednesday.  I personally walked 6 miles, the husband - 7 miles.

In the meantime, I'm still knitting on this shawl with my handspun yarn.  I'm on the last lap ... although it's a long lap!

My goal is to have it done and take it with me on a knitting cruise in 10 days.  Should be done!

And ... I made this little table topper.  It's made with pre-cut 2.5" squares for the line - Pedal Pushers.  I added some other 30's prints and a green solid.  We're doing a program on "Wonderful 1-patch quilts". 

We're also doing a swap of 5" charms.  Then I'll make THAT quilt.

Completely unintentional ... Cousin It came to visit.

I left this bag in the kitchen to go Goodwill. I didn't want the hat to get squished so I set it on top.

  Sometimes I crack myself up!!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Happy Friday

We're headed off to a family "thing" late this afternoon.  It involves food (of course) and I will be cooking in a bit.  In the meantime ... when I should really be doing very productive things ... I'm not.

I did spend some time this morning looking for some missing knitting.  Yes, hard to believe, I know. I lost my 2-at-a-time knee sock knitting. I looked in all the obvious places - knitting bags, sewing room, laundry room. I even looked in my car ... nothing.

Here it is!

Doesn't everyone put their "in-progress" knitting in the fruit bowl, on the kitchen counter?

I mean, really ... I walked by many times in search of this project.  
FOUND - safe and sound.
Am I knitting on these socks today?

I'm cooking for that family thing. 
And ...
I had an urge.
I may have started a little something in the sewing room.  It was necessary. I really need to sew on (play with) my new machine. And these little lovelies have been sitting on a shelf here in FL since we moved in.  

Yes ... they were also sitting on a shelf in MD for a couple of years too.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Unfocused? Too Focused?

What the heck am I getting done? 

A little of this and a little of that.

I'm doing but not getting DONE.

I have been sorting quilts for my June trunk show and taking and looking at pictures, some new and some old and ALL have made me smile.

This is Terri's kitchen door (into the garage).  I adore her brave choice in color.

I found this from ... I don't know where it's from but it makes me happy.

I wish I was doing more stitching but I'm knitting and that's good too.

A swap quilt from years ago.  Starlyn, Dawn and I were "in-between quilt shops". We swapped blocks and I just rediscovered this quilt. The red pinwheels were the secondary design, formed when the blocks were put together.  A surprise bonus!

Today I'm off to my 2nd guide class for my new sewing machine. Tomorrow evening we're going to a family wedding. Saturday into Sunday is the Relay For Life walk. Steve and I are participating. We will walk and I will knit and we will visit with our team and others walking and get VERY tired.

Next week ... hopefully back to our regularly scheduled programming ... sewing!