Monday, November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving Week

 It's a cliché and I know it but I'm doing it anyway ...

I have so much to be thankful for.

There I said it! 

Just like everyone else who posts about Gratitude and Thankfulness.

I spend my days quietly (usually), stitching and knitting, sometimes reading, occasionally walking and always mindful of the fact that I get to live my life in a safe and peaceful manner.

Little bowl fillers are my current go-to project.

They will serve a vital purpose ...
Keeping me amused while stitching,
keeping Amelia amused while playing,
keeping our house even more festive.

I can't even begin to say all the feels for this little imp. Is there a bigger word than THANKFUL? 

My heart is full.

And the knitting!
This was last Christmas's Advent set from Olive & Two Ewe.
It will become THIS years, Advent socks. I managed to finish 2019 Socks this past summer.


A new cast-on for Thanksgiving Day in some beautiful stash yarn.
April Showers and Sour Puss from Olive & Two Ewe.

It's an informal KAL - just a bunch of us across the country who all plan to work on the same project, or at least START the project. We'll share via Messenger our progress in-between the turkey, football, nap, chasing toddler kind of day.

My "Knit a Sweater in November" project. I started late and have managed remarkable progress.  It just might be my Christmas outfit...maybe.

My Cute Husband is off doing errands this morning - post office to mail a couple of Christmas gift quilts, the grocery store for a few Thanksgiving items - I'm in charge of PIE, and Walmart to return some not-needed socks - he's still working on the packages of socks from 3 years ago.
OK ... to be fair (to me) ... he used to go through LOTS of socks. They were the standard "gift from the cat" every Christmas. I had NO idea that since moving to Florida, he's still working on the package of socks from 2017. 
This is where I will NOT tell you how many combs he has in the supply drawer. I really need some stocking stuffer ideas.

Enough ramble!
I am headed into my sewing room for some creative time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Bowl Filler

It all started with a bowl full of pumpkins.

Sweet Amelia says - Happy Cake. She thought a couple of them looked like cupcakes.

We count them and sort them and pretend to eat them.
They go from the living room to her play kitchen
into the shopping basket and under the couch.

The Autumnal vibe will be going back into the garage attic in a few weeks.

Then what?

As part of our M&M Sew Charming Facebook group
we're doing a Holly Jolly weekly challenge.

I'm making Christmas Bowl Fillers!

They do look a bit like teeny pin cushions.
They are not! They are little bowl fillers.

Wool, homespun, flannel ... all scraps.
Hand and machine stitched
Embroidered and embellished.

They measure from 2.5"x2.5" to 4"x4" ... I didn't specifically measure anything. Just made them "small" and layered them up. I filled each with a combo of polyfil and crushed walnuts. They're stuffed "just enough" - not too much.

I bought a big bag of bird litter at the bird store, 6 (8?)years ago. It's almost gone after years of pincushions.  For the next set, I might add a drop (or 3) of essential oil. I know it won't last but we'll enjoy it for a time.

If you are interested in the shapes (not instructions/directions/pattern), I upload a new one on Fridays. So far, you can find the trees and the Gingerbread family. 

Go to:
M&M Sew Charming
on Facebook and ask to join the group.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

The List Goes On

For a retired person ... I am very busy. Everyday I have a list - sometimes it's an actual written list and sometimes it's lots of stuff in my head that needs to be done.

Cutest Grandie, Amelia, and I celebrated our birthdays. 

She's 2!

We had presents and "happy cake".

I made 8 placemats - Christmas gift.

I crocheted a bumpy pumpkin,
because ...
I had this yarn and I had this stick and they needed to be together.

I made a had with leftovers. It was fast and easy and really fun using up scraps.

I made this hat first.
It was a bit of a slog to knit and took a week.

Some sewing and some stitching and suddenly it's Saturday, again.

I spent a lot of time this week with Kid#2 and the Sweet Amelia.

We had a Covid-Crazy scare but all is well. Sometimes a cough and slight fever is just a cough and slight fever.

Be careful out there, my friends!


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Happy Mail

Good Bye October!
Hello November!

This past week has been very busy for our mail carrier. She has brought me packages everyday. Some I was expecting and some were a surprise. A little of it is for Christmas, but most is not.

My dear quilting buddy, Starlyn, sent me several goodies from her stash. I love the alphabet quilt pattern and will definitely be thinking about a lighthouse quilt.

I don't do a lot of Accuquilt cutting but couldn't resist ordering this dye.
I have plans!

My birthday surprise from Olive & Two Ewe.
hmmm ... socks? maybe a hat and mittens?

I participated in a Sock-hop-tober Swap.
My partner really spoiled me with a whole lot of goodies.
Thank you, Marilyn!!

Thanks to my fiber friend Billie - I now (again) have a pleater!
I thought I was done making smocked dresses for little girls.
Then, along came Amelia.
I'll be putting this Amanda Jane to use in the very near future.

This morning, I got her all cleaned and oiled up and ready to go. I have a pattern and fabric. Now, to make the big leap ... pleat.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Slow Stitching

I've been moving a bit slow for the last few days - sort of fighting a cold, nothing terrible. It has made me more open to rest (dare I say, even a nap). There's been some knitting and some internet surfing, only a little sewing.

I have stayed current on my Sue Spargo, Squash Squad. I'm loving the slow stitching. Each day at 11:00, the next set of stitching directions are posted on Instagram. This week (so far) the stitching has been easy and only took a few minutes ... even with slow stitching.

My little buddy, spent the night on Saturday. She does love to "play colors."

That's all for today - just a quick pop-in. This afternoon there will be knitting and sitting and maybe even a short nap.

Quiet days
Slow days

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Update

 Hi Kids ... it's been a minute. I've been way better about keeping up my journal lately but this week just flew by.

I finished some knitting - a cowl and mitts. The yarn is from Olive & Two Ewe's Dye Live Club. This is the 1st of 3 from this session (#2). The second skein arrived this week - I'm thinking maybe a hat ... definitely something quick.

This is a potential Christmas gift.

I got this top quilted. It's (many not all) of the 3" Leader/Ender Churn Blocks. This was Bonnie Hunter's challenge that ended in July 2020. I still have more! AND ... I'm still making them.
I used the same pattern/technique as the M&M Sew Charming group did for the
96-Charm Challenge.
I think it turned out GREAT!

I did a thing!
I have been wanting to make make a 2-sided quilt 
It worked!
I was gifted 42 Friendship Star blocks from my guild pals (Southern Comforters of Bowie) when I left MD and moved to FL. I also had a bunch of miscellaneous 6.5" blocks in the Orphan Block bin. Grabbed some strips from an OLD pseudo-Jelly roll (not a Moda product) that has been hanging around for years ... sashed up the blocks, added a border and ...
There you have it - a beautiful backside!

I used this in the border - OLD OLD OLD
Using it up and moving it out.

I participated in a swap ...
Sock-hop-tober - with Olive & Two Ewe.  
My partner, Marilyn gifted me this sock pattern and I cast on and have made significant progress.  This is an early photo - I'm actually almost done with the foot on BOTH sock. This is official #100 of my handknit socks.

Now, I have a dilemma ...
what in the world does one do with LOTS of flannel fabric. Here in Florida there really isn't a need for a flannel quilt. I needed the bin that stored this fabric. Now I have a pile that needs a project.

HMMMMMM ........
what to do

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Quilt Retreat

 I went on an adventure this week. My Florida guild - Seaside Piecemakers - holds a 4 day retreat twice a year. The place ... Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center is *hands-down* the best facility I have ever been to for a quilt retreat.

16 quilters in a room that could easily hold 40. We each had our own 8' table. There was plenty of hand sanitizer and seating in the dining hall was spaced out. I felt perfectly Covid-safe.

Here's my sewing stuff, ready to be loaded up in the car.

Just for a little perspective - when going to Iowa last month, I packed knitting.

4 days of sewing and laughting (and snacking) was very productive.
I finished my 4-patch Posy

The M&M 400-member Challenge. We actually hit 400 Wednesday night.
Sew - yes, the sample was done on time!

And - a sample practice piece - all from 5" charms.

ALL of my projects were made from stash fabric. I do still buy occasionally but I am really rockin' the stash busting!

I also made some placemats, a couple of hot pads and did some stitching on my Sue Spargo Squash Squad block of the week.

The March retreat is already on the calendar. Marjorie and I (M&M) will be doing the programming ... or as I like to say ... we're the entertainment committee.
It's going to be FUN!
Join us?