Thursday, March 15, 2018

Almost Spring

It was only 43 degrees this morning ... we had our morning coffee INSIDE! My family and friends up north (New England, especially) are covered in snow - 3 storms in 11 days. Do you really need to ask why we chose to live in Florida?

Spring is coming!!

This year (unlike last year), I remembered that I had Easter decorations.  These needle-felted and wool stitched eggs were sew fun.  But - as usual - my seasonal sewing is terrible.  If I start now, I still won't get much done before Easter.


While looking in the scary closet for a particular style quilt (One Block Quilts), I came across my Easter eggs and some great quilts that I sort of forgot I even had.

This quilt was a group effort (swap). We (sadly) had to shut down And Sew It Goes - a quilt shop were we had all met and worked and laughed and sewed.
We each made a block that was significant in some way and swapped them.
I bordered my quilt with selvages - couldn't be more significant than THAT!
I do wonder - if anyone else completed their quilt.

The center block was the shop logo. I bordered it with bonus 1/2-square triangle. I did mention that I've been sewing and saving these for years.

The sun is out and it will be in the low 70's today. 
Have a lovely day!!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quirky Finish

TA - DAH!!!

It's DONE. The 2017 BOM from Helen Godden (quilter goddess).

It was all painted blocks. No piecing!
This was a first for me.

Each block was traced, painted then quilted (on my sit-down!).  The blocks were pieced together and sashed.  THEN - I quilted it again on my Handiquilter ... standing up.

The backing fabric was old and in the stash.

hmmm ...
I don't seem to have a picture of the back.  It's animals. You can see a bit around the label.

And here it is ...

As often happens ... the colors aren't nearly as vibrant in the pictures.  This is a beautifully visual quilt.  The paint is shimmery. 

I learned a lot. Somethings I would change if doing it again.  
It was such a fun experiment!

2 finishes in 1 week!
I'm on a roll.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Spinning Buttons?

Never ever did I think this quilt would be DONE this week.  Sewing on 280 buttons was going to take me a LONGLONGLONG time.  Or not!!

The pinwheels range from teeny blocks

up to 4" blocks

and they ALL got a button.

I was sewing these little suckers on by hand ... averaging about 10 per day.  Yesterday, while texting with my MD bee - they were having a sew day - Carrie asked why I wasn't sewing the buttons on by machine.


I looked and Holy C@#$ - I have a #18 foot for my beloved Bernie.

SEW much easier and SEW much faster!

All the buttons are DONE!

Binding was a breeze.

A great Navy stripe and I even matched it.

I thought this finish was MAYBE going to be next month.  It is DONE!!!

LOVE my BeeMates!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Lotta Stuff Going On

I love working on multiple projects. Sometimes it seems to take forever to finish something but then suddenly lots of stuff gets finished.  Right now, I'm in the "takes forever" phase.

1. Leader/Ender-ing LOTS of little 1.5" squares for sashing for rows of applique blocks.

2. Making MORE teeny block sashing to stitch the rows together into a quilt top.

3. Quilt this "Quirky Collections" but first ...

3. Make a back for the above quilt.

4. While Leader/Endering between the little blocks to make some flying geese for a Pinterest inspired scrappy quilt.

5.  And ... all of this happens in between life ...
I went to the Daytona Quilt Show and it was wonderful!
I did not take a lot of photos but I did really love this quilt.  It was a great use of buttons.

Yes, I am still sewing buttons on my Spinning Out of Control Quilt.
Yes, I did buy 2 yards of fabric at the show.
Yes, I bought other things.
Yes, I bought a skein of yarn ... how could I not! Who sells yarn at a quilt show?

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

SSPM Quilt Show

Seaside Piecemakers 2018 quilt show is done. It was a great success. Lots of time, work, commitment and laughs goes into producing a show. This guild does a show every 2 years.  For the next 12 months we are in "down time". After that - we start gearing up for the 2020 show.

I managed to get through all 15 vendor booths and not buy 1" of fabric!  I did buy a new little travel iron.  It steams!

I bought 2 patterns. I'm really wanting to make quilts that look like something.  I'm thinking it's time to go beyond the block.

Here's my Sue Spargo quilt.  I do love how well the quilting showed up.

This quilt won a 2nd place ribbon in hand applique.

My Enchanted Garden

won a "Judges Recognition" award.  I'm not entirely sure what this means.  It's not an "honorable mention" - there were several.  
There seemed to be only ONE (my quilt!) "Judge's Recognition"

SSPM - Seaside Piecemakers show is a judged show.  The judge views and critiques the quilts prior to the show opening and awards ribbons.

The quilts were all wonderful.  Lots of talent in this guild.

When we moved here to Florida, I knew exactly 1 person (Kid#2) in this town.  Through quilting and knitting, I have made lots of friends

AND ... it's sunny and 80 on this last day of February.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Surprise Find

The never task of sewing on MANY buttons ... continues ... it's never ending.

Each one of these pinwheels is getting a button, stitched in the center.  There are a LOT of pinwheels!

I have a LOT of buttons.  While digging through the button bins, looking for different colors of small or at least smallish buttons, look what I found ...

My adorable little Kid#1.
She's less than a year old in this picture. She will be 40 this year. You know how it is with the 1st kid - you get her picture taken every month and then can't resist buying the whole package.
I have no idea why/how this came to be in my big button bin.
I left it in there.  The next time I'm searching for a button, I will find it again.
And again - it will make me smile.

Spinning Out Of Control is slowing getting buttoned up.

Monday, February 26, 2018


I started knitting a shawl with yarn I had spun a long time ago.  This yarn was produced at least a year before we left Maryland. We've lived in Florida for almost 2 years.

So ... I finally started knitting the shawl.

about 25% of the way into this project, I knew I was not going to have enough handspun yarn.  I wasn't too worried as I had already planned to combine it with a purchased yarn.


I had plenty more wool that I could (in theory) spin into yarn.


My Kromski wheel came into the sewing room. After several years, it was fun to spin again.

This is plied and ready for a bath.

This is what was left of the 1st skein.

That will carry me through a few more rows. Then I can finish off with this - another 200 yards of beautiful handspun.  

I'm loving how this yarn is knitting up ... is soft but still has good stitch definition.

Florida is the land of "chiller chasers."