Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another Mid-Week

I've been busy ... honestly, it might be a cliché been ... where the heck does the time go.  I have nothing new finished to show.  I am making a valiant effort to get better organized.  The quilting/guest room is getting closer to being a guest/quilting room.

Even the scary closet is getting better. You know it has to be better if I'm going public...

I actually know exactly what's in there. And ... nothing falls on me when I open the door.

I'm prepping and doing a bit of sewing on a couple of projects to take to my guild retreat next month. 

Really trying to tame the scraps.  I don't have a "system." I do sometimes cut 5" squares.  I love Nickel Quilts. Mostly I just cram stuff into bins and hope the scrap fairy comes to visit.  But ... a goal for 2017 ... I'm going to try and make at least 10 string blocks a week.  Some days I can get several done, other days - none. A weekly goal is more achievable. This is my little string bin.  The big string bin is still in the guest/quilting room.

And ...

Almost forgot ... I made a Bionic Gear Bag! Sally Thompson's pattern is great. It's available on Craftsy. There are a couple of knock-offs but I do believe her's was the original (and 1st).

I will be packing this up and heading to MD over President's Day weekend.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Today was my 4th visit to the Appliqué Addicts ... a bee-style group that meets monthly. It was also my 3rd demo of embroidery stitches for the Appliqué Addicts. AND ... as of today, I am now the "leader" , for a year, for the Appliqué Addicts.  Double AND ... I'm really not much of an appliquer.  But, it's all good!

I have been making great progress in my sewing room renovation (and making of a guest room). There is a slight problem ...

These are the quilts that are not hung, displayed, stored or otherwise occupied.  What to do??? I re-homed 3 quilts back to MD but that didn't put a dent in the pile. I'm seeking other alternatives within  Brevard County quilt family.

While cleaning, I did come across the leftover bits of my Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery.

It was weighing on my ... what to do with these ...

I made a block and threw the rest away !!!! Huge victory for me.

I might incorporate the block into the backing. Otherwise, I will have yet another dilemma.

And then there was the grocery bag of bits and pieces.  I have NO idea where this came from.  

Late yesterday, when I should have been organizing fabric, I sorted through it. There was a lot of 2"x5" bricks, so I cut more (from the pile) and started sewing. I now have a great start on a coin-style scrappy quilt ... which someday might be added to that "pile of what-to-do."

Monday, January 16, 2017

Number One

A goal for 2017 is to give away 12 (at least) quilts, preferably, 12 quilts that are already made.  I am NOT giving up on making quilts. In fact, just the opposite ... I'm giving away quilts because I need room for new ones.

I have made my sister (Goofy#1) 14 quilts.  She has 13 beds in her house and a camper. I made her this quilt at least 5 years ago. Maybe (probably) longer ago.

I was still new at quilting feathers and this was a great place to practice. I finished quilting it and squared it up. Honestly, just as I was finishing the trimming up, she called me.  In the course of our chatting she said, "I love all the quilts you have made. I'm so glad none of them are yellow. I really don't like yellow."

Here's the back of this Log Cabin quilt. By the way ... Goofy#1 and her husband live in a log cabin in Vermont.

Could it be more yellow?

Sew ... I never put the binding on, I never gave it to her. This quilt has been sitting, poor thing, just waiting for a binding and a loving home. It's been on my Finish Up (UFO's) list for at 3 years but never got done.

Kid#1 came to visit! She casually mentioned that her wedding quilt (8 years old) was starting to show some wear on the edges. (Binding).   Showed her 4 different queen-sized quilts and she picked the Log Cabin! Today, it got a binding, tomorrow it heads home to MD.

Hurray for Give-Away #1!!!

She also picked a smaller quilt (large throw) for Grandie Girl #1. It has animal prints and she does love wild animals.

Sew ... Hurray for Give-Away #2!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Weekend

I had a sudden urge to reorganize my quilting room. It currently doubles as a guest room, fabric storage and HandiQuilter room. The closet is scary and jammed packed with ... I'm not entirely sure what is jammed in there. 

BUT ... I can't clean out the quilt room because Kid#1 is visiting and sleeping in there. And, I need to move a lot of the STUFF out of that room and into my sewing room.

BUT ... I can't move anything into the sewing room until I make room.

Sew ...

Today I started reorganizing the sewing room.

There is more to be done but I made great progress.

Even found a few UFO's that I had forgotten about. By this time next week, I hope to have a guest/HandiQuilter room that is a little less crowded and a lot more comfortable for guests.

And ...
I made binding for a top that hasn't been quilted. The "to be bound" pile is growing. I believe there are now 6 quilts waiting. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No Sew Day

Yesterday was not a sewing day. It was a busy day but no sewing took place.  It happens sometimes ... not often ... but sometimes.

Yesterday was a YARN day. I made yarn cakes!

A few yarn cakes. The bright blue for a mystery sock knit-along starting at the end of the month.  The multi-stripe was a Christmas gift from my favorite sister-in-law. It split into 2 cakes so I can work on both socks from the pair. And the rust color is from Knitting Boutique and it will be a light weight sweater.

I love the color of this yarn.  Ok, really it was a No Sew Day because I could not resist.  I started the sweater!

And ... I did prepare the quilt room to be a guest room.  Kid#1 is coming to visit!! It's cozy but seriously, who wouldn't want to sleep in a room filled with fabric and a HandiQuilter.

I would have wonderful dreams!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Forward and Backward

Two steps forward and one step back? That was me today.  

The plan
1. Quickly stitch up 15 Bonnie Hunter blocks. The practice 1 was complete.
2. Clean the bathrooms. We have 3.
3. Load up (and quilt - maybe) my Sue Spargo CUPPA

Here's block #1

Did you see the problem?


Me neither.

Here's the staging, with the first 2 rows (x14) stitched.

See it now?

That 2nd 4-patch is rotated wrong ... x6. Thankfully ONLY 6 and not 14!

Sew ... a little time spent with my new best friend...

This is how it should look.

All 16 blocks done!

The CUPPA quilting will now have to wait until next week.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Good and The Bad

Today was a really good day ... a lazy day, a "get dressed at noon" kind of day because ... the weather was bad.  It doesn't happen often here, but today was dreary and chilly. Sew ... I sewed.

I made binding. But - I did not sew ON any binding. The pile is growing.

A good day to make a block 

A bad day to finish 16 of them ... but I do have rows!

A great day to do more hand stitching on my Sue Spargo BOM.

Almost done ... just the right side border "tongues" left to stitch. I hope there's some "not great" tv viewing tonight. If the show is too good, the stitching stays quietly in my lap.

AND ...

My piece-of-crap-expensive iron is going in the trash tomorrow. It's been leaking since before Christmas and today, water just gushed out of the bottom. Really ticks me off ... my cheap, light-weight Walmart iron never leaked. This Rowenta ... loved the weight, it worked GREAT, right up until it didn't. It's only a year old. I'm going back to a Black 'n Decker.