Saturday, August 19, 2017

Happy Saturday

Hi kids! Even though we're retired, there's just something about the weekend ...
Not sure why. For us, Saturday really isn't any different that Thursday.

Sew ... today I had a great Saturday in my sewing suite.  I started quilting a birthday gift.  I finished up my August painted/quilted blocks for my Helen Godden BOM - Quirky Collection.

And, I made 6 out of 12 of my Snake In The Grass September blocks.

Here's the 1st 2 rows stitched together.

It's a little more "matchy" than I usually make.  I'm not sure, yet, how I feel about this quilt.

My Cute Husband's Saturday adventure involved Kid#2 and her husband and roller coasters.  When Dad's away, Rocky hangs out with me.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Short Post

Between helping Kid#2 get ready for the start of a new school, quilt meetings and taking Mom places, there hasn't been much piecing going on around here.

There has been a little painting and quilting on my Helen Godden BOM. I'm caught up through July and have started August.

This is Block #11.  I think the little dolls are supposed to have faces.  I better check on that.

and #12 - I know she does NOT get a face.

These were quilted SITTING down at my sewing machine.  I'm feeling more confident at this ... as long as the quilting is on small pieces with defined areas.

AND ... the 2nd Grade prep ...

Well ...

Let's just say, there was 1 big fat fail.

No one noticed for 4 whole days.  Then a very astute 1st grade teacher did notice.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

TaDah ... Donation Quilt

Today was a finish day!
That is always a good thing.

Here's the back.  I love to piece backs. OK ... what I meant to say is - I love a pieced back.

Here's the front.  A beautiful sunny day is a wonderful thing - for the beach. The colors looked really washed out in this quilt.  It's much more colorful than the photo shows.

This one shows the color a little better.

A MD guild member, Lori Costello, made this quilt top. When she passed away, her children donated a lot of stuff to the guild (a couple of years ago).  This quilt is now finished and will be a prize in the Southern Comforters BINGO in October.

Here's my attempt at an artistic shot ...

Friday, August 11, 2017


Today I had a play date ... with myself, a whole afternoon in my sewing room just to hang out and do whatever.  I finished a quilt top (pictures later). It's a Cutie pattern called "Going My Way".  MY way was to make it bigger.

Then I made some quilt backs.  I was forget just how much time it can take to measure, cut, sew, measure, cut sew and then hope.

This is the back for a charity quilt.  I have a lot of kitty fabric and now I have a teeny bit less.

This is the quilt front, well ... it's part of the front.  I will take a better picture after it's quilted.  I did not make this top.  It was donated to my MD guild.  It finally emerged from the depths of the scary closet.

Here's the 2nd back.

This one is the back for a Grandie ... the "Going My Way" quilt.  I'm really excited how this one is going.  I hope it have both of these quilted by early next week.

Yesterday, on our evening walk, My Cute Husband and I met a new neighbor.

I'm really enjoying the birds of Florida.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

School Starts Today

Today ... hurray ... Brevard County Public Schools are back in session.  The "before school prep" is a lot of work. As a school volunteer, and more importantly the mother of a 2nd grade teacher ... I just spent a lot of days "prepping" for 2nd grade.

Kid#2 had 16 kids and 19 brand new chair pockets. (at least as cute as the ones I made for the new 1st grade teacher). Then Kid#2 had 18 kids, then 17 by the end of day, yesterday, she had 20. First thing this morning ... I made 3 more chair pockets.  I'm so good!

The only sewing I've done that hasn't been chair pockets (I've now made 39) - a few blocks for a quilt that will be gifted in September (plenty of time!)

This is 4 small blocks stitched together.  I have to make 2 more small blocks and then stitch them into 5 more big blocks.  This is a Debby Brown "Cutie" quilt called Going My Way. Her quilt measures about 60"x60" but my recipient is already 6' tall (and he's only 14).  I'm making mine longer!

Hopefully, I'm backing in the sewing room today.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

En Provence ... The PLAN

Last November, I got sucked into another Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I love her stuff, read her blog and adore scrappy quilts. BUT ... I no longer have a 12' Handiquilter. I have an 8' Handiquilter because I am no longer making really big quilts ... until last November (and this March but that's another story).

I made some parts - a LOT of parts. And eventually, there was a quilt that I knew was going to be too big. I had a plan. What if I left off the border, did some Handiquilter magic, stitched the border on and finished quilted on my sit-down sewing machine? The will work - right? Even if I have to drag it all into the dining room for more space. But I'm not too good at sit-down quilting and this quilt is big. Maybe sew the top and bottom border on and just sit-quilt the side borders ... I have a plan.

I measured and remeasured and tried loading it.

Well - surprise! The frame will actually hold a quilt 87" x 87".  I can't quilt all the way to the edge but at least it's all there.

This is as far on each side that I could quilt. I pin basted the edges as I went along to keep it stable.

The plan changed ... I quilted everything but a couple of inches on each side, then I turned the whole quilt and did the top and bottom.  A too-big quilt all done on my 8' Handiquilter.

Then there was binding.  I'm no longer set up for big quilts. I don't do big quilts anymore.

This quilt got a binding.

And it is D.O.N.E.

with a fun pieced backing.

This quilt had been mocking me since January. It was sitting out in my sewing room, getting moved around, while I tried to ignore it but it really wanted to be done.

It's done! The plan (and it's variations) worked.  Handiquilter magic - again!
Because I don't "do" big quilts anymore.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

2 Wrongs

Don't automatically believe everything you are told ... 2 wrongs CAN make a right.

I was stitching a quilt block this morning.  I thought I knew exactly what I needed to do ... Thought being the key word.  I thought Wrong.

This is a lovely Square-in-a-Square style block but it is NOT what I needed.  Thankfully, I only made 1 (I need 4).

As I surveyed my options and decided I had to cut more fabric, I discovered that I had made a 2nd mistake ... I had cut too many to start with.
This is what I was supposed to sew...

AHHH .... success is sweet ...

Center block for Snake in the Grass is complete! 

Now, I only have to make 12 more smaller versions of this block.