Thursday, July 20, 2017

Other People

Because I have nothing new to show that belongs to me, I thought I'd share some other fun stuff. My "Every 3rd Wednesday Applique Group" had a great Show 'n Tell yesterday.  I'm am SEW terrible about names but this was a fabulous Work in Progress.

All of these fabric and embellishments came from Lovely Quilter's mom's stash.  Lovely Quilter said it took her a couple of years to go through and organized and incorporate her mom's stuff with her own.  Mom's favorite color?  YES, purple.

While on a Yarn Hop ... yes, I do that too, we stopped at a new (still small, but growing) fabric shop that sold yarn.  They were participating in a city-wide event ... Finding Waldo.  Each participating shop had a hidden Waldo.  When you found him, you got your map stamped and moved on to another shop. 

Kids, tagging along with Mom for shopping were so cute and so excited to hunt out Waldo.

What have I been doing?  Here's what my dining room table looks like...

This is what prepping for 2nd grade can do to your house.

But it's going to be a great year!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Monday

Weird Monday person here ... I really do like Mondays. I always have.  Time for a new week!

My 2016 Bonnie Hunter quilt is all pieced and loaded up just waiting for a little Handiquilter magic.  Do you see a problem? Yes it is too big for my frame.  When we moved here a year ago, I decided (for a lot reasons) to have my Handiquilter set up at 8'.  I thought I was done with large quilts.  I was done right up until I made a large quilt.  I have a plan ... this will work ... I think ... I hope.

My garden is flourishing.  We get a fair amount of afternoon rain (and a great sprinkler system). I love having morning coffee with a view!

I bought a new iron ... a big boy.  Hopefully he will behave and NOT start spitting on my fabric.  That little guy is a champion iron. Never spits, never turns off and cost $9.00.  But, it's a really light weight iron and I do like to press quilt tops with a heavier iron. 

PS ... I LOVE shopping on Amazon.

AND ... my Quilts of Valor donation is DONE.  It will be attending my guild meeting next week.

Also today I made a couple of August block parts. I prepped my July applique blocks and did some housework.

It's been a great Monday!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quick Check In

Good morning friends!

Life around here is busy busy ... as always! 

Kid#2 and I are still working on getting 2nd grade a bit more organized.  Math Centers are done (I think), Reading is well on it's way. Next up - Writing Center. She goes back to school August 1st.

My Cute Husband has finished up at Home Depot.  It was an "ok" retirement job but he got a much better offer.  Now he's working from home, about 20 hours a week, tele-commuting for a company based in MD. He can work in shorts AND fix Mom's lunch if I'm otherwise occupied!!

I've been making progress and various projects. Almost ready to quilt my Bonnie Hunter Mystery (I'm sure it has a name ????). The 2nd felted bag needs about an inch more before it's into the washing machine for felting.  TGIF blocks = 4 of 24 done.

Still need to work on my Helen Godden painted blocks for July and I really need to get cracking on my Flower Garden blocks and border.

BUT ... in the meantime ...

This morning, I decided to visit some old friends.

I opened up this bin and discovered ANOTHER box full of scraps and strips.  I really thought this bin held samples and parts for Fan Quilts. Not entirely a bad thing to find.  I'm taking a class next week at Seaside Piecemakers.  Gyleen Fitzgerald is coming to teach 2 days.  Day 1, I'm "working" and Day 2, I'm sewing.

Here's the start of prepping lots of 1.5" strips.

Not gonna lie ... I will never be organized enough to do the whole Bonnie Hunter scrap storage thing.

EDIT ... just realized I did not hit the publish button.  This should have gone out 2 days ago.  I have actually finished knitting the felted bag and it's in the washing machine right now.

Monday, July 10, 2017


Busy today and NO new starts.  I really wanted to start a Nickel Quilt ... I probably will start one soon. I have a lot of red and blue 5" squares that are asking to become a QOV ... but not today.

I've been doing a lot of handwork lately but today was all about my sewing machine. I'm finally adding the border to the 2016 Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  I have all the parts, just need to stitch them.  And I did have a few ... OOOPS ...

Then on to my Guild Circle's BOM ... Snake in the Grass.  This is the August block. I need 24, I have one finished.

I put some of June and July blocks up on the design wall to see how the fabrics are playing together.  My goal is BUY NO FABRIC. At least ... buy no fabric for this project.

I started piecing and prepping 1.5" squares for sashing on my Kim McLean Flower Garden quilt.  This is blocks 9 and 10.  I'm up to date!

I'm leaving my Bonnie Hunter quilt right here on my sewing chair.  This will (hopefully) inspire me to finish the top and bottom borders.  I have a plan to quilt this before I finish piecing it

I'm not sure how this will work ... but ... I have a plan!

Friday, July 7, 2017

QOV Done

This is a Done ... with a capital D ... for me - that means it's pieced and quilted but still needs binding. It took me 5 days.

The binding is prepped and waiting.  This quilt will be donated to the Seaside Piecemakers Quilt Guild.  It will then be presented to a US veteran.

Our guild makes the presentations. I hope I'll be there when they do it.
My Startitis isn't over yet - I started a new felted (knitted) bag on Wednesday and I think I might be making at least 1 more QOV (Quilts of Valor) to donate.  In between starts, there is also progress and finishes.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Around the House

Happy Independence Day!

My Cute Husband and I stayed home today and worked around the house.  We are really enjoying our new home ... even the 14' ceilings!  Every 3 months, he drags in the big tall ladder to change the air filter.

This time while the ladder was inside, I managed to catch him before he put it back.  I wanted to change out the quilt that hangs up high in the kitchen.  We now have my Sue Spargo, CUPPA, quilt up.  I finished it back in January but I missed the last "ladder event."

This was such a fun quilt to make.

Now I can enjoy it every day.

My Kitty Quilt will go into hibernation for awhile. 

Also today ... I finished the 2nd Grade seat covers 2.2.
Last year I made these for Kid#2's class (seat covers 1.0). I didn't love them, they were a little tight in the pocket but I was winging it without a chair.  This summer I did a little redesign (still without a chair (seat cover 2.0) and they turned out too big. She finally nabbed a chair after a meeting and I made another adjustment (seat covers 2.1). But ... when doing assembly line sewing, if you make a mistake on the first one ... you make 10 mistakes! In comes the seam ripper. 

Seat Covers 2.2
all 21 on them, the correct size with room in the back pocket, waiting for 2nd grade to start next month.

Approved by Quality Control.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Startitis Part 2

Happy 1st Day of July!

A new month, a new start, new plans and ideas and goals. And, yes, I still have startitis ... not a horrible thing to have but it is lingering.

Today, I started a QOV - Quilts of Valor. I will donate this quilt through my Florida guild.  It will be presented to a veteran here in Brevard County. Our guild has a strong presence in the QOV world.

With all new starts and really, with all quilts in progress ... there is a mess.

And that mess has yielded 20 blocks!  I need 35. Sew ... today I made over 1/2 the blocks I will need for this quilt top.

And - this is still on my cutting table.  It will be something, someday.  I'm not sure that using up the leftover bits from another project really counts as "startitis". 

And ...

This was spotted at my guild meeting on Wednesday.  There were 2 of these beauties at the meeting.  I keep thinking I really want one. But, honestly, I have not once brought so much stuff somewhere (here in Florida) that I would have used a wagon.  I just think I need one ... just in case.