Tuesday, April 6, 2010


While sitting and eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich today (reading blogs ... multi-tasking at it's best), it dawned on me that I had not shared something with you, my bloggy friends. I suffer from an affliction. It's not really serious (despite what my husband might think) and it's not even very unique (at least I don't think it is). So - here goes - it's honesty time ... I suffer from TMP. That would stand for - Too Many Projects. I know, it's sad but true. TMP is sort of like ADD, except there's no medication. By the way, along with the TMP, I also seem to suffer from photo-itis. Every since I got a new camera, I feel like I must document EVERYTING! Here's how I spent my day yesterday ...

Started on a sample for a class I'm teaching in 2 weeks in VA at my friend Donna's guild. I agreed to teach the "Square in a Square" ruler but didn't have a class sample. It'll be done by the time I need it ... I hope.
Then I moved on ... my 9-patch/snowball quilt isn't quilted because I didn't have a back - now I do.
And because I also knit (great evening TV-time activity), I needed to get my yarn ready for a KAL that starts this Friday with Knitter's Brewing Company.

In between winding yarn and stitching up backings, I continue to trim up these little 1.5" half-square triangles that are left overs from my Buffalo Ridge quilt. I have NO idea what they will become but they're so darn cute!

I did manage to finish something ... my March calendar quilt block that I'm doing with Pat Sloan's group. I finished March but haven't started April ... it's only the 6th today - plenty of time left in the month!

When I'm not knitting in the evening, I'm crocheting. I blocked part of a sweater I'm working on with yarn I bought at the MD Sheep & Wool festival LAST year. It's coming up in a couple of weeks and I figured I really should start something with last year's yarn before I go and buy more this year.
And I added some applique to my Sunday Drive quilt (Pat Sloan pattern). I haven't finished the applique that the pattern calls for but in the mean time decided to put in a little extra.

And THEN ... my friend Starlyn called and asked me if I wanted to take a beading class with her on Friday evening. What the heck - the cute husband will be at a hockey game and I'm sure I can squeeze in ONE MORE PROJECT!

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Mary, I am afraid I have the same affliction ;-)