Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ask my husband and kids and they'll tell you the one thing I try to avoid at all costs ... shopping, especially grocery shopping. Jeez - you could probably ask my mom, my sisters, my neighbors, the mailman - I'm not shy about it ... I DO NOT LIKE TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING. And thankfully ... the cute husband doesn't mind and does go - almost all of the time.

Yesterday, while the cute husband was off on his motorcycle, I decided to make him a favorite dessert - lemon meragine pie. But ... I didn't have all the ingredients and had to venture into the grocery store for 2 items. There I was wandering around up and down every aisle because I don't know the layout very well and I encountered the Easter Bunny (who knew he shoppped!). Then there's an anouncement about an "egg hunt in aisle 12." Thank goodness I didn't have any reason to go down that aisle with 2 dozen children. There were 2 different door prize drawings. I never did see "Sharon with the tickets." Shopping is NOT a calm activity - there was just WAY too much going on in that store. $107.00 later ... THAT'S why you shouldn't go shopping when you're hungry ... I was back home and baking.

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