Monday, February 22, 2021

A Dresden Finish

 My quilting buddy Marjorie (1 of the M's in M&M Sew Charming) came into possession of a couple of quilt tops. They are very similar.

The traditional Dresden Plate.

The blocks are all hand pieced and hand embroidered onto slightly shiny purple and the quilt is sashed in Pepto Pink. I have no idea of the when, where or who on this quilt. I was given 1 and Marjorie has the other and we're each going to repair and finish and use these quilts.

Each block is made from 2 different fabric for the "petals" and dark center circle.  The circles are tearing and in need of repair. I decided not to try and remove them. I simply made new circles and stitched them right on top of the original.
I kept the rest of the quilt just as the maker made it.

I used a light weight 100% cotton batting and did some simple quilting. 
Ribbon candy quilting on all the sashing.
Slightly squiggly lines on the petal seams.
Short and sweet.

The backing fabric is what I like to call
"Old Lady Nightgown"
I have no idea how or why I have (had) YARDS of this fabric. I really have no need for 6 new matching nightgowns!
4.5 yards - GONE from the stash.

I prepped 30 circles for the repair part. Stitched them (or so I thought) and got busy quilting.
On the 2nd to the last row, I discovered 1 circle not repaired.
What the heck!
I prepped 30, where did the last 1 go?
As I was removing the quilt from the frame, I discovered the missing circle.
Can you see there? It's peeking out from under some other fabric.
I have no idea how THAT happened. You would think I would have noticed.

No worries, I simply stitched it on after the quilting was done.
The top is now bound and DONE!

It's a humble quilt. It is NOT pretty. 
I have no idea of the age. In it's humblness and doneness there is beauty.
 I don't believe it's an antique. It is definitely vintage ... I have been informed that stuff from the 70's and 80's does qualify as vintage.
Mind you ... that's the 1970's and 1980's

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