Sunday, August 30, 2020

 Here we are ... another Sunday. I know it is such a cliché but really ... where does the time go?

I finished the center of "Ride The Wave" ... Christmas style

The was a Very Beginner Bargello class that M&M Sew Charming (Facebook group) did as a Virtual Retreat Day #2. We had over 50 quilters join us for some fun, some sewing and just general hanging out and inspiring each other ... and eating M&M's.

In between doing Facebook Live and working my quilt, I also did some leader/ender work on a soon to be donated charity quilt.  And yes, that is my cutting table under all that mess!

Last Wednesday, my guild - Seaside Piecemakers - held their first meeting since February. This is a new venue for us (Shriners) and is HUGE. We were easily seated apart and masks were required ... except for the speaker.

Social Distancing at a quilt meeting - it CAN happen.

We even (finally) had our May birthday cupcakes. They were placed in individual boxes for people to grab on their way out ... no touching!

AND ... happily ... I got 2 playdates in with my cutest little grandie. After swimming in the pool she really wanted to "play sand."
This Grammy would never say no!

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