Monday, September 30, 2019

More Of The Story

It's still September and there's a few more things that have been happening around here. Nothing life changing … just life.

Did you ever wonder where exactly is Binding Island? Look there - in the guest room. The pile is growing and I really need to go visit this place I call Binding Island.

My Cute Husband and I are planning a trip to Scotland in the spring! We'll be visiting places we did not get to when we lived there in the '90s. A little time in London (we've been several times) and then into the Highlands.
I'm working on a pattern from Highland Maid Hats - it's called "Aye-Pad Cover".

I actually used up this OLD fabric. It has to be over 20 years old. My sewing has lately been taking me deep into the stash.

I finished a sweater! Navelli by Caitlyn Hunter of Boyland Knits. Loved making it and I really think I might do another.

My Applique Addicts group challenge this year is coming along. If I was one of those really organized, on-top-of-things quilter, I could actually tell you the name of the pattern ...

but I'm not.

It's Australian, it's lovely and when it turns up, I'll report back.
Also in that picture are some Christmas blocks from YEARS ago, that I was gifted (cut out but not stitched) and an errant Jewel Box block that I found AFTER the quilt was finished.

AND … like most quilters that I know … I did not think I had enough Autumnal-style quilts. When at the Jacksonville Quilt Show last week, I picked up a couple of patterns and got started straight-away prepping and stitching up some Halloween fun.

Of course, the next day, at my request, My Cute Husband retrieved the Autumn boxes from the garage. Guess what? I actually have LOTS of fall décor.

Now I will have more!

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