Thursday, June 27, 2019

Starfecta - FINISH

This one took more time than it should have to be D.O.N.E.  
But - it IS!!!

The blocks were made (almost) during the time frame of the class. 
I may have slacked a bit on the side blocks.

The top was put together within a year of the class.
The quilting?
That part took awhile.
The quilt did not sit on Binding Island too long.

And then …

It's bigger than I expected. Of course, adding borders will do that! 
78" x 92"
It will be the 2020 raffle quilt for my Relay For Life Team
Pints and Purls.

And then there was a day at the beach.
I took this picture when I realized how well coordinated everything was.
It was a much needed - quiet/lovely day.

And ...
There's is always knitting.
Socks that are taking f o r e v e r to finish.

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