Thursday, April 18, 2019

A Trip To Walmart

That title ...
it's enough to send me into a panic attack.
Seriously - I have total shopping anxiety.

I hate to shop!

But today, I thought maybe I could do a quick trip to Walmart.I wanted to get a few things from the Easter Bunny for 2 grandies, and some new undies for me. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and go to Walmart. After Mom's hairdresser appointment (it IS Thursday, after all), we stopped and got a quick sandwich. That's when things started to go wrong.

Jimmy John's is not very wheelchair friendly, no problem, we can do this with the walker and the oxygen is handy if Mom needs it. (she did not). The sandwiches were not very good - dry and the bread was stale. While we were eating, I heard the guy say, "fresh bread just out of the oven!" If only we'd waited a few minutes. I'm a water drinker. Everyone has a water dispenser - right? Except that Jimmy John's was not working properly - I got a big mouthful of carbonated water with no flavor and it was GROSS.

A brief interlude from the rant ... the other night we out to dinner with some friends. This was the view from our table.  I do love living here! Or as My Cute Husband says, "it does not suck living here!"

On to Walmart where it's crazy busy. I find a parking spot but someone has left their cart in the way.  Who does this?!!! The Cart Corral was 2 spots over ... just 2 spots.  Why in the world would someone leave their cart smack in the middle of a busy parking lot. I get out to move the cart, and step in gum!

Let me repeat that ...


I take out the walker, to get out the wheelchair for Mom, who bumps her head while getting out of the car. We then almost get run over by a guy driving a big-ass van. He waves (sorry?) and then stops right in the crosswalk to talk to someone in a big truck.  We go around him and into ...


By the way - I did laundry today. I really do think My Cute Husband needs to expand his color palette.  These are his t-shirts. 

We navigate our way through Walmart and into the crazy Easter-stuff aisle. Mom takes forever picking out a bunny for Baby Amelia ... this one is soft, this one is cute, this one is pink.

This one! it's soft and cute and pink.

Now for the 17 year old grandie who really loves plain M&M's.  
We found
caramel M&M's
pretzel M&M's
hazel nut M&M's
peanut M&M's
peanut butter M&M's

finally ... we found plain ordinary everyday M&M's.

Off to the check-out place. While I'm checking out our purchases, Mom is checking out the candy (she is 87 years old NOT 7 years old). I pay for our stuff and she hands me an Almond Joy bar ... and wants me to check out AGAIN. And I do.

Back to the car (without undies by the way because I forgot them), where I have to take out the walker to get the wheelchair into the back of my car, drop my wallet, which opens and my receipt blows away, get Mom settled into the car with her O2 and her Almond Joy. She was holding the receipt for the candy and it blows away. 
while the back of the car is open, the empty chip bag, that I accidently carried out of Jimmy John's blows away ... it was very breezy today. We're expecting a storm tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be really bad weather.

So ... to recap
1. my lunch wasn't very good
2. I stepped in gum
3. some people just suck
4. I littered 3 times accidently
5. I'm not making dinner tonight

And then I received this in a text message and all was right in my world.

Tonight we will be watching the Capitals play hockey - Stanley Cups 1/4-finals!
I will be knitting.

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