Sunday, March 24, 2019


Springtime in Florida doesn't really look too much different than winter.
Summer looks a little more lush.
Here in Melbourne, we have 2 seasons - summer and other.

I've been block prepping.
This is the Crazy Seasons BOM.
It's free and it's lots of wool and embroidery.
I'm doing the prep and eventually will do the stitching.

I'm keeping up with Glyeen Fitzgerald's
Mini Trips to Market Square.

The corners are done.
It still need sides.

Another Gyleen pattern
This was made with her Polygon rulers … quite a while ago.
It's now been loaded and teeny bit quilted … for over a week.
I really need to get back to this quilt.
I'm doing ruler work.
There are sew many other things I can find to do
that do NOT involve ruler work.

This lovely plaids and homespun quilt finally got a binding!
It's my 2019 donation to
Relay for Life.
Our team, "Pints and Purls" participates every year.
This quilt is really pretty IRL, the photo does not capture the richness of the colors.

The weather has been so pretty.
Warm and sunny!!

The other day, while out for a walk, we meet up with some interesting new friends.
baby alligators and birds - enjoy a little sunshine together.

Kid#1 has been here visiting from MD. We've been playing with Baby Amelia and going out to lunch (a lot). There's been a bit of sewing - I'm current on my 365 Challenge and always a bit of evening knitting - just started sock#2 of my March socks. Mom is doing pretty well - she turns 87 this Thursday. My Cute Husband has been working a lot. His "retirement job" has been crazy this last 2 weeks. Thankfully, he does it all from the luxury of his home office - in shorts and sandals.

As we often say ...
Life here does NOT suck!

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