Thursday, March 7, 2019

And Then This Happened ...

There's been a lot of sewing going on this week. I didn't have to go to 2nd grade.
No appointments for Mom.
Mostly just home … and sewing!

And then this happened today.

Chugging along, in the home stretch of
Dear Daughter.
I cut something wrong.
18 times!
I stitched it wrong.
18 times!

I walked away.

When I came back (after coffee), I decided it might be better to move on.
The next block up needed pinwheels.
18 pinwheels, made from 36 half-square triangles.

Right there.
On that messy shelf.
There were 4 complete pinwheel blocks.
AND ...
18 half-square triangles.

2 more blocks - DONE!

That took no time.
Back to the messed up parts.
I was able to salvage 9 good geese blocks from the mess.

I'm still on track for March.
I can whip out 9 more geese blocks.

Then ...
Back to the 365 Challenge and the Market Square Mystery.

Before I hit "post", I noticed in the picture.
A couple pieces are turned wrong.
That WILL be corrected!

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