Friday, January 4, 2019

Hello 2019

Good Grief … I have thought it was Sunday for at least week. It's been a relaxing time, a time filled with family and I've been so confused about what day it is. Our county does not go back to school until January 10 … that's NEXT Thursday.  Even though I don't have little kids, I am a school volunteer and it just seems like my schedule revolves around the school calendar.

I have been sewing and using some really old stash.
This is now in my Starfecta quilt.
That's a story for another post … it's not a quilt yet.

This piece is in my guild challenge quilt.
It is a top, just not quilted yet.

There will be some knitting in 2019.
I have a goal of 6 pairs of socks (at least). I will use this yarn.
I've already started a toe.

The borders are Done for my Flower Garden quilt.
What a relief to have this part finished.
Now it needs to be quilted and attached.

And then there's this …

When school goes back next week, her mommy (Kid#2) will not be coming over every day for baby snuggles and smiles.
I will be sad.

Of course, I could simply go to her house and get my fill.

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