Monday, January 7, 2019

A Month of Sundays

Such an appropriate/descriptive saying … A Month of Sundays.  Today finally ended what has felt like a week of Sundays to me.  Today, it is Monday and if felt like a Monday.

I LOVE Mondays … a fresh start, a beginning, all the possibilities, a brand new "To Do". I'm weird this way, I know. But … Hurray for Monday!

Today … Christmas was finally put away for 2018.

All the Santas have been wrapped up, packed up and put away.

The Christmas quilts have been washed and stored.

Everything has been moved back up into the attic.  My Cute Husband has this really wonderfully handy thing …
a garage elevator!

Put the stuff on the platform, push a button and it goes right up into the ceiling.
He climbs up the stairs, moves the boxes off the platform and
lowers it down for more.

It is truly a brilliant piece of household equipment!!

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