Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Best Bee

That's the name of my nighttime Quilt Bee in MD.
Just Sew Bee is the daytime group.

They are the best ladies!!!
We've been through a lot together … 
kid drama, losing parents, illness
moving, babies, job changes
sewing, laughing, crying, eating
block swapping and retreating.

I love these ladies!
Everyone should be as lucky as me to have girlfriends.

Even though I moved away 2.5 years ago, we stay in touch through group texts and visits.  We exchange Christmas gifts every year.

This year was a great haul!
I missed the holiday gathering but received a wonderful package in the mail!

Today was spent in 2nd grade, helping Kid#2 prep for her first day back after Christmas break AND maternity leave.  
This little cutie will be staying behind with her work-from-home Daddy.

Amelia's mommy shed a few tears (ok, actually, she may have sobbed).
 Her Grammie might have gotten a little teary too.
School starts back on Thursday.
Kid#2 is ready and Grammie will be back volunteering.

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