Monday, December 31, 2018

Good Bye ... 2018

The "End of Year" post is about reflection and gratitude … looking back, looking forward.  My Cute Husband often says, "our life does NOT suck!" We laugh about this a lot. We know we are truly blessed - we have our health, we have our family, we have good friends, we have a lovely home in the Sunshine State. My mom turned 86 this year and is still with us.

Life does NOT suck!

Let's look at the numbers for 2018 

I used 125 yards of fabric out of my stash. (2017 = 146) It's a bit down from last year but that's still a lot of fabric gone from the sewing room! This is MINUS what I purchased.

I read 18 books. (2017 = 23). I think in the coming year I'll track number of pages read. I don't read/listen to audio books. When I count a "book read", it is truly read - no multitasking when I'm reading.

I used 39 skeins of yarn and made some things with leftover yarn. I didn't track this in years past. I have done more knitting than sewing (or reading).

I finished 6 of my listed 13 UFO's 
started and completed 7 additional quilted projects
plus 14 placemats.

I ended the year with 2 tops that need to be quilted (and bound) 
and 2 quilts that need binding.

I became a Grammie (again).

When all is said and done 
it's been a very productive year.

No complaints
No regrets

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retstoy said...

Happy New Year Mary, keep up all of our works.