Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another Jelly Rug


This Jelly Roll is old, years old … maybe 10?

It was time for it to come out and play.

This one was made on the Handiquilter!
Sherry Rogers-Harrison has a pattern/tutorial.
I did the pattern test.

Jelly Roll Rug on a longarm!

I did not do Sherry's binding method - which is lovely. I did a (sort of) traditional binding. Cut BIAS strips at 2.5" and joined them together. I ended up with about 180" of binding for my rug made from 42 WOF strips.

I did NOT fold the binding in half.  I did pressed under about 1/2" on one long side and then stitched with 1/4" seam the other long side to the BACK.
Rolled the binding to the front and zigzagged stitched.

I used Quilters Dream Batting (80/20). I used a piece of upholstery fabric for the backing.  I loaded it "good side" up so the back of the fabric is actually the back of the rug.

The back of the backing (still with me?) is a little tacky (in a "sticky" way) and I had hoped it would make the rug less slippery on the floor.  It worked - some what. 

Here it is!!!

I'm still thinking about making a Christmas rug.
I might be over this craze … for now.

Find Sherry and lots of rug inspiration on Facebook … Not Your Grandmothers Jellee Roll Rug, You can also find Sherry on her web site …

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