Wednesday, October 10, 2018

AND ... I am still alive!

You know you're a bad blogger when …

I got 2 emals from different friends who don't even know each other asking - where are you? is everything ok? My last blog post was August 8th …?  Today is Oct. 10.  Yep - bad blogger.  And the worst part of it? I use this blog as a journal for ME. I like to look back and see/read what I was doing and what I had accomplished at any given time.  If I don't blog … I won't know. Yep - bad blogger!

Sew … what has been going on?

My beautiful pregnant daughter is still beautiful and pregnant. This was at her baby shower this summer.  Kid#2 is due in 18 days! We do have bets going on Amelia's arrival. I picked 10/19.

I have been spending a lot of time in 2nd grade helping Kid#2 get ready to be out on maternity leave. The long-term sub is technically responsible for lessons plans and such but my ever-diligent teacher-daughter what's to get as much ready for the sub as she can. With my great photo-copying skills, we've made a lot of progress!

It finally dawned on me - I have 2 sewing rooms (HAD) and no guest room.  When Kid#1 and a grandie were here this summer, one slept in the sewing room and one slept in the quilting room.
That's kinda dumb.

Sew … this happened …

I moved out ALL the sewing stuff. My Cute Husband painted and patched. Then some of it (really just a bit) went back in and we now have a guest room!
Yes, it also serves as an office (for me) and a bit of fabric storage, oh yeah - and my Big Board for pressing (NOT ironing).

But … for the most part - a guest room, with 2 beds!

and a Pack 'n Play - did I mention - we are having a new Grandbaby!

While sorting and moving (and even some closet cleaning) I managed to organized all my homespun fabrics. Organize might be a bit lofty. I moved it all out of the closet.

I just could not resist … I immediately cut and stitched up a new quilt.

 Playing With Plaids

It's a pattern from the book Sew One And Done.
It did get a binding and has been gifted to my friend Melissa (the most purple person I know).

Sew Kids … here we are, finally a new blog post. I have lots still to journal about. August and September were busy. There was knitting and sewing, a wonderful 5 days in Maine, a guild challenge, 9" Churn Dash blocks swapped (this will be an awesome quilt) and another homespun plaid quilt started.

Today, I hope to finish the last of the 48 blocks I need for a Bonnie Hunter Scrappy Mountain Majesty quilt.

My new favorite social media - Instagram. I had an account for several years and finally started to figure it out and use it.  I'm QuilterMary if you want to follow along. There's no politics (mostly), just lots of pictures of fun stuff.

Thank you for reading and a BIG hug for reaching out!
Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mary! Looks and sounds like you are really enjoying life and family. I'm so glad to know all is well.
Vanessa G.

Pat said...

High time you showed up. :-)

retstoy said...

Glad all is well with you and your family.

MK Kerr said...

It's amazing how life (and enjoying it) takes over, and you don't have much time for anything else!