Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Finally ... a new blog post. I've started this and stopped and started and stopped and mostly just thought about it but never actually sat down to write. I have FINALLY done some stuff!

1.  Finally made/finished/mailed my 6" Churn Dash swaps. Don't worry ... this is the "oops" picture. I sent 48 beautiful ones. off to MD to my Bee.

2. Finally loaded my Flower Garden quilt AND started quilting it.  The side borders are not quite finished ... but they will be.  Then the borders will be quilted separately and added - quilt-as-you-go.

3.  Finally did all the machine applique on a Pat Sloan kit that's been hanging around for YEARS, maybe 8 years? I just love "old" Pat Sloan designs.  It has now moved to the "To Be Quilted" pile.

4.  Finally finished a test knit for Iwona Erickson. She lives in Sweden and Spain. Don't you just love the power of the internet? She needed some knitters to test (and check) the pattern for numbers/rows/instructions.  I used some stash yarn and LOVE it.  It's a neutral shawl that is far from being neutral.

5.  Finally got some intense housecleaning done ... with the help of a Grandie. I love when the kids need some $$ and I need some help - WIN/WIN!

6.  Finally got some beach time in. Bonus ... a Grandie and 2 daughters joined me!

7. Finally finished this pair of socks.  They've been lingering ALL summer.  This was the first time I did an "afterthought" heel.  Verdict is still out on this technique.  I will do another before deciding if it's my new "go to" pattern.

8. Finally repaired/redid/redesigned (?) a little pocket chart for Kid#2's 2nd grade classroom.  It was a little big for the space she wanted it. I cut off 1" on each side and reapplied the binding edge.  I used a cuter fabric.  There are lots of polka dots in 2nd grade.

9.  Finally ... taking a breath from a busy July. There were family events, a baby shower, friends from MD visiting, fire works, beach days, book reading, knitting and some sewing.  Today ... off to 2nd grade to help with classroom prep. School starts on Friday AND we (My Cute Husband and I) are off to Maine for a little vaca!!! Goofy2 is coming to stay with Mom.

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Loretto said...

Wow, you sure were busy. Glad you found time for yourself. Looked like you had a great time revisiting Maine.