Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1 ... 2 ... 3 ... DONE

Jumping on the newest trend bandwagon - AGAIN! Have you made/seen/coveted the Jelly Roll Rug?

I made mine this morning.  OK - I finished mine this morning.  The stitching of the rug went pretty fast. The prep work took a couple of days.

1. After picking out the perfect Jelly Roll, I sewed all the strips together end-to-end.  I kept them in the order they were in when packaged.  I did realize it was pretty "light" so I raided my scrap bin and added10 additional strips for a little more color.

2.  I cut LOTS of 2.5" strips of scrap batting. I did NOT stitch these together, just butted them up next to each other. I did use mostly the same batting (Quilters Dream 80/20) but a few mystery strips ended up in there too. The fabric strip is folded with raw edges to the middle and then in 1/2 around the batting strip and stitched …

3.  Rolled the whole thing up in a giant ball. I don't know if I really needed to do this, but it was fun looking at it after I did it.

The ball measured about 12" … it was pretty big.

4.  And now … it is a rug in our guest bathroom and it's SEW cute!

I do think I'm going to get some sort of gripper pad for under it. It is a bit slippy on the bathroom floor. I started with a 15" strip in the middle and continued around and around. It ended up measuring 33" x 45".


I'm thinking … what a great use for a big pile of Christmas fabric I have all cut in 2.5" strips.

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Jenny said...

How is it stitched together?