Sunday, June 3, 2018

Where's Waldo?

Oh dear ... it's sew frustrating to get a quilt top pieced and find a block turned wrong (or 3? 4? 5?).  I finally got my BOM top done - or at least the center. It ended in April and on June 1st - an almost done!

Sew ... on the way to getting excited about this completed top, this happened ...

And ... it happened more than once!

This is NOT okay.

Worse than this?

I took out 1 big block and then took it apart down to 9 smaller blocks, to resew.
BUT ...

I took out the WRONG block!

 Finally, figured out what was wrong, took out 3 little blocks, put them back in, pointing in the correct direction. Now ... I think this is done right.  Maybe ...

Please feel free to look really carefully and comment if you see something amiss.
This quilt will not have borders for now ... I have to let it rest.
I have to keep looking at it
just in case.

Before I hit go on this post, I sent a picture of the "fixed" quilt to Instagram (@Quiltermary). My friend Karen (@quilterk) almost immediately sent me a text asking if the bottom left corner was correct.

Thankfully, it is 1 large block that needs to be turned 180 degrees. Not too big a deal.  I may fix it tomorrow.

or not.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Mama said there would be quilts like this! At least you discovered the mistakes before it was quilted! I just found a block turned the wrong way as I was taking it off the frame. It is going to stay upside down!