Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stupid Waldo

How's that sound for a quilt name ... Stupid Waldo ... ? Probably not but I'm very tempted. On the upside - at least I can laugh about it.

Sew ... I finished the Mystery BOM quilt top (several times). Then I fixed a few OOPS (several times).

Finally the center was finished ... correctly. 

Now - on to the borders. All the pieces were made and I had started to assemble the pieced border. I put it aside to go to Utah and other life events.
When I was finally ready to stitch the borders on ... a side border was missing.
How in the world can I have misplaced a whole hunk of stitched together fabric?
My sewing room isn't that big and I certainly did not take it anywhere.
Who takes a fabric border on a field trip?

I looked everywhere!
really ... I looked for a couple of days
I was ready to remake it. I had convinced myself that obviously I had only made 3 borders, not 4.

and there it was ...

Right where I left it, in a safe place, all neatly pressed ... on the back of my sewing chair.

And now ...

This quilt is really Done!

1 comment:

Loretto said...

I love it. You have such an eye for color and placement.