Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday Finish


Last week :

1. Visit with daughter/granddaughter ... lunch included. And bra shopping.
2. Wednesday night bee ... we call ourselves "The Possibilibees". Dinner was included. With ice cream and brownies!
3. Thursday Sew Day - which is/was my Wednesday Daytime Bee - "The Just Sew Bee".
4. All this sewing and my 2 night stay - hosted by my dear friend Terri (and her quilt-support husband Bill).
5. New yarn shop in Annapolis!!! and a bit of yarn purchased.

And the real reason I went to Maryland ...
Southern Comforters Fall Quilt Retreat!!

Our guild friend Georgina passed away recently and her family donated her stash to our guild for making donation quilts. While at the retreat center last weekend - I used some of her fabric and made a quilt.

Hole In The Barn Door

The pattern is actually called "The 10 minute block".
Thanks to my friend, Julia, I now know how to make this block.
You can Goggle it - easy and fast!

It's a great block to show off fabric (8.5" squares) and a great block if you need a fast quilt.

The leftovers ... B side!

I quilted and bound this today ... Friday Finish!  It will go back to Maryland next month in My Cute Husband's suitcase. He'll be heading north to go to a couple of hockey games.


WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful quilt and design and a wonderful legacy for your friend in her memory.


retstoy said...

Glad to see you made it back home safely. Was missing your posts.