Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What a Monday!

The title was going to be: What Another Week! ... but it's only Tuesday.

Yesterday was such an odd day.  Really could have been a rather unpleasant day, but it wasn't.

I had to go see an Oral Surgeon. My dentist sent me. He wanted someone "above his pay grade" to have a look.  I arrived 10 minutes early to be told the Doc was running late at the hospital (at least 40 minutes), and it was easy to see that there were others in front of me.  After a bit, she called me up and said, "this is a medical thing, not dental and we don't take your insurance. But ... the doc will be happy to look, when he gets here."

Ummm .... really? OK, she gave me back my stuff and off I go to my dentist office.  The office lady there was so nice, apologetic and made some phone calls and handed me papers and instructions and we're starting over.

Now - on to Walgreens. My mom's prescriptions are OFTEN screwed up. The Maryland branch keeps filling them but we live in FLORIDA! I can't seem to get this corrected even after 18 months. But ... the guy at the counter was so nice and apologetic and took care of it immediately.  I didn't even have time to play "Words With Friends."

A brief interlude here for a "Finish Photo"

A young woman friend just announced she's having a baby! As she is a quilter, I made a afghan.

The next stop on my journey was to Bealls Department to buy a new bra.  They are undergoing a major reno and the place was a mess, crowded and chaotic.  
AND ... there was not one bra in my size in the entire store ... not one!
So ... I bought a new nightgown to take to MD for my quilt retreat.

Inoffensive, even sort of cute.
BUT ...

It's a Christmas nightie.
I did NOT notice this until after I got home.

The best part of my day ...
The finished afghan and a good laugh!


WoolenSails said...

That must have been annoying, I would have been upset to be given the run around like that.
That is a beautiful blanket, I am sure it will be well loved.


Loretto said...

A good laugh always helps in an annoying situation at the dentist office. Love the pj's