Sunday, November 12, 2017

Binding Bin and D.O.N.E.

There's is such a thing as a "Binding chair" and mine is now empty! By the way ... I do not actually sit in the Binding Chair - it holds quilts to be bound ... and it does it well.

There's is also such a thing as a "Binding Bin." Yes, I do have one.

It holds all of the leftover bits of binding from completed quilts.
I have completed a LOT of quilts and all this assorted binding is just waiting for it's turn to be the finishing touches on a future quilt.

Today was the day for some of it to come out of the bin and surround a quilt.  After coffee (of course) but even before a shower ... a quilt is D.O.NE!

A scrappy quilt was calling for a scrappy binding.

"My Old Friends" quilt is now complete.
And ... no longer hanging out on the binding chair.

Now ... what in the world am I going to do with THIS quilt?

As is our custom ... it's Sunday afternoon, My Cute Husband and I are heading off to World of Beer for knitting ... and football (and perhaps various other sports) and beer.


maggie fellow said...

I like that quilt - how much of it was swapped?

Loretto said...

This quilt could always be donated to Southern Comforters Bingo for next year.