Saturday, July 1, 2017

Startitis Part 2

Happy 1st Day of July!

A new month, a new start, new plans and ideas and goals. And, yes, I still have startitis ... not a horrible thing to have but it is lingering.

Today, I started a QOV - Quilts of Valor. I will donate this quilt through my Florida guild.  It will be presented to a veteran here in Brevard County. Our guild has a strong presence in the QOV world.

With all new starts and really, with all quilts in progress ... there is a mess.

And that mess has yielded 20 blocks!  I need 35. Sew ... today I made over 1/2 the blocks I will need for this quilt top.

And - this is still on my cutting table.  It will be something, someday.  I'm not sure that using up the leftover bits from another project really counts as "startitis". 

And ...

This was spotted at my guild meeting on Wednesday.  There were 2 of these beauties at the meeting.  I keep thinking I really want one. But, honestly, I have not once brought so much stuff somewhere (here in Florida) that I would have used a wagon.  I just think I need one ... just in case.

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