Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Pouch

A 1/2-square Pouch!  This is the cutest thing ...

You only use 1/2 a zipper.  Attaching the zipper pull is a little fiddly.  It's a lot fiddly if you are trying to attach it upside down.  It's only a little fiddly when you do it correctly.

Closed it's about a 5" square.  When you unzip it - you can see what's inside.  I think it's perfect for binding clips or jewlry or ... even better ... stitch markers and other knitting notions

I'm heading out to a birthday dinner for my knitting friend Karen.  This is her gift - a knitter and a cat lover.  The whole thing (even trying to put the zipper in upside down, only took 1 hour.


Of course - cleaning up the mess I made will take a little longer.  But ... I'll worry about that tomorrow.

The pattern - Half Square Triangle Pouch @kanakofukatani

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Panto Pam said...

Thank you for posting this! I just scored a whole basket of zippers at an antique store and these will be fun gifts to make for my stitching sisters.