Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Around the House

Happy Independence Day!

My Cute Husband and I stayed home today and worked around the house.  We are really enjoying our new home ... even the 14' ceilings!  Every 3 months, he drags in the big tall ladder to change the air filter.

This time while the ladder was inside, I managed to catch him before he put it back.  I wanted to change out the quilt that hangs up high in the kitchen.  We now have my Sue Spargo, CUPPA, quilt up.  I finished it back in January but I missed the last "ladder event."

This was such a fun quilt to make.

Now I can enjoy it every day.

My Kitty Quilt will go into hibernation for awhile. 

Also today ... I finished the 2nd Grade seat covers 2.2.
Last year I made these for Kid#2's class (seat covers 1.0). I didn't love them, they were a little tight in the pocket but I was winging it without a chair.  This summer I did a little redesign (still without a chair (seat cover 2.0) and they turned out too big. She finally nabbed a chair after a meeting and I made another adjustment (seat covers 2.1). But ... when doing assembly line sewing, if you make a mistake on the first one ... you make 10 mistakes! In comes the seam ripper. 

Seat Covers 2.2
all 21 on them, the correct size with room in the back pocket, waiting for 2nd grade to start next month.

Approved by Quality Control.

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Loretto said...

You are such a wonderful "Home Room Grandma" I'm sure dauther #2 loves having you around.