Thursday, June 8, 2017


This is Done with a capital "D" ... as in, it's not DONE but it is Done.  It will be heading out in tomorrow's mail. 86" x 86" is a little too big for me to quilt on my downsized Handiquilter. My friend Carrie has the super-sized Handiquilter Infinity and has agreed to make some magic happen on this quilt.

Here she is ready to go ... quilt top, backing and binding all prepared - cuz I'm a good friend.

After 25 blocks and a few setting pieces, this is what is left. About 12 yards of fabric went into the Solstice Quilt. These leftover bits will stay on my cutting table for now.  I'm thinking some placemats? mug rugs? table runner?  I WILL use them up.

Here's the finished top.  My Cute Husband is standing behind this quilt, trying his best to hold it out for a photo op.

Carrie ... if you're reading this ... please send me a photo when you've made magic happen.  In October, this quilt will be a prize at the Southern Comforters BINGO.


Loretto said...

Oh thank you Mary for this beautiful quilt for bingo. No the only sad thing is that I don't play so I can't win it. Who ever does is getting a wonderful thing of beauty.

Carrie said...

I've got my machine ready!