Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On Track

Helen Godden's BOM ... Quirky Collection. I'm loving the painting and really loving the quilting.  I will say that part again - I'm loving the quilting AND - it's sit-down style quilting. Who knew?!! June blocks are done.

Well, shoot. I don't know why this photo is upside down. This is painted, but not quilted.

Here it is quilted.  What a difference! 

Here's Block #10 ... painted (and upside down).

And ... quilted (and right side up).

The white lines are not there any more. They ironed away. I should have waited to take the picture.  I also should figure out which end is up on my camera.  OK - I really should have skipped this post and started over.

I'm going to go watch the last 3 episodes of House of Cards.  I think I can manage that right side up.

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