Monday, June 19, 2017

D.O.N.E. with help

Rocky the Wonder Cat has been sew needy lately.  He wants to be right up in my face "helping." I think this is because we were gone for a few days. And ... when we are gone, there are strangers in the house.  Strangers to Rocky are anyone that is NOT me or My Cute Husband.

Steve is Rocky's absolute favorite person, in the whole wide world and I can certainly relate.  We celebrated Steve's birthday while on our vacation cruise.

Sew ... imagine trying to cut fabric with this fella helping.

We've come close but he hasn't lost any fur (or his tail!)

I finished a donation baby afghan this week. My friend Carol, from our World of Beer Knitting Group, collects them for her church.  All baptized babies are given one.

And ... Harry the Heron is DONE! He's been awaiting a simple binding forever.  My dear friend Starlyn gave me this quilt before we both left Maryland over a year ago.  Check this one off the UFO list.

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