Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vaca Part 2

We spent 1 day "at sea" on our cruise.  We ate, explored the ship, ate, attended a few activities and ate. The evening ended with a fun song and dance show.

The 2 days in the Bahamas ... we did excursions and had FUN!

In Nassau we did SNUBA. It's a combination of SCUBA and snorkel. We were underwater with a regulator and oxygen but someone else had the responsibility of worrying about the particulars.  All we had to do was swim, breathe and look at the wonderful reef and beautiful fish.  I did not take any pictures. The boat ride to the reef was fast and wet. The ride back - wetter.

In Freeport, the excursion was called "My Bahamian House." We spent the day off the ship, at a local house (with 20 other people). It was lovely. We went to the beach, had a wonderful lunch and then enjoyed afternoon activities. The beach, the water in the Bahamas is so incredibly beautiful.

Kid #2 and her husband went kayaking.

Floatation devises were required.

Steve tried paddle boarding.

He said it was harder than it looks.

I spent the afternoon, taking photos and knitting. I'm good at that!

Funny thing about the floatation devises ... they were required for kayaking and paddle boarding in the canal but not required for snorkeling or swimming in the ocean.

It was a great trip!

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