Thursday, May 18, 2017

Under My Needle

Lots of bloggers and facebookers show "What's under my needle today" posts.  At least, the famous ones do.  I decided I could be famous ... just for today.

Unfortunately, "what's under my needle" was the most boring of all sewing - HEMMING. Goofy#1 sent me 2 dresses and a pair of bib overalls to hem.  Each needed to be turned up about 2".  Seriously ... the postage to send these items from Vermont to Florida (and back) cost way more than if she simply paid someone in VT to do it.  But ... to quote Goofy#1, I am "the best sister in the whole world!"

I'm not sharing a picture of hemming.  I simply can't do it. I am currently behind (again) on my Solstice blocks.  That's not a huge big deal - it's just 2 blocks. 

In other news, today, I did manage a 1/2 hour poolside.  The water was great!

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