Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It Just Happened

During what was supposed to be a quick peak into a fabric box, turned into a whole new quilt being cut. I walked into my sewing room to pick a couple of fabrics for the next 2 Flower Garden blocks.  It was looking pretty good in there.

This is about a 1/3 of the fabric that was in the batik box. I did find a couple of Flower Garden possibilities.

But ... even better ...
I decided to cut all the parts for a new quilt.  I'm going to make BLISS from Moda Shop. Next week, I'm attending a Sew-Day with my new guild.  This is all ready to sew.  Cutting away from home is never fun.

While cutting for BLISS, I trimmed up anything that measure 5" or 2.5" or 1.5".  I need those teeny ones for the Flower Garden quilt.  And, I cut 2.5" strips ... might be a Jelly Roll Quilt in my future.

Anything that was at least a quarter yard (or fat quarter) got refolded and put back on a shelf.

At the end of the day ... an empty box! HURRAY!!!

I also have a bunch of 1.5" strings.  Not sure if they will stay together (as batik strings) or dumped into the general string bin.  Don't know exactly what I'll do with the 5" blocks or the 2.5" blocks - a Nickel Quilt perhaps? And which Jelly Roll quilt should I make - a simple Jelly Race?

 These are my real world problems.

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