Monday, May 15, 2017

Fence ART

Barn Quilts ... I love them! I've never actually seen one in the wild but on the internet - I think they're wonderful. I would love to have a Barn Quilt. We're not country people. We not city people. We're more like "suburb people." We've always lived in a housing development community. We live in a very nice house in a very nice community ... but, sadly, no barns.

Sew ... what do you do when you want a barn quilt and have no barn?  FENCE ART! Thank You to Hurricane Matthew.

Our brand-new fence stood strong during the hurricane last October when many around us fell.  Kid#2's then boyfriend did a little sidewalk shopping and found a not-too-damaged fence panel. My Cute Husband took it apart, power washed it, cut off the rotting parts and built me a canvas.  You have no idea what a fete this was ... retirement has made him a little more handy. He even bought a chalk line!

I love that we have a quilt hanging on the fence. The flowers in the front are supposed to grow up to 2' tall. The one on the left is supposed to grow up past the fence ... someday.

This one is a win! It turned out exactly as I had hoped.

The quilt block is from the Cutie Pattern by Debby Brown ... Jack's Star.

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Loretto said...

Love them. What a great way way to decorate your fence line. Tell Steve to keep up the good work and be careful.