Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Seaside Piecemakers Quilt Guild

The new membership year for both my quilt guilds starts in June.  I still belong to Southern Comforters of Bowie in Maryland. I am also now a member of Seaside Piecemakers - Brevard County, Florida.

I attended the last meeting of the current year, last week ... and there was cake!

The guild is 37 years old (I think ... no one was really positive ... it ranged from 36 to 39).  It's a large and very busy group.

And man ... do they LOVE their Science Fair boards.

All the various committees have displays at every meeting.

Membership, class sign-ups, BOM (this year it's a mystery!)

Community Service

For and all opportunities to participate, there's information and someone right there to help.

And if the sign-up requires money ...

The treasurer is right there at the meeting to swipe.  They use SQUARE.  It's all so convenient. The receipt is automatically emailed.  It couldn't be easier. She takes cash too and emails it through SQUARE.

I know NO ONE will be the least bit surprised to read ... the Vice President of this guild is also the Program Chair.  I am the co-chair.  I haven't actually been to my first official meeting yet, but, what the heck ... good way to get to know people ... agree to be on a committee before you even join.

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MK Kerr said...

That's how I got to be Editor of the Southern Comforters Newsletter. I volunteered at my first meeting! Figured it was a great way to meet the members. Sounds like it is a great group.