Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Start

Thursday is an all-day Sew Day and my project is all prepped.  Sew ... I can't sew it because it's for Thursday. And ... I wanted to sew something, preferably something new.

This is for my Thursday sewing.

I had a whole lot of batik 2.5" strips cut that could be my today sewing.
Out came an old book from 2007.

This pattern will do quite nicely.

I have plenty of strips. I also need 72 squares ... except I cut 96 - I read the number for twin instead of throw.  I can now have 24 leftover OR I can cut more strips and make a bigger quilt.

This is the unit and a leftover part.  I need 72 of these units not 36 which I originally planned for on strips (or maybe 96). I might use the leftover bit in the border.  Quilt math is so elusive.

I'm on track right now for 72 units which will make a 64" x 64" quilt. This is what I have left from a couple of days of cutting and prepping for a Sew Day AND a day of sewing ... which are not the same day.

I could change my mind and make a longer quilt.  Then I have to think up something for a bunch of 2.5" squares and a bunch of 5" squares. 

OH YEAH ... and there's still a pile of batiks strings sitting on my ironing board.

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