Friday, June 2, 2017

Getting organized - AGAIN

New planner ! It starts in July but I made pages for June ... I'm ready ... again ... to be more organized.  My kids say I'm the most organized person they know - I think that's a bit of an overstatement.  Maybe organized people just THINK they should be more organized.  Anyway ... new planner, new lists, new tracker, new habits ... ok, not so new but here we go! again

In the meantime, something I haven't done much of in a year ...

No, silly, not quilting ... I don't quilt as much as I used to but I still quilt.  I don't usually quilt OPSs - Other People's Quilts.  But Jane asked, she was willing to mail and I like her a lot.  Sew ... this is 1 of 2 quilts she sent me.  The other one is loaded up and ready.

And because I'm getting sew organized - I will probably quilt it this weekend.

AND ... Part of the reason I decided (again) to get better organized was because I plan to participate in ICAD 17.  Goggle Daisy Yellow, Tammy Garcia hosts this really fun challenge.  I did it a couple of years ago.  ICAD = index card a day.

I'm not very artistic but I have pens and lots of index cards.  This challenge takes minutes a day and I do love to doddle.  I may not stick to the prompts. They're optional. In fact, everything about this is optional.  Even the idea of participating is optional - no one is checking.

Anyway , I could ramble on but I saved this until the end.  I'm going to be very brave and post a picture of my first ICAD17.  This may never happen again.

The prompt was "Sunrise".

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Pat said...

Okay, I'm going to goggle that b/c I like to doddle too. :D
Love the quilting on that pretty quilt.