Monday, March 27, 2017

Random Stuff

1.  Rocky got a new bed.  He loves to be snuggled. There was a quilt laying on the floor that he claimed.  The quilt was in transition from a stack in the bedroom to a stack in the closet and while it was on the floor ... he claimed it.  Now he has a proper bed and he loves it.

2.  Our sad little lemon tree has a lemon! Honestly, we were going to pitch it, it looked pathetic last summer.

AND ... it even has some little babies.

3. I'm reacquainting with my spinning wheel. After a couple of years of sitting dormant, I decided to get back to it. 

2nd grade played a big part in the decision.  This week's language arts story is "The Goat and the Rug". I haven't actually read the story but Kid#2 excitedly invited me to come to school and SPIN and show the kids and talk about roving into yarn. 

AND ... the other 2 2nd grade teachers want me to visit their classrooms too.

AND ... oh yeah, by the way, She just called me (literally, just called ...  I was in the middle of this post) ... she doesn't want me to bring the spinning wheel, the lady in the story uses a drop spindle.  "hey, Mom, can you bring a drop spindle and show that?"

Now I have to go practice my drop spindle.  I gave up on it for the spinning wheel which is much easier.  The things a mom will do for her kid ... it never ends.


Loretto said...

A mom's job is never done. Maybe after you show the students the drop spindle you can show them the wheel. I agree it's much more fun.

Pat said...

I love that Rocky got his own bed. Cute photo.