Saturday, March 25, 2017


Who doesn't love a quilt? or 3? Most of the quilts I am now making will be rehomed ... I have LOTS of quilts and some of them are also being given away.

Yesterday, three quilts were donated to Seaside Piecemakers Community Quilts.  I'm still a newbie to this group, not exactly sure where they (the quilts) will end up, but I do know - they are no longer at my house and someone will love them.

And this one ...

And this one ...

My goal of donating 12 quilts is quickly getting accomplished.  These 3 bring the total given away to 11.  I might have to revise this ... I'm now thinking "17 in 2017".  I already have 2 heading north to Southern Comforters ... my guild in MD.

Giving away quilts is helping me in lots of ways ... I get to keep making quilts (which I still enjoy). I get to use fabric that is taking over my life.  ok, that sounds "present tense" ... I should say ... I get to uses fabric that took over my life many years ago.  AND - I hope, someone is enjoying this gift from me.

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