Monday, January 16, 2017

Number One

A goal for 2017 is to give away 12 (at least) quilts, preferably, 12 quilts that are already made.  I am NOT giving up on making quilts. In fact, just the opposite ... I'm giving away quilts because I need room for new ones.

I have made my sister (Goofy#1) 14 quilts.  She has 13 beds in her house and a camper. I made her this quilt at least 5 years ago. Maybe (probably) longer ago.

I was still new at quilting feathers and this was a great place to practice. I finished quilting it and squared it up. Honestly, just as I was finishing the trimming up, she called me.  In the course of our chatting she said, "I love all the quilts you have made. I'm so glad none of them are yellow. I really don't like yellow."

Here's the back of this Log Cabin quilt. By the way ... Goofy#1 and her husband live in a log cabin in Vermont.

Could it be more yellow?

Sew ... I never put the binding on, I never gave it to her. This quilt has been sitting, poor thing, just waiting for a binding and a loving home. It's been on my Finish Up (UFO's) list for at 3 years but never got done.

Kid#1 came to visit! She casually mentioned that her wedding quilt (8 years old) was starting to show some wear on the edges. (Binding).   Showed her 4 different queen-sized quilts and she picked the Log Cabin! Today, it got a binding, tomorrow it heads home to MD.

Hurray for Give-Away #1!!!

She also picked a smaller quilt (large throw) for Grandie Girl #1. It has animal prints and she does love wild animals.

Sew ... Hurray for Give-Away #2!!!

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doodlebugmom said...

aww, poor yellow backed quilt. someone will love it!