Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Today was my 4th visit to the Appliqué Addicts ... a bee-style group that meets monthly. It was also my 3rd demo of embroidery stitches for the Appliqué Addicts. AND ... as of today, I am now the "leader" , for a year, for the Appliqué Addicts.  Double AND ... I'm really not much of an appliquer.  But, it's all good!

I have been making great progress in my sewing room renovation (and making of a guest room). There is a slight problem ...

These are the quilts that are not hung, displayed, stored or otherwise occupied.  What to do??? I re-homed 3 quilts back to MD but that didn't put a dent in the pile. I'm seeking other alternatives within  Brevard County quilt family.

While cleaning, I did come across the leftover bits of my Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery.

It was weighing on my ... what to do with these ...

I made a block and threw the rest away !!!! Huge victory for me.

I might incorporate the block into the backing. Otherwise, I will have yet another dilemma.

And then there was the grocery bag of bits and pieces.  I have NO idea where this came from.  

Late yesterday, when I should have been organizing fabric, I sorted through it. There was a lot of 2"x5" bricks, so I cut more (from the pile) and started sewing. I now have a great start on a coin-style scrappy quilt ... which someday might be added to that "pile of what-to-do."

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Loretto said...

If you need to figures out something for your beautiful quilts we are having our Bingo in October