Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another Mid-Week

I've been busy ... honestly, it might be a cliché been ... where the heck does the time go.  I have nothing new finished to show.  I am making a valiant effort to get better organized.  The quilting/guest room is getting closer to being a guest/quilting room.

Even the scary closet is getting better. You know it has to be better if I'm going public...

I actually know exactly what's in there. And ... nothing falls on me when I open the door.

I'm prepping and doing a bit of sewing on a couple of projects to take to my guild retreat next month. 

Really trying to tame the scraps.  I don't have a "system." I do sometimes cut 5" squares.  I love Nickel Quilts. Mostly I just cram stuff into bins and hope the scrap fairy comes to visit.  But ... a goal for 2017 ... I'm going to try and make at least 10 string blocks a week.  Some days I can get several done, other days - none. A weekly goal is more achievable. This is my little string bin.  The big string bin is still in the guest/quilting room.

And ...

Almost forgot ... I made a Bionic Gear Bag! Sally Thompson's pattern is great. It's available on Craftsy. There are a couple of knock-offs but I do believe her's was the original (and 1st).

I will be packing this up and heading to MD over President's Day weekend.

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WoolenSails said...

That's what my room looks like, lol.
I really need to organize and clear out things so I have more room to move around in.