Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No Sew Day

Yesterday was not a sewing day. It was a busy day but no sewing took place.  It happens sometimes ... not often ... but sometimes.

Yesterday was a YARN day. I made yarn cakes!

A few yarn cakes. The bright blue for a mystery sock knit-along starting at the end of the month.  The multi-stripe was a Christmas gift from my favorite sister-in-law. It split into 2 cakes so I can work on both socks from the pair. And the rust color is from Knitting Boutique and it will be a light weight sweater.

I love the color of this yarn.  Ok, really it was a No Sew Day because I could not resist.  I started the sweater!

And ... I did prepare the quilt room to be a guest room.  Kid#1 is coming to visit!! It's cozy but seriously, who wouldn't want to sleep in a room filled with fabric and a HandiQuilter.

I would have wonderful dreams!!

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