Monday, January 9, 2017

Forward and Backward

Two steps forward and one step back? That was me today.  

The plan
1. Quickly stitch up 15 Bonnie Hunter blocks. The practice 1 was complete.
2. Clean the bathrooms. We have 3.
3. Load up (and quilt - maybe) my Sue Spargo CUPPA

Here's block #1

Did you see the problem?


Me neither.

Here's the staging, with the first 2 rows (x14) stitched.

See it now?

That 2nd 4-patch is rotated wrong ... x6. Thankfully ONLY 6 and not 14!

Sew ... a little time spent with my new best friend...

This is how it should look.

All 16 blocks done!

The CUPPA quilting will now have to wait until next week.

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